I Am Not Sun Wukong/C4 Rala city
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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C4 Rala city
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C4 Rala city

You probably don't know this! Hehe …

The leopard headed Body Refining Cultivator raised his head and smiled, feeling proud of himself.

You know what! What's so weird about that? Tell me if you know... The tiger-headed Body Refining Cultivator urged with happiness.

The other Body Refining Cultivator s also looked at the leopard headed Body Refining Cultivator with burning curiosity. Some of them even swallowed their saliva, looking like they were really looking forward to it.

Humph! The leopard headed Body Refining Cultivator coughed dryly.

He deliberately held his breath before saying: "There is a curse on this ice screen!" If the ice barrier was destroyed, the zombie would be hit by the backlash of the curse, and 80% of its mana would be absorbed. So, everyone, don't be afraid! Even if the zombies were to escape, they would only have less than 20% of their mana left. They wouldn't be a threat to us at all …

The tiger-headed Body Refining Cultivator let out a long breath. ~ So that's how it is …

I heard that during the war between humans and animals, the human world's great god had killed 19 of the 24 Astral Honored Warriors in the universe that shook the Golesesi Barbarians! Is there such a thing?

The snake-headed Body Refining Cultivator stretched his neck and asked.

The leopard headed Body Refining Cultivator turned around and rolled his eyes at the snake headed Body Refining Cultivator.

That's right! However, we left behind the Star Devouring Emperor and the five Star Lord. In the end, we still defeated the Supreme Elders of the human world. I heard that he even killed quite a few of them, and even destroyed human civilization … This Nv Ba was the only captive in that war …

The leopard headed Body Refining Cultivator spoke with pride and confidence!

Yes, this is the pride of the animal kingdom. The shame of the human world, of course, has to be discussed enthusiastically by the Body Refining Cultivator of the animal kingdom …

— —

As for Sun Wukong, he was sent to the market by a group of Cynocephali Body Refining Cultivator and put into an iron cage.

Wow! ~

Kampa and the others actually caught such a big Ginseng Baby! Cultivation Level was equivalent to an early stage Body Refining Cultivator of the Earth Foundation Realm.

It's too rare, if I ate it. He would be able to raise his cultivation realm immediately, and even change his physique completely. In the future, there would be many benefits …

Sh * t! I'll give it to you to eat. That would be a waste! Selling it would buy him a lot of Body Refining Cultivator food! How much is this worth? Stupid...

I don't know. It's worth a lot. Go! Let's see...

For a time, half of Hua La City was in an uproar. The Body Refining Cultivator s on the streets were all discussing, and all of them had looks of envy on their faces.

There were those who flew in the sky, those who ran on the ground, those who swam in the water, and those who drilled in the ground.

Everyone followed the Body Refining Cultivator Doggie towards the trading market.

Was it for sale? The Ginseng Baby!

Nonsense! Of course I'm selling it! Why don't you sell them for...

How much? Say a price...

As soon as the Kid Body Refining Cultivator arrived at the trading market, they were surrounded by a large group of all kinds of biological heads.

Everyone started talking at once, asking about the price of the Ginseng Baby.

This Ginseng Baby looks good! Fat and chubby, peak of the Earth Foundation Stage Initial Phase! One level lower than me. But Ginseng Baby had spirit energy, eating it could increase one level! It could also change one's physique. How many diamonds?

An elephant head Body Refining Cultivator asked as he dripped with saliva.

Looks like this elephant head is a middle stage Earth Foundation Body Refining Cultivator.

A thousand.

A thousand! F * ck! Why don't you just rob them!

If I say a thousand, how much will you give me?

I only have fifty diamonds. Intermediate...

Go to hell! Don't pretend to be a tycoon here without money. Poor bastard! Scram! Roll Roll...

A few of the Body Refining Cultivator s chased away the elephant head Body Refining Cultivator.

Are you selling it for 200 diamonds? Superior.

A donkey head Body Refining Cultivator stopped the red dog and asked.

