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I Can Kiss You Forever/C11 He Actually Did Such a Thing to Her
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C11 He Actually Did Such a Thing to Her

There was no hope for the Yu family. Xia Yunchu did not want to advise someone like Su Yuzhu. Because they were on different paths and did not work together, no matter how much they said, it would be useless.

Xia Yunchu dejectedly returned to the Lih family and happened to bump into Dr. Chen.

"Young Mistress, has the matter been resolved?" Dr. Chen was a gentleman wearing glasses and his words were very gentle and polite.

Xia Yunchu lowered her eyes and did not have the mood to chat. "A very respected elder is hospitalized."

"Is it very serious?"

"High blood pressure. He needs to rest for a period of time." Xia Yunchu saw Dr. Chen and naturally thought of Lih Tianhao. Maybe he could help. His personality was much better than Lih Yannye's arrogant man.

"By the way, Dr. Chen, is Tianhao better now?"

Dr. Chen smiled faintly, "The situation is still the same. But he's in physiotheratherapy now."

"Is that so? Thank you for your hard work." Since Lih Tianhao was in therapy, she would not be able to see him, so she could not talk about donating money.

However, there was still one person in the family who could help, and that was the boss of S City. He had a genius business mind - Lih Yannye.

Although he didn't treat her well, he was very loyal to his big brother. He did not know if he would be willing to help that child. No matter what, he would try again.

If he wanted others to give up, he had to first get what he wanted. Xia Yunchu asked Mrs Huang about what Lih Yannye liked to eat and what he did not like to eat.

Mrs Huang initially thought she misheard, "Is it what Second Young Master likes to eat?"

Xia Yunchu nodded, "Yes, why?"

"Nothing, nothing, hehehe." Mrs Huang happily listed the things Lih Yannye liked to eat into a list.

Xia Yunchu looked at Xia Yunchu, who was seriously preparing in the kitchen, and suddenly felt very gratified. The young madam finally woke up. She believed that Second Young Master soon saw and felt the tenderness and beauty of the young madam. At that time, the two of them would push open the bright moon and see the blue sky.

Mrs Huang only needed to imagine it to feel very blissful and harmonious.

Xia Yunchu naturally did not know about Mrs Huang's fantasies. She was holding a recipe to study how to make sweet and sour pork ribs, black pepper beef stir-fried beef noodles and exotic fruits to match beef oil fruits.

After an afternoon, Xia Yunchu finally made a satisfactory finished product.

At this time, Lih Yannye also came back from work. Mrs Huang carried Lih Tianhao's dinner and was ready to go upstairs. When she saw him come back, she stopped in her tracks.

"Second Young Master, young madam specially prepared your favorite dinner for you. Quickly go and have a taste. I will go and serve the young master's meal first."

Lih Yannye looked suspiciously at the dishes on the table in the hall. What kind of blow did this woman receive? Or did she have something to ask of him?

Xia Yunchu took out the last fruit salad from the kitchen. Her eyes met Lih Yannye's deep peach blossom eyes and her heart palpitated.

She stuttered for a long time before she mustered up the courage to call Lih Yannye to sit down.

Lih Yannye put the briefcase aside and loosened his tie. He made it on the stool and asked, "Did you make these personally?"

He looked at Xia Yunchu's watery eyes and looked like he wanted to say something but stopped himself. He knew that she must have something to tell him. This woman now had the taste of an immature first love fruit. He did not know why... Looking at the table full of dishes, this was the first time he felt that this was a warm family.

However, he knew that this was just an illusion.

Xia Yunchu nodded, "Try it."

Lih Yannye looked at the milky white soup in front of him and picked up the spoon to taste it. It was very sweet and thick, just like Xia Yunchu's snow white skin.

Xia Yunchu felt very uncomfortable being looked at by Lih Yannye. It was clearly an indifferent gaze, but it was as if he could see through her.

She could not help but turn her face away nervously, "Good, is it delicious?" Her face unknowingly burned. What was wrong with this man's gaze? It was so lethal.

"Tell me, what do you want if you don't have anything to do?" Lih Yannye's cold voice sounded.

Xia Yunchu knew he still had his eyes on her, and her behavior was too obvious. She pursed her delicate lips and gently said, "Now there is a child who needs 200,000 yuan as a donation. You... Can you help?"

Lih Yannye was silent for a while. He took a tissue from the side and wiped his mouth elegantly. "Sure, follow me upstairs. I'll write you a check."

