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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C8 Would you please accept it
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C8 Would you please accept it

So it turned out that Ancestral Master Hun Kun was upset that day and had calculated with his fingers. He actually calculated that he would be in trouble recently and still be unable to escape.

He wanted to find his disciple, the Buddha, and see if there were any good ways to resolve the Buddha's problem.

However, the Buddha told him that to dissolve it, he must go to the animal world, for the animal world was the source.

Ancestral Master Hun Kun also calculated that the calamity came from the animal kingdom, but he did not know that there would be no calamity if he did not go to the animal kingdom.

The Buddha told the Ancestral Master Hun Kun: As long as he kills the Swallowing Star Emperor in the animal world, he will be able to turn the tables.

Ancestral Master Hun Kun believes it!

Normally, he wouldn't listen to anyone's words, but he believed in the Buddha the most.

Because he believed that his disciple, the Buddha, would not harm him!

Thus, the Ancestral Master Hun Kun followed the Buddha to the animal kingdom.

They were preparing to ambush the Xuanhe Heavenly Court in the animal kingdom to get rid of the Star Devouring Emperor.

According to the Buddha's plan, he would attack in a one-on-one manner.

Of course the Ancestral Master Hun Kun was in the light while the Buddha was in the dark.

They agreed that the two of them would make their move and try to kill the Star Devouring Emperor in one go!

In fact, the strength of the Ancestral Master Hun Kun and the Star Devouring Emperor were about the same.

When the Ancestral Master Hun Kun attacks the Star Devouring Emperor, if it is equivalent to the Buddha, who is at the seventh level of the Insight Stage, then he might be able to kill the Star Devouring Emperor.

But the Buddha did not attack, nor did he hide in the dark to watch the battle.

Instead, he went to the ornamental garden outside the Floating River Heavenly Court, pointed out his finger, and shot out a beam of golden light, shattering the ice barrier that trapped Nv Ba.

A stream of consciousness was sent to Nv Ba before it returned to the Floating River Heavenly Court stealthily.

He continued to hide in the shadows and watched as the Ancestral Master Hun Kun was attacked by the Star Devouring Emperor and the five Star Lord.

She only gently shook her head …

The Venerable Star Devouring Emperor's body was incomparably huge. His entire body was suffused with black Qi, and it seemed to be twice the size of the Buddha's Dharma body.

It was wearing a black robe and a glittering platinum crown on its head. It was sitting upright on top of a black cyclone.

However, the Venerable Emperor's head had always been surrounded by a layer of black gas that shone with white light. It was impossible to see his face.

Therefore, he didn't know what kind of creature the Star Devouring Emperor was.

On the other hand, the Ancestral Master Hun Kun's body, in front of the Star Devouring Emperor, wasn't even comparable to a three year old child.

But the strength of the Ancestral Master Hun Kun could not be underestimated.

He actually fought to a draw with the Star Devouring Emperor and the Five Great Starbodies …

The five Astral Venerable Ones were all as big as mountains, and their bodies weren't any smaller than Buddha's.

They were respectively: white, green, yellow, gray, and cyan.

The five types of heads, rabbit, locust tree, cockroach, whale and frog, could be identified as these five types of creatures.

After a long period of failure, the Star Devouring Emperor was enraged!

Finally, with a sway of his body, he turned into a mass of black qi and fused into the black whirlpool that was sitting down.

The black cyclone suddenly became violent and began to rapidly spin like a giant interstellar storm. In the blink of an eye, it had turned into a black hole that was devouring stars.

Ancestral Master Hun Kun saw that the suction force of the black hole was astonishing! Possessing the power to devour the stars and devour everything.

Sensing the danger, he immediately turned into a beam of golden light and fled.

However, it was already too late. Half of the golden light was sucked into the black hole, which meant that only half of the Ancestral Master Hun Kun's mana was left.

The five Ascendants chased after him.

Buddha followed from a distance, watching the Ancestral Master Hun Kun being surrounded and beaten up by the Five Great Star Realm Warriors. His face was expressionless!

In the end, Ancestral Master Hun Kun was killed by the combined attacks of the five Astral Honored Warriors, leaving only one soul behind.

