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I Can Kiss You Forever/C12 A Hero Saving a Beauty?
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C12 A Hero Saving a Beauty?

Xia Yunchu wanted to wipe away the tears on her face, but she couldn't. Shame and tears kept flowing out of her eyes. "Mrs Huang, don't, don't worry, I..." Xia Yunchu really could not say anything about Lih Yannye violating her like that, but she did not want to stay here any longer.

She cried as she ran out of the Lih family, leaving Mrs Huang who looked confused and worried.

On the second floor, Lih Yannye watched Xia Yunchu's slender figure gradually disappear. His expression was cold. This woman had left the Lih family as he wished, but where did the uneasiness and depression in his heart come from?

Butler Lee couldn't help but ask, "Master Yann, is there really no need to chase after her? It was already late at night. A weak girl like her could easily bump into bad people outside. How about I go out and take a look? "

Sigh. This Second Young Master had done something else that made the young lady run away. He lowered his sad eyes and waited for Lih Yannye's reply.

The tall figure standing against the light finally spoke, "A woman like her doesn't need to worry. I feel that she used to be a person who often goes out to play. Butler Lee, don't worry too much."

" Master Yann, Miss Xia is not the kind of person you think she is. She was forced to marry, but she was definitely a good girl. When I went to Yu family to pick her up, she stood there quietly. Do you know her background?"

Butler Lee couldn't continue, because Lih Yannye's gaze stopped him. "I am not interested in her background, Old Lee. Don't be fooled by her. She's just an innocent girl. She's just a whore with a passion in her heart. Did you just know what was going on? She offered a price of two hundred thousand." Lih Yannye didn't say anything else.

" But Miss Xia is your wife. No matter what, we can't let her go out alone. If something really happens..."

"Stop talking, don't chase anyone! And don't even mention half a word to my brother, otherwise..." Lih Yannye left behind a meaningful threat and left.

Butler Lee silently sighed. He felt that Xia Yunchu would not do such a thing. It was just that Master Yann misunderstood. Ever since the young master was seriously injured, he had been wary of everyone around him. Furthermore, he had become even more ruthless. Forget it, no matter what he said now, he wouldn't listen. It was better to think of a way to go out and find Young Madam.

Lih Yannye returned to his room. After lying down, he tossed and turned. His mind was filled with the image of that woman. That shy smile, that troubled look, bickering with him, and that face full of tears...

Lying on the bed, there was always a faint fragrance lingering around the tip of his nose. This was the smell of that woman.

Lih Yannye turned around and got up. He scratched his hair in annoyance and cursed in a low voice. He still picked up the car keys on the table.

Night had slowly fallen. There were no stars tonight, not even the moon. It was dark and heavy, making people feel depressed.

Xia Yunchu only wore a thin cotton dress when she went out. The night wind blew across the deserted street. It was clearly Natsuya, but Xia Yunchu felt that it was colder than winter, and that sense of shame constantly stung her heart.

Too dirty, really too dirty...

She looked up at the dark sky and two lines of clear tears slowly flowed down.

Why didn't her parents take her away at that time? Was it really worth it to suffer in this world?

When Xia Yunchu was a child, she had been living under someone else's roof, causing Xia Yunchu to suffer from coldness and grievance. Initially, she thought that living in the Welfare Institute was not bad, but later on, she was taken back by her uncle. She had become the target of the Yu family's three thousand gold coins to vent their anger and insult. In the end, he even became the stepping stone for his uncle Yu Peisheng's company. It was just a gift.

Now, this' gift 'had been labeled as someone with ulterior motives. Therefore, he had kept it and humiliated it. Marrying into the Lih family had become the last straw.

But who could Xia Yunchu blame?

As long as she didn't die, she had to live well.

This was the reason Dean Han gave her.

Life was full of regrets, and Ming Dynasty used boats. This poem was a warning line that Dean Han had written on the first page of the diary. She also wanted to learn Dean Han's optimistic spirit.

Xia Yunchu walked aimlessly as she unknowingly walked to an extremely cold place. If not for the hunger in her stomach reminding her, she would have continued walking. But when she came out, she did not bring anything with her. She did not eat a single bite of the table of dishes cooked in the afternoon.

Thinking of that man who had bad behavior, Xia Yunchu felt that she was really too stupid. She actually thought that he would help.

She definitely wouldn't go back to Lih family to get things. Would she be humiliated by him again? She would rather starve to death on the street, not to mention, the worst case scenario would be to return to the Yu family to receive cold eyes and ridicule.

Xia Yunchu felt that the atmosphere was not right. It was already too late. She did not know when, but there were two hooligans following behind her. It looked like a delinquent youth who was familiar with this area.

"Big D, this girl is really beautiful. I have never seen such a beautiful twist. Tonight will be a blessing. We don't need to go to the hair salon " The hooligan in a fancy shirt held a toothpick in his mouth and smiled vulgarly.

The hooligan called Big D also had a lewd look in his eyes, "Little girl, play with me. How about I take you to a comfortable place?" Big D said as he approached Xia Yunchu.

