I Am Not Sun Wukong/C9 Sis corpse save us
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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C9 Sis corpse save us
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C9 Sis corpse save us

Gulu... Gulu... The sound came like thunder in the sky.

Hm! It worked...

He could feel that the corrosive properties of the gastric juice around his body were slowly weakening, and the rate at which his skin melted was also slowing down. The pain was also lessened.

Ouch! Why did his stomach suddenly hurt? Could it be that the Ginseng Baby is really poisonous …

The lion rubbed its head against its stomach, its face contorted!

Ouch! No, your ass is bloated and you may have to have diarrhea...

Lion One's butt was bent and he had a wretched expression on his face.

At the same time that he felt that the rate of melting of his skin began to slow down.

The entire stomach began to contract and crack.

"Gulu!" The voices continued.

F * ck! This Ginseng Baby really has some skills, it caused laozi to have diarrhea. Humph! Want to run...

Lion Head quickly brought out a one meter in diameter and one meter tall vat. He took off his belt and sat down on the vat.

He puffed up his cheeks. Pa, pa, pa! "Pa, pa, pa!"

It started out like a machine gun.

Sun Wukong, who was still in his stomach, felt a strong suction force coming from below his feet, which instantly formed a whirlpool in his stomach.

This lion was even bigger than an elephant and weighed at least five to six tons.

It was sitting on the bottom of a meter-wide tank, just like a big butt sitting on a small stool.

Puff! Pow, pow, pow …

The sound of machine guns getting louder and louder,

Ouch! Awesome!

There was a wretched look on his face as he puffed up his cheeks.


He sucked Sun Wukong into an even worse intestines.

It was a bit crowded! It seemed to be gliding in an elastic rubber bag, then turning a few corners before entering the rectum.

Although it wasn't that crowded! But the stench was piercing.

F * ck! Too smelly … He couldn't help but curse.

With a frown, his originally smooth and childish face turned into that of a small old man.

He felt himself being squeezed again, and then: Pfft! "Bang!"


Jet into half the vat of watery shit.


While one of them wasn't paying attention, he swallowed a bit of feces.

The stench was so strong that he wanted to vomit!

However, he couldn't vomit now, and he needed to eat more feces with one bite.

F * ck! My life is on the line …

At this moment, he couldn't care less whether the smell was good or bad.

He prepared to float out of the thin feces and escape by flipping over the battle clouds.

He didn't expect to find his head covered by two black circles.

There seemed to be a pair of bronze hammers dangling from the top of his head.

What is it?

Before Sun Wukong could see what it was, the two halves of the circle above his head moved away and a dazzling light shone on him.

I run away... Before he could flip the Billowing Cloud, his head was grabbed by a large hand.

Trying to run! Humph!

Lion Head snorted and pulled Sun Wukong out of the shit jar.

F * ck! There was no way he could escape. Is the heavens trying to destroy me, Old Sun? Sun Wukong almost fell apart.

Let me go, let me go! Aiya! You stinking lion...

Wow, wow, wow! Bighead Lion brought him to wash up in the pool.

Whew ~ Whew ~ ~ He threw it with all his might, causing the water to flow out from his body. The hard part of the fall made him dizzy.

He still had to think of a way to escape! The heavens never forsaken him. What could he do now? Think about it...

Your Ginseng Baby is really bad!

The lion head's large hands tightly wrapped around the Ginseng Baby's body, afraid that it would slip and run away!

Let's see if you can still cause trouble! Now I'm going to try it slowly. "AHH!" "…

The lion head opened its bloody maw and bit towards Sun Wukong's head...

It's over! Sigh …

Closing his eyes in disappointment, he knew that he was doomed this time around. All resistance was unnecessary. Then, he might as well die and reincarnate...

Suddenly, bang! A loud sound rang out.

He thought it was the sound of his head being crushed, but it seemed to come from behind.

Who are you? Lion Head bellowed.

Heeheehee … The other party did not reply, only chuckling coldly! The laughter was sharp and cold, chilling to the bone …

A red light shot out, and Lion Head had no time to react.

"Bang!" A loud sound was heard.

The lion head's head had already bloomed, and blood and flesh were flying everywhere.


Blood spurted out of the lion's neck like a fountain.

A fishy stench! Blood sprayed out like rain, spraying a warm feeling all over his body!

Suddenly, Sun Wukong became a blood-red doll.

Bighead's arms slowly loosened. Sun Wukong's legs kicked Bighead's chest and he jumped up.

He wanted to flip over and flee, but someone grabbed his leg.

The palm felt as hard as a pair of iron pincers. There wasn't even the slightest bit of heat, it was as cold as a corpse.

What is it? How unlucky...

At this moment, his eyes were still glued to the blood, making it impossible to clearly see who had caught him.

He could only vaguely see that the guy was dressed in red, and his build was very thin. He looked like a woman.

Whoosh! Whew! ~...

The woman seemed to be inhaling.

Hm ~ Strange! Why did this guy not eat while I inhaled? Is he trying to swallow me whole...

Sun Wukong quickly wiped the blood from his eyes and a horrifying sight appeared before him.

He saw that the guy had a head and looked like a woman.

However, he had a head full of white hair.

The lion head's soul was sucked out by her, and sucked into her mouth …

F * ck! Soul-sucking! Could it be a zombie …

His heart leapt! He trembled all over! Only then did he look at the hand that was grabbing onto his leg.

Black and red, skin and bones, dried up like a matchstick, what else could it be if not a zombie?

You are a Ginseng Baby?

The female zombie sent a telepathic message to ask.

Didn't you see that!? Hurry up if you want to eat. Don't bluff...

Sun Wukong replied snappily.

He didn't have a good impression of this soul-sucking zombie!

If it was the human world in his previous life, Sun Wukong would definitely remove all harm for the people.

I don't eat Heaven and Earth Spirit Gem, I only absorb the soul. — — You are … Do you have a name?

The female zombie, who was devouring the soul of the lion head, sent another telepathic message to Sun Wukong. The female zombie didn't seem to like talking and was communicating with Sun Wukong with her telepathic thoughts.

Nonsense! Of course there was a name. My name is Qi...

Oh! My name is' Empty ', so call me' Empty '!

He almost blurted out that he was Great Sage Qi Tian, Sun Wukong.

He immediately felt that something wasn't right! He didn't want to say his real name.

Actually, this wasn't his real name. Sun Wukong was only his real name from his previous life.

Now that he had been reborn, he didn't want to use the name of his previous life anymore. He also didn't want to remember the painful things that happened in his previous life.

However, he felt that Sun Wukong's words were not bad, so he called himself 'empty'.

Another divine message came. Empty! Hm! Then I will call you Little Kong from now on. I am Nv Ba. Just call me Sister Ba! Okay.

Sister Ba! Eight Commandments! Sister Ba still has eight rings! Who cares? Anyway, it's about the same...

There was a murmur to himself.

After Nv Ba finished absorbing the soul, she raised her head and an ugly, sinister and terrifying face appeared in front of him.

He grinned and chuckled...

What the heck! You, what are you doing …

He was so shocked that he nearly fell to the ground. He was scared out of his wits …

Was he trying to eat someone? The laughter was so horrible …

If not for Nv Ba grabbing him in her hands, she would have been sent flying like a cloud into the highest depths of the sky.

Nv Ba sized her up with her pair of ruby-like red eyes, her expression clearly showing that she did not want to eat someone.

But Nv Ba's wrinkled and shriveled up face was simply too ruined!

No wonder Sun Wukong, who was extremely knowledgeable and famous, was so scared that his soul nearly left his body …

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