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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C6 Mantis and cicada
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C6 Mantis and cicada

That's right! He had finally escaped. The heavens have eyes!

Just as he was preparing to use a somersault to escape, his leg was grabbed by someone before he could somersault over.

F * ck! Who?

He was shocked! I don't feel good, I'm not depressed.

Turning his head to look, he saw that a big rooster Body Refining Cultivator had actually grabbed his leg.

Fortunately, the big rooster Body Refining Cultivator was only an early stage Earth Foundation Cultivation Level.

They were of the same rank, so he wasn't afraid of them at all.

No explanation! He thought that he could take off the chicken claws when he kicked the big rooster Body Refining Cultivator's hand.

Unexpectedly, the rooster's claws were like iron pincers and didn't react at all.

F * ck me! This...

It was like Tian Tian shouldn't have screamed so badly!

Just then, another hand reached over and grabbed his right arm.

The heck! Truly, fortune goes hand in hand with misfortune.

Looking back: It is a silver carp head Body Refining Cultivator, also an early stage Earth Base Cultivation Level.

At this time, the silver carp head Body Refining Cultivator pulled forcefully.

Ouch! Oh my god!

He was in so much pain that his forehead started sweating! If his mouth wasn't sealed, he would cry out.

With this, both parties exerted force and their hands and feet were nearly torn off.

Neither of the two Body Refining Cultivator s wanted to let go, but in this stalemate, they actually started fighting.

Humph, hahaha! Crack, crack, crack …

There was a long close combat.

It only sent the feathers of chickens and scales flying.

Just like that, the two of them turned him over and rubbed him, causing his entire body to be torn to shreds.

F * ck! It hurts. If he knew that this was the case, he might as well not play tricks on them. If he deserved to die, so be it. Easier than this...

He felt some regret just now! In front of his eyes appeared the big face of the Buddha, which was not smiling at all.

Damn it!

He frowned and gritted his teeth. I can't die, I want revenge! Revenge! Revenge!

A tremor ran through him as soon as he realized what he was doing!

With full strength, he immediately broke through the Earth Foundation Stage Middle Phase.

This time, he had much more confidence in dealing with the early stage.

A kick landed on the rooster's claw.

Pow! With a sound, he immediately kicked away the rooster's claws.

Turning his head to sweep his leg, he saw the silver carp head Body Refining Cultivator opening his big catfish mouth, wanting to swallow him whole.

This kick was aimed straight at the catfish's large mouth.

"Pa!" A loud sound rang out.

The silver carp head Body Refining Cultivator was kicked onto the ground.

Ah!" ~

The silver carp head Body Refining Cultivator screamed in pain and at the same time released his hand.

Haha! This is great! Billowing clouds. I'll fly...

At this moment, his heart was filled with boundless joy!

Just when he was glad that he could escape this time, he was met with a net-like object above his head.

The heck! What bad luck! Was he trapped by another net?

He took a look. If it wasn't the internet, then what was it?

It turned out that just as Sun Wukong got rid of the silver carp head Body Refining Cultivator, the red dog head had already rushed over.

In an instant, he had released the [Inescapable Net], covering Sun Wukong, who had just finished raising the clouds.

It's true: life sometimes has to come to an end.

It was fated that one's calculations would be inferior to the heavens' calculations.

Sun Wukong was once again caught by Red Kobold and the others, and was eventually sold to the Body Refining Cultivator, the Geezer Bunny.

After eating the donkey head Body Refining Cultivator, his stomach was bulging and he was burping.

Actually, this Young Master Rabbit wasn't stupid. He was an alchemist.

It wanted to use the Ginseng Baby Sun Wukong to refine a Gold Soul Pellet, this kind of pill was extremely useful to the Body Refining Cultivator.

A single Ginseng Baby like Sun Wukong could raise one's cultivation by two realms and could refine four Gold Soul Pellets.

If he finished eating all of them, it would increase his cultivation by eight levels, and he would be able to cross the mountain and river realms in an instant and advance to the fourth level of Stellar Stage.

Therefore, Young Master Bunny was willing to buy the Ginseng Baby even at the cost of his own blood.

Under the escort of a group of Komarran Body Refining Cultivator s, the Body Refining Cultivator returned to the fortress.

It was a building built on the top of a hill in Bunny Hill, and the castle looked like the crown of that mountain.

It was entirely made out of transparent crystal. It was crystal clear and grand.

Private mercenaries patrolled the castle walls.

Those mercenaries were all early stage Earth Foundation Cultivation Level, but the ten mercenaries had a leader.

Those leaders were all in the middle stage of the Earth Foundation. There were roughly one to two hundred mercenaries here.

This defensive formation could be said to be one of a kind in Hua La City. No one could even move it.

Not to mention attacking and dealing with it!

It's over! He had originally wanted to find a chance to escape, but the defense here was so tight. What should I do...

He was so anxious that he scratched his ears and cheeks.

After the Goblin Body Refining Cultivator took the money and left, the young noble rabbit carried the iron cage into a secret room.

Ginseng Baby! You're not bad! Hehe, do you want to eat something?

Young Master Rabbit asked with a chuckle.

Woo woo … Pointing to his own mouth meant that his mouth had been sealed.

Shhh! ~...

With a mysterious expression on his face, the rabbit gongzi gestured for him to keep quiet.

She lowered her voice. Not yet! In the evening, I'll take you to a good place to untie your little mouth. Hehe …

After putting the iron cage in the secret room, he closed the door and walked out.

Look at how this gongzi is treating me, it can't be that he wants to let me go, right?

He thought so in his heart. But no pie will fall from the sky!

At around midnight, he opened the door.

Lowering his voice, he called out: Ginseng Baby! He was waiting for something! Hehe …

Woo! Woo! Woo!

Sun Wukong pointed at his own mouth and, with a wave of his hand, he made a silencing gesture.

Looking at its cautious appearance, it seemed as if it didn't want to alarm anyone.

Wasn't this Young Master Bunny the owner of this castle? He was so cautious, what was he afraid of? You're not really going to let me go, are you...

He was thinking this way again, thinking that everything was a foregone conclusion.

Actually, Sun Wukong was overthinking things.

Even though he was the young master of the castle, and was the head of the household, there were still many elders in the family.

He didn't want his clan's elders to know that he wanted to refine a Gold Soul Pill.

If its elders knew about this, they would definitely ask it to hand it over. If so, it would just be wasting its time.

Sun Wukong wanted to ask Bunny to let it go. He was dreaming about getting a wife: Thinking of doing good!

It took a lot of effort for Young Master Bunny to find a ginseng child, so how could he let it go?

Bunny Young Master carried the iron cage and stealthily sneaked out of the castle's back door.

They flew towards the direction of the main peak of the mountain.

He thought that no one was watching him. Who knew that there were people secretly watching him long ago?

Boss! Young Master Rabbit headed towards the rabbit hole. Should we chase them now?

A fellow wearing a mask looked at the leader of the black clothed men. Behind them were a few masked Body Refining Cultivator s.

The masked man in black widened his eyes as he glanced at the disappearing figure of Young Master Rabbit.

Then he said in a hoarse voice: No hurry! Little Eight!

This Bunny Hills was Young Master Bunny's territory. He was going to concoct pills, so he had to make preparations to enter.

In order not to alert the enemy! We'll wait until he's inside. Don't disturb him now.

Fine! Boss!

Then let's wait for this kid to be happy for a while.

Young Master Bunny had eaten my thirteenth brother in Hua La City today! I'm going to eat him later and avenge Thirteenth Brother …

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