Xia Yunchu was flustered in her heart, but she still maintained her composure on the surface. It was useless for her to shout now. It was more important to think of a way to escape from here.

There were two people here, but they were not very tall and were very thin. If Xia Yunchu let them have internal strife, they might be able to take the opportunity to escape.

Just as Xia Yunchu's brain was working rapidly, the black Chevrolet hidden by the grass not far away seemed to have merged with the night sky. The handsome man sitting inside was Lih Yannye. His ink-black eyes stared unblinkingly at Xia Yunchu. He was very curious about what this woman would do.

"This little brother, I think the little brother in orange clothes is not bad. I have a rule in this line of work, just follow one. What do you guys think? "

Big D did not expect Xia Yunchu to say that. He turned his head and looked at the orange-robed hoodlum. He sneered," Beauty, can you tell which part of him is better than me? More handsome than me? Better living than me? I'll just give it a try. I'll make you want to die. "

" Hey, Big D, what kind of tone is that? Do you have to insult me like this for a woman? " The orange-robed hoodlum can't stand it anymore. Boys all have strong self-esteem.

"Then why don't you just give her to me?" The big D said in a frivolous manner.

"Why should I give her to you? Who do you think you are?!" The punk in orange shouted in dissatisfaction.

He didn't know who started the fight first, but the two thugs started a fight. It just so happened that there was a car passing by on the side of the road outside. There should be people there by the time they got there! Xia Yunchu thought and slowly raised her foot to walk forward.

The punk in orange noticed that something was wrong. " Hey, D * mn it! Stop hitting her! That woman is going to run away! That bitch! "

Big D immediately woke up and cursed, "Damn it, you bitch!" Then he took out a tool knife from his waist and chased after Xia Yunchu.

Xia Yunchu ran in a hurry and wanted to look back to see if she was discovered. She accidentally tripped over a tree branch on the ground. Very quickly, Big D and the punk in orange had caught up.

The two of them looked down at Xia Yunchu. "Bitch, you dare to scheme against us?! I'll do you a favor before I paint your face. I want to see how you can confuse men!"

The big D was about to pull Xia Yunchu's long hair when she closed her eyes. She would rather bite her tongue to commit suicide than be humiliated like this.

But she did not feel the pain that she imagined. There were two "bump" sounds coming from her side and the pressure was gone.

Xia Yunchu opened her eyes and the two ruffians were already knocked down to the ground by the figure standing. But when she saw who it was, her lips turned white. The disgust in her eyes was even greater than when she saw the two ruffians.

The heroic and upright Lih Yannye originally wanted to help her up, but when he saw her disgusted expression, he was stunned for a moment. This woman already hated him so much? For some reason, his heart felt a little stifled.

Xia Yunchu turned her face away and stood up by herself. However, before she could stand up, she almost fell down. She felt a sharp pain from her ankle. She must have twisted her ankle when she fell down.

"Hey, are you alright?" Lih Yannye subconsciously went to support her, but was pushed away.

Xia Yunchu staggered a few steps back. "Don't touch me!" Her voice was sharp and ruthless.

Coincidentally, there was a taxi on the road. She endured the pain on her feet and walked up and sat in the car. She gradually disappeared into the night.

Regardless of whether the man was kind or unintentional, she felt that he was disgusting. Don't think that she would be grateful to him. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't have encountered such a dangerous situation tonight!

Lih Yannye's gaze was gloomy as he looked at the two ruffians on the ground. He vented all the depression in his heart on them, almost beating them half to death.

He only took out his phone after he was tired of punching. He dialed a number. "Check the car number S978654 for me. Send it to me on WeChat."

Soon he received a message. Lih Yannye drove the fastest and finally saw Xia Yunchu limping down from the taxi. It was not until she entered the Yu family's door that Lih Yannye drove back.

But his heart was empty, and he did not know why. Whenever he thought of the expression on her face just now, he would feel inexplicably unhappy. If he had known earlier, he would have brought those two scumbags back to beat them up!

At this moment, the Yu family was brightly lit.

Yu Peisheng had just finished his work and returned home. Su Yuzhu sat on the sofa and interrogated Yu Peisheng about which woman's long hair was on top of Yu Peisheng's suit.

He looked helpless. "I already said it was a flight attendant. Why don't you always believe me?"

"Hmph, the flight attendant's quality is so high. Why would her hair fall on you? And even if it fell, it wouldn't fall on a middle-aged man like you, right?" Su Yuzhu snorted coldly.

"You!" Yu Peisheng did not know what to say.

At this time, Xia Yunchu pushed open the door and entered. Yu Peisheng saw her as if he saw his savior and quickly went up to her, "Yunchu, you are back! Quickly come in."

Xia Yunchu lowered her head and did not want them to see her embarrassing appearance. She answered softly, Yes." "Yes.

Su Yuzhu felt that something was wrong and walked over, "Why are your clothes so dirty? Don't tell me you were beaten up by someone in the Lih family? "

These words made Xia Yunchu remember Lih Yannye and the hoodlums she met tonight, and her body stiffened.

Su Yuzhu got even more excited, "He asked me for money a few days ago and got beaten up because he didn't want it back. How pitiful."

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