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C14 Bring Her Back

As Lih Yannye drove, the image of Lih Tianhao breathing on a ventilator kept replaying in his mind. It turned out that his big brother's condition was already so serious, and he didn't find anything strange about it even when he saw him every day. This younger brother of his had really failed.

Unknowingly, he had already arrived at the entrance of Yu family. It was evening, and the afterglow of the setting sun was gently caressing the ground.

The family of five from the Yu family was eating dinner with Xia Yunchu.

Suddenly, a servant came over to report that a guest had arrived. She asked who it was but did not report his name.

Yu Peisheng originally didn't want to bother with it, so he told her to wait until after dinner.

Lih Yannye, who was standing on the other side of the wall, had never received such treatment before, so he walked straight to the place where they ate. His usually charming eyes only faintly swept across the six people on the table at this time.

His appearance had caused quite a stir in the Yu family.

The 3000 gold coins of the Yu family were simply staring at him. They had never seen such a handsome man before. He was even more dazzling than a television star.

His tall and slender figure should be 1.9 meters tall. He had outstanding and charming facial features, a pair of deep peach blossom eyes, a tall and straight nose bridge, and a thin lips that were slightly pursed. A nearly perfect face appeared in the eyes of the people from the Yu family.

Even Su Yuzhu was very interested to know who the person in front of her was.

"Excuse me, I am Lih Yannye of Lih family." Lih Yannye's low and sexy voice was as attractive as a cellist.

It made the Yu family dizzy, but when it fell into Xia Yunchu's ears, it became the sound of hell.

What was this man doing here? When she heard his voice, she couldn't even eat.

Yu Peisheng was also very surprised. Lih Yannye was also Second Young Master Lih, the legendary low-profile Dollar New Village in S City.

Su Yuzhu was the first to react. She stood up and said with a smile, "So it's Master Second Young Master Lih. I really did not welcome you from afar." As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and pulled Yu Peisheng, who was still thinking about something at the side.

Yu Peisheng also came back to his senses this time. "Second Young Master Lih hasn't eaten yet, right? How about giving face and having a meal here?"

Lih Yannye looked at Xia Yunchu. She only lowered her head and did not know what she was thinking about. He nodded. "Then I'll gladly accept it. Sorry to trouble you."

"No trouble, no trouble." Su Yuzhu quickly called the maid over," Quickly prepare another set of chopsticks for Young Master Li. "

"Later, go to my room and get a bottle of 1982 Lafite." Yu Peisheng stopped the maid and ordered. He knew how important it was to build a good relationship with the Second Young Master of the Li family. So it was necessary to please him, even if he did not like the bottle of wine. At least he could see his intentions.

"Director Yu, you don't have to be so polite." Lih Yannye was neither servile nor overbearing. His domineering and evil aura was naturally emitted. His aura was very powerful.

Just as Yu Peisheng was about to say what he wanted, Yu Chenxue, who had always been silent, suddenly interjected with an innocent look on her face, "Are you really Lih Yannye? You are so young and handsome."

Lih Yannye heard the sweet and clear voice that was slightly similar to Xia Yunchu's and looked at her indifferently. She seemed to be the youngest person present. She was probably the youngest daughter of the Yu family.

"You flatter me." Her voice was cold but somehow charming.

Xia Yunchu cursed in her heart as she ate. What a beast!

Yu Peisheng saw that Yu Chenxue's interruption did not make Lih Yannye unhappy and heaved a sigh of relief. He smiled and said, "Young Master Li, sorry for making fun of me. This is my daughter, Yu Chenxue. The one over there is my eldest daughter, Yu Huaijin."

Yu Huaijin did not expect the legendary Second Young Master Lih to be so handsome. He was much more handsome than her boyfriend, Cheng Jia. However, she gave up after thinking about it. After all, she had Cheng Jia.

"Second daughter, Yu Yuhuan."

Compared to the other two daughters, Yu Yuhuan was much calmer. Although she kept shouting in her heart that she wanted to get this man, she still looked calm on the surface. She only smiled politely before shifting her gaze away. She was graceful, generous, and had the reserved demeanor of a girl.

She was very satisfied with her performance.

Su Yuzhu looked at Yu Yuhuan who was like this and felt that she did not waste her painstaking efforts to nurture her. The elder daughter had a partner and the younger daughter was too young. The only one who could marry Lih Yannye was this dignified and dignified second daughter.

Lih Yannye did not seriously look at these few women and all of them were hypocritical to the extreme. Compared to them, this Xia Yunchu was much more frank. She hated it so much that she did not even look at him.

But when she thought of this, the woman actually raised her head and peeked at him. Lih Yannye inexplicably felt a bit happy, and a thought-provoking smile hung on the corner of his mouth.

But he didn't think that some people would misunderstand.

"Uncle, I'm full." Xia Yunchu wanted to leave the table after saying that.

"You don't need to pack your luggage. Just follow me back." The man's low and indifferent voice sounded from behind.

Xia Yunchu clenched her fist and loosened it again. "I didn't say I wanted to go back with you."

"Stop." Lih Yannye said lightly, but only Xia Yunchu could hear the storm inside.

Her footsteps still paused for a moment.

"My brother is still waiting for you at home, do you know?"

He seemed to think that Xia Yunchu would go back with him after he took Lih Tianhao out. What a wishful thinking. She did not want to live in the same room as this kind of animal. Disgusting.