Sun Wukong could now see that this donkey's Cultivation Level was the same as the elephant's head and was also mid stage Earth Foundation.

Most of the Doggie Body Refining Cultivator s were at the middle stage of the earth foundation, and two or three of them were at the early stage of the earth foundation.

Two hundred was not for sale, but at least five hundred was for sale, and it had to be high-grade. Not every egg was smaller than a pigeon's egg!

The Red Kobold stated its final price.

F * ck! Snatch …

Some of the Body Refining Cultivator s who were prepared to inquire were shocked and couldn't help but take a step back.

Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Why are you still standing in front of me when I don't have any money?

A Body Refining Cultivator with a rabbit head said loudly.

It was also in the middle stage of the Earth Foundation Realm. Dressed in luxurious clothing, it waved its fan. One could tell with a glance that it was a rich person.

However, it was smaller, only a little more than a meter tall. Its two ears were raised to a height of more than two meters.

But there were four expressionless big men following behind him, two lion heads and two hippopotamus head Body Refining Cultivator.

All four of them were in the middle stage of the Earth Foundation.

They were all dressed in black and had the same style.

Looks like these four are his bodyguards.

He waved his fan and the four gigantic Body Refining Cultivator s behind him understood.

He immediately rushed forward.

Get out of the way! Roll...

With a burst of push, the tall and strong Body Refining Cultivator in front of Young Master Rabbit was pushed away.

"Red Dog Head pouted at Yellow Dog, as if he understood what was going on."

Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Why are you standing here instead of buying? Stay away! Let the wealthy lord come in …

A few of the Body Refining Cultivator s pushed the Body Refining Cultivator, who was just watching the show, away.

At this time, the onlookers from the Body Refining Cultivator were growing larger and larger, with at least three to three levels inside, and at least a few hundred inside.

In the distance, there were many Body Refining Cultivator who heard that Ginseng Baby were being sold and were rushing to this place in an unending stream.

Most of these Body Refining Cultivator s were at the early stage of the Earth Foundation, while a few were at the middle stage of the Earth Foundation.

As a result, ordinary people did not dare to offend Body Refining Cultivator Goudan and Master Rabbit.

The four bodyguards gestured a 'please' gesture towards the young noble, the young noble of the rabbit! Please...


Only then did he shake his fan, shake his head, and stride over.

Who is this? So awesome …

This was the head of the rabbit family in Hua La City, the famous' Gongzi Rabbit '. You don't even know this!

I don't know him. What's Young Master Rabbit up to? Tell me about it...

His family lived in the Bunny Hill, and he heard that there was a diamond mine …

Oh! No wonder it was so damn strong!

The Body Refining Cultivator who joined in the fun discussed softly.

The Body Refining Cultivator stared at Sun Wukong in the iron cage and sized him up carefully.

Rabbit! Why are you looking at me? You are a good person! Give me some water. Sun Wukong said.

Hehe! This Ginseng Baby is not bad!

Gongzi didn't care about Sun Wukong at all.

He nodded and smiled.

Hm! Peak of the initial stage of the Earth Foundation, this Ginseng Baby had a total of 1580 years of Cultivation Level. If he could make it into a pill, haha! — To be honest, how many diamonds would he sell it for?

Eight hundred diamonds!

Red Dog Head said.

What! He had just said five hundred, it was too unreasonable to raise the price so easily!

That's right! This was way too much!

The elephant's head and the donkey's head are on one side.

No! What do I have to do? You can't just sit there and wait for death...

That's right! His hands were empty. Heh heh …

With this in mind, while he was unprepared, he performed the trick of calling out the elephant's head and the donkey's head's purse and putting them into the sleeves of the red dog's head.

He then put the wallets he stole from the sleeves of Red Dog Head and the others into the arms of the elephant and the donkey.

After doing all this, he nodded his head in satisfaction. Only now did Old Sun know that it was still useful for the heavens to leave him empty-handed. Heh heh …

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