Buddha, who was hidden in the darkness, could clearly see all of this, but he did not save her. Instead, he quietly used a spell to release that strand of the Ancestral Master Hun Kun's soul …

— —

— —

On Sun Wukong's side, Lion Head was currently looking at the Ginseng Baby with a wide smile!

Hehe! This Ginseng Baby is not bad!

Being able to help the Lion King level up to the latter stages of the 'Earth Foundation' realm was secondary. What I value is that it can also change your physique! It would be just around the corner to advance to the Astral Realm. Hahaha!

Lion Head smiled and waved his hand. The iron cage's lock automatically opened.

Stretching out his hand, he reached into the steel cage and grabbed Sun Wukong's neck before pulling him out.

Let me remind you: I can't eat! I'm poisonous, I'll be poisoned to death if I eat it. I really didn't lie to you...

Now, the only thing left to do was to deceive the lion. There was no other way! He couldn't just wait for someone to eat him.

Hehe! Your Ginseng Baby is really funny. You actually want to lie to me, do you think I'm an idiot! Stop it! Go in! Ah ~

Lion Head opened his bloody mouth.

After grabbing onto Ginseng Baby's leg with his other hand, he let go of his left hand and hurriedly shoved Sun Wukong into his mouth.

Only then did she see that the lion's mouth was at least a meter in diameter and its tongue was over fifty centimeters wide.

The throat also had a hole of fifty to sixty centimeters, and one could see a blood-red throat.

I can't let it bite me. If it bites me, I'm dead … He thought so in his heart.

The big lion head was putting the Ginseng Baby into his mouth at the right time.

Just as the lion head was about to bite down, he suddenly exerted his strength.

His hands moved like lightning and grabbed the tongue of the lion head, and with a tug, he pulled the tongue out.

With his tongue pulled out, Lion Head obviously didn't dare to bite down.

At the same time, a kick landed on his right hand.

Pow! Lion Head was caught off guard and his hand was kicked away.

He took the opportunity to jump into the lion head's mouth. There was a lot of mucus in his mouth, it was very slippery! I almost fell out...

He quickly grabbed the tonsil, exerted his strength, and burrowed into Bighead's throat.

It all happened as fast as lightning, in a second or two.

Lion Head's eyes were still wide open, he had not recovered from his shock.

Roar! "Roar!"

Lion Head's throat tightened and he started to cough.

After entering his throat, he immediately fished out a packet of bean powder from the two green leaves that were wrapped around his buttocks.

The two green leaves that were in front of and behind the Ginseng Baby were Innate Treasures, which could be used as clothes and also two storage spaces.

These two storage rooms were even more useful than the Universe Ring because these two spaces could be expanded along with the Ginseng Baby's height and the Cultivation Level's progress.

Sun Wukong quickly scattered a handful of bean powder, afraid that it would be too late after it entered his stomach.

How interesting! There were even some who were anxious to be reincarnated themselves! Hehe …

Lion Head laughed. It didn't think that Sun Wukong had sprinkled the bean powder into its stomach. It thought that the Ginseng Baby was anxious and wanted to die quickly.

Hm! So smelly!


It fell into the sticky stomach of the lion.

The stench was hard to resist!

Luckily it was a little spacious inside, it was two to three times bigger than the Ginseng Baby.

But the sour stench of the gastric juice completely submerged Sun Wukong.

Hiss! ~ Whoa! So painful!

His eyes were burning, as though he was going blind! He quickly closed his eyes.

The sticky stomach acid was like sulfuric acid, and he could feel his skin slowly melting.

Hiss! Too painful …

Only then did he realize how powerful his stomach juice was! It felt like many bugs were biting him. The itch was unbearable!

In the past, Great Sage Qitian, the Fiery Eyes of Truth, could not feel this kind of pain at all!

Now I know that getting into someone else's stomach isn't so fun.

If you want to climb up there, as long as you don't get soaked in the stomach juice, you'll be fine.

However, the stomach wall was greasy and he didn't have a grip at all.

He tried a few times but all of them ended in failure.

Ouch! If this continues, it won't even take two minutes!

Why hasn't this bean powder taken effect yet? Was it too little! More...

Then, he sprinkled another handful of croton bean powder on the wall of his stomach. Only then did he see the gastric mucosa begin to flow, and the gastric juice began to become clear.

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