"You know what you have done yourself. I don't want to make things too ugly." Xia Yunchu's tone was indifferent. She was on guard and distant. She did not care about Lih Yannye's reaction behind her, and just walked straight up to see what was going on.

Lih Yannye looked at her in such a manner and an unnamed anger rose in his heart. This woman must fight him to the end, right? !

Seeing his gloomy face, Yu Peisheng immediately went forward and explained, "This child has been spoiled by me. Master Second Young Master Lih, don't mind. Please forgive me. "

"Director Yu, your virtuous niece. I will leave it to you to advise. Let her know that my brother is still waiting for her at home. " When Lih Yannye thought of his brother's appearance, it was as if something was blocking his heart. If his brother wanted him to bring Xia Yunchu back, he would definitely bring her back. Even if he wanted to snatch her, he had to use force to bring her back.

Yu Yuhuan looked at the situation and went forward to smile, "Young Master Li, Father, how about this? I will go up and tell Sister Ms Yunchu first. After all, it is easier to talk among girls."

Lih Yannye, the male god that she dreamt of was right in front of her. No matter what, she had to think of a way to leave a good impression on him.

Lih Yannye's expression was indifferent, and he did not have any objections. As long as this woman was brought back, he did not care who persuaded her.

Yu Peisheng nodded. "Then I will have to trouble you, Yuhuan."

"Dad, why are you being so polite?" Yu Yuhuan smiled.

Yu Huaijin and Yu Chenxue complained a lot by the side. Yu Yuhuan had really stolen all the limelight!

Not long after Xia Yunchu returned to her room, someone knocked on the door. She thought it was Lih Yannye. She simply covered her ears. The gentle knocking sound kept ringing on the door. Xia Yunchu then remembered. This kind of knocking technique would not be from that arrogant and rude man.

So she got off the bed and tidied her hair. When she opened the door, she found that it was Yu Yuhuan. He was slightly surprised.

"Yuhuan? What's the matter?" Among the three daughters of her uncle, Xia Yunchu and Yu Yuhuan were considered not bad. At least they did not have to go against Yu Huaijin. The two of them finally had something to say.

Yu Yuhuan smiled slightly and her entire person seemed to be magnanimous and demure, "Sister Ms Yunchu doesn't want me to go in and sit for a while?"

Since she had already said this, it was impossible for Xia Yunchu to stop her outside. She opened the door, "Come in."

Yu Yuhuan went in and sat down. Her figure was indeed worthy of being called a socialite.

Xia Yunchu was prepared to see what she had to do, but she did not expect that she would take out a bank card from her pocket. She placed it in front of Xia Yunchu, "Ms Yunchu, this is my private money. There is exactly two hundred thousand in it. You can take it to save that child's life for Dean Han. I heard about this from my mother. Don't take my mother's words to heart. That's how she is."

Xia Yunchu looked at the bank card in front of her in a daze. She had money? But she did not want to take a single cent from the Yu family for free. After Su Yuzhu's attitude, she knew that accepting anything from the Yu family would become a weakness. But now, it was not easy to refuse. That child's life...

Xia Yunchu finally took it, "Yuhuan, take this money as if elder sister borrowed it from you. When I have money, I will return it immediately."

Yu Yuhuan held Xia Yunchu's hand, "Elder sister, what did the family say about whether to lend it or not? Furthermore, this was donated to that child by me. It is my love. Isn't it? Sister has no right to refuse."

Xia Yunchu still didn't want to. She accepted it, but she still expressed that she would definitely return it. " You usually need money too, I will return it to you when the time comes. "

Yu Yuhuan could only smile, "Since Big Sister insists, I can't say anything. But below, Grandpa Second Young Master Lih and my father are waiting for you."

Xia Yunchu subconsciously wanted to reply that he was waiting downstairs. It had nothing to do with her. Fortunately, she did not speak fast. She pursed her red lips and said, "I don't intend to go back."

"Is Big Sister afraid? Why don't I go back with you and strengthen your courage?" Yu Yuhuan smiled and said.

"You want to accompany me to the Lih family? But I didn't say I want to go." Xia Yunchu's head hurt when she thought about going back to the Lih family and living under the same roof as that kind of person.

"Sister, Second Young Master Lih just threatened my dad. I hope that sister won't make things difficult for my dad. After all, the Lih family is rich and powerful. We can't afford to offend them. Furthermore, I heard that Young Master Lih is looking for you everywhere at home, and his condition has worsened. " Yu Yuhuan pretended to be very sympathetic.

Xia Yunchu was indifferent to what she had said earlier, but when she heard that Lih Tianhao's condition had worsened, her heart tightened. And it was because he was looking for her. No wonder Lih Yannye was willing to come, it was because Lih Tianhao's illness was serious. That was why he had no choice but to come. They couldn't have quarreled because of her, right?

Sigh, since that was the case, she could only go back. Being soft-hearted was really her biggest weakness.

"Sister, sister?" Yu Yuhuan called Xia Yunchu who was lost in thought and a trace of impatience flashed across her eyes.

Xia Yunchu came back to her senses, "Alright then. I will have to trouble you to follow me."

But how could Xia Yunchu think that Yu Yuhuan's true goal was Lih Yannye?

In order to spend more time with him, Yu Yuhuan felt that she had to follow him. Perhaps after getting along with him for a long time, Lih Yannye would discover that she was better. She was very confident in herself.

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