It went so smoothly? Xia Yunchu did not believe it. "Really?"

"No?" The man who walked to the staircase stopped and asked.

"Yes!" Xia Yunchu hurriedly replied and ran up to him.

She thought in her heart, As expected of a rich man. He did not even blink when he was two hundred thousand yuan. This way, the child could be saved.

Lih Yannye's long legs moved quickly and quickly. Xia Yunchu had to chase him from behind before she could catch up with him with great difficulty.

The place he took her to seemed to be the study, but it was not surprising that the cheque was in the study. Xia Yunchu did not suspect that he was following her.

Lih Yannye opened the door without saying a word. Xia Yunchu followed him in. Just as she stepped in, the door was slammed shut.

The man's tall body pressed Xia Yunchu against the door. But what was Lih Yannye doing? Walls? Where were the promised tickets?

"Hey, didn't you write a check? You, what are you doing?" Xia Yunchu was so scared that her breathing became rapid.

The man was right in front of her. He looked down at Xia Yunchu from above. The woman's curves kept moving up and down. Lih Yannye's eyes darkened.

"You sold yourself for two hundred thousand? Isn't that too cheap? I'll give you ten million. Ten times. How about it?"

Xia Yunchu heard what he said and her almond eyes widened in disbelief. Lih Yannye was taking the opportunity to mock her. Giving money to charity was just an excuse! This man was too vile!

"Lih Yannye! It was fine if he didn't give it to her. If he said that, would it be meaningful to do such a thing? You're no longer a child, yet you're still so childish? Quickly let go of me!" Xia Yunchu angrily shouted.

Xia Yunchu was almost squeezed to the point that she could not breathe. She struggled for a while, but unfortunately, she still could not match the strength of a man.

Xia Yunchu felt a strong sense of humiliation that she had never felt before surge out from her heart. She did not know where she got the strength and her movements started to struggle violently. "Lih Yannye, you are a beast dressed in clothes! Don't touch me! Get lost! Get lost!"

Lih Yannye was shocked by Xia Yunchu's sudden disobedience and disobedience. He growled, "Stupid woman, be obedient!"

Xia Yunchu's white face was full of tears.

In Lih Yannye's eyes, the one who signed the marriage certificate was him, not his big brother. He had done this kind of thing with his wife and he had let down his big brother?

Perhaps his big brother would agree.

"I didn't expect you to be so shameless!" Xia Yunchu was shocked by Lih Yannye's words.

"You don't want the two hundred thousand?"

Xia Yunchu could not be more angry. She slapped him back and tidied up a little before running out of the door.

Lih Yannye stood where he was, and a thin red palm print gradually appeared on his face.

He actually did not expect Xia Yunchu to have such a reaction. Back then when Xia Yunchu agreed to marry in, not to mention whether it was voluntary or not, just marrying in was already a capital offense.

Lih Yannye did not believe that there was someone who did not have any intention of marrying a crippled young master from a wealthy family. At that time, she had used Lih Tianhao's name to ask for marriage. No matter which woman came, it did not matter. They had married in order to get money. When Lih Tianhao died, she could inherit all the family property.

In the afternoon, Xia Yunchu made another table of dishes to please him. Then, she asked for money and even used a lousy excuse like donating money. He subconsciously thought of her as the kind of gold digger with ulterior motives.

But when he saw her tears just now, Lih Yannye suddenly felt that he could not do it anymore.

That was why Lih Yannye let go of her. That pair of teary eyes made him feel pity for her.

Xia Yunchu, who had already run out of the study, stumbled and ran downstairs.

Lih Yannye this man was really too detestable! How could he be so rude! This had already crossed the bottom line in Xia Yunchu's heart.

The more Xia Yunchu thought about it, the more indignant she became. She wished she could tear Lih Yannye into pieces.

However, she could not tell Lih Tianhao about this matter. Not to mention that he was not in good health, even if she did, she did not know how to say it out loud. It was so embarrassing to say it out loud. Just thinking about it made her feel ashamed and ashamed.

Was Lih Yannye worthy of his big brother, who had sacrificed his life to save him? Thinking about this, Xia Yunchu felt sorry for Lih Tianhao.

Mrs Huang, who had just finished working in the hall, was shocked when she saw Xia Yunchu with tears all over her face. She quickly went up and asked, "Young Mistress, what happened to you? Why are you crying so hard?"

Wasn't she just fine with Second Young Master? Mrs Huang never thought that the main culprit was this Second Young Master.

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