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I Can Kiss You Forever/C15 You and Him Are a Good Match
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C15 You and Him Are a Good Match

Lih Yannye, who was waiting downstairs, saw Xia Yunchu come down and smiled. His handsome face became even more charming. Yu Yuhuan, who came down with Xia Yunchu, was stunned.

She must have this man!

In Xia Yunchu's eyes, she felt that Lih Yannye was laughing at her. He had no backbone, no breath, and in the end, he still could not escape from her palm. She wished she could bite that man a few times and let him know. Xia Yunchu was not a doll that was at his mercy.

She encouraged herself. It was okay. When she returned to the Lih family, she would find Lih Yannye's weak spot and let him see how powerful Xia Yunchu was!

"Young Master Li, I have talked with Sister Ms Yunchu, but she is not in a good mood. I want to accompany her back to the Lih family first. Do you think this will work?"

Su Yuzhu sending Yu Yuhuan to learn etiquette was indeed useful. The current Yu Yuhuan had the appearance of a socialite from an aristocratic family. She was polite and generous, but her words were tempting.

Lih Yannye did not care who followed. He just felt that as long as Xia Yunchu was willing to go back, it would be good if Big Brother could be at ease. He casually nodded, "As Miss Yu wishes." He didn't remember this woman's name at all, so he naturally didn't remember her ranking.

"Then I'll go too." Yu Chenxue, who was standing at the side, had an innocent and innocent look on her face. Anyone with discerning eyes could tell that the Third Young Lady of Yu family, who had always been cold and detached, was looking at Lih Yannye with an obvious burning desire in her eyes.

Lih Yannye lightly swept past Yu Chenxue, and his eyes flashed with impatience. What was the use of having so many women rushing over? He had no idea about his charm at all.

Yu Peisheng, the old fox, naturally saw the displeasure in Lih Yannye's eyes. He quickly came out to stop him. "Chenxue! After scolding Yu Chenxue, he turned around and said to Lih Yannye, "I'm sorry, Young Master Li, for giving you trouble."

Lih Yannye snorted lightly, "It's good that you know. Let's go." After saying that, he looked coldly at Xia Yunchu.

Xia Yunchu glared back at him. Who was afraid of who?

The three of them walked out. Yu Chenxue looked at their backs and felt angry. She loudly questioned Yu Peisheng, "Dad, how can you be so biased? I can clearly compete with sister! "

"Compete for what? Did you know that you have really disgraced the Yu family just now?!" Yu Peisheng's heart was burning with anger after being questioned by her.

"What do you mean by losing face? I just like one person. Is this wrong?"

Su Yuzhu saw her daughter contradicting Yu Peisheng like this, afraid that he would beat her up if she was angry. She quickly went up to smooth things over, "Chenxue! How did you talk to dad? You are still young. Why are you talking about this? ! Apologize to Dad, hurry up!"

"I won't! I'm not wrong!" Yu Chenxue said and stomped her feet and ran upstairs.

"Evil girl!" Yu Peisheng covered his chest and was angry. In his heart, he thought it was better to have a son. A daughter would never be able to stay if she wanted to marry out.

Su Yuzhu quickly went up to him to calm him down. "Old Yu, don