I Am Not Sun Wukong/C3 Animal world
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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C3 Animal world
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C3 Animal world


The other dog heads immediately spread out and surrounded Sun Wukong.

Boss! This Ginseng Baby is very big, it might have been cultivated for thousands of years, it's not easy to catch!

The yellow dog turned to Red Dog.

Stupid! Have you forgotten the dragnet we just bought for a lot of money? Get it ready, it's right in front, don't let it run away again... The Red Kobold lectured.

Hehe! The yellow dog slapped its head and almost forgot. Look at me, I'm such a stupid dog, no wonder I can't be the boss! Hehe!

You idiot! So much bullshit! Hurry up and release the [Inescapable Net] …

Yes! Boss!

Yellow Dog quickly took out a large transparent silk net and threw it towards the sky.

"Whiz!" A nearly invisible net spread out in front of them...

A strange smell entered his nose.

Monster! There was a demon! Beating up demons! "Hmm …" I almost forgot: I'm a Ginseng Baby now. Even though he wasn't their opponent, his thirty-six strategies were still effective. "I will escape …"

Fleeing was the first thought that flashed through his mind.

This was because these humanoid figures were all dog-heads. In the human world, they were 100% dog demons.

He immediately pulled out a battle cloud and ran away, pfft! It hurt!

Who would have thought that he had just ascended to the heavens?

He was stopped by something, and he felt like he was caught in a big net.

It bounced back.

If we can't get to the top, we'll go down.

The Ginseng Baby's innate ability was: Earth Escape.

Without a second thought, he dove straight down.

What the heck! There was also a large net underground.

When he looked back up, the net was pressing down on him.

F * ck! This...

He struggled left and right, but was still entangled. In several directions, there was a huge invisible net.

There was no way for him to escape. He was burning with anxiety!

F * ck me! The [Inescapable Net]. What did that mean? He was captured as soon as he reincarnated. The heavens have eyes, are they arranging such a tragic fate for me? I have not avenged my great vengeance, and I am unwilling to die …

Even though he was unwilling, there was nothing he could do. Struggling was useless.

The only thing to do now was to scare these dog demons and see if it would work!

Listen to me: let me go! You dog monsters. I am Great Sage Qi Tian: Sun Wukong. Let me go! Otherwise, bear the consequences...

Dog demon! Who the hell is this monster? It made the dog 'Body Refining Cultivator' into a dog demon. This is the first time I've heard of this... Yellow Dog looked at the Ginseng Baby in the net with a puzzled expression.

He even said what they were: Body Refining Cultivator.

The dog-headed Body Refining Cultivator turned a deaf ear to Sun Wukong's shouts.

Sun Wukong forgot that he was now a Ginseng Baby and no one paid attention to his howls.

Body Refining Cultivator! Not a demon, but a Body Refining Cultivator! He was clearly a bunch of dog demons, why didn't he admit that he's a dog demon?

He could not understand it! He could call himself a dog immortal, but how could he call himself a body practitioner? What is a body refiner? "I can't figure it out...

Yao: This way of calling it.

It seemed to be a kind of nickname the human world had for the evil 'Body Refining Cultivator'. Could it be that the Ginseng Baby's soul came from the human world?

The black dog-headed Body Refining Cultivator looked at the Ginseng Baby in the web thoughtfully.

Hearing this, Ye Zichen suddenly understood. Oh! I understand, they are calling the demons to the Body Refining Cultivator here, probably to stop all cultivators: the Body Refining Cultivator. This wasn't the human world. What world was this?

Ignore it! Who cares where it came from, this Ginseng Baby was so big and its quality was so good! Cultivation Level s were also high, they could definitely be bought in the streets at a good price. Pack it up and take it away...

The red-headed Body Refining Cultivator was beaming with joy.

Yes! Boss. This time, we're going to be rich! Hahaha …

The group of dog Body Refining Cultivator laughed, as happy as if they had won a great prize.

— —

At this moment.

In the largest ornamental garden in the world (equivalent to our wild zoo), there are all sorts of cultivated creatures in the universe.

Some are shaped like mountains, some are as small as eggs;

Long, square, round, rhombus; rhomboid; square, rhombic, rhomboid

Having or without eyes, numerous eyes; eyeless.

There were several heads, hundreds of heads; there were hands and feet, hundreds of limbs, and all sorts of strange shapes and sizes.

a strange creature with an iron cage;

It could also use wind, rain, thunder, electricity, water, fire, and many other strange creatures imprisoned within various formations …

In the center of the ornamental garden, there was a three meter tall, five meter wide transparent ice screen made of black ice.

Inside was a human female zombie.

The zombie's hair was snow-white, and its body was covered by a large red robe.

The oval face was now completely shriveled, as though it was made of skin and bones!

What is bone feeling beauty? This was the true beauty of bones.

There was no moisture on the blackish-yellow skin.

But she stood proudly, her ruby-like eyes the only evidence that she was still alive.

This should be the zombie Nv Ba from the human world right?

A tiger-headed Body Refining Cultivator pointed at the female zombie inside the ice barrier and asked the leopard headed Body Refining Cultivator beside him.

The two of them seemed to be a pair of lovers. The tiger-headed Body Refining Cultivator was a woman and the leopard-headed Body Refining Cultivator was a man.

They were all dressed in luxurious clothing, and from the looks of it, they were either rich or powerful.

Yes, that's it! Heard: She is the 'Nv Ba' of the human world. She was the daughter of the emperor of the human world, captured thousands of years ago in the great war between the human world and our animal world. Now, we are imprisoned in the Profound Ice Barrier by the power of the 'Star Devouring Emperor', and we are given to view as a special animal species, the Body Refining Cultivator …

The leopard headed Body Refining Cultivator spoke with confidence and his expression was complacent.

So ugly! I heard that she is also the number one beauty in the human world, there really is a problem with the human aesthetic …

The tiger-headed Body Refining Cultivator said disdainfully.

She even raised her tiger-like face. Meaning: she's not as pretty as me.

No, no, no, no, no!

A cat headed Body Refining Cultivator shook his head like a rattle.

Then he interrupted and said, "Looking at it now, it looks bad. She had lost some of her power due to the Star Devouring Emperor, so she only retained 80% of her power." It is equivalent to our Body Refining Cultivator s in the eighth level of the 'Star' realm. So ugly! In the past, I saw that she was extremely beautiful when she was at 100% effectiveness! It's much better than my human slave concubines. Not just me, many Body Refining Cultivator covet her beauty and want to take her as their wife! The Star Devouring Emperor was afraid that the Body Refining Cultivator would take her away, bringing about a great disaster! Only by crippling her would she be able to become like this.

Really! Stellar Stage level eight is also incredible! If it escaped, it would be in danger …

The tiger-headed Body Refining Cultivator had a face full of worry.

Yes, yes! She was at the eighth level of Stellar Stage …

The snake-headed Body Refining Cultivator looked at the surrounding Body Refining Cultivator and continued saying: We are all only at the 'Star' realm level 6 or 7, if this zombie comes out, it would be able to instantly kill us!

Everyone, don't be afraid! Your worry, the Star Devouring Emperor has already thought of it. In order to prevent Nv Ba from escaping and bringing calamity to the animal kingdom, the Star Devouring Emperor even tampered with the protective screen of ice. Do you know that? This esteemed cat head Body Refining Cultivator!

The leopard headed Body Refining Cultivator looked at the cat head Body Refining Cultivator complacently.


The cat head Body Refining Cultivator's face turned green and red! He obviously didn't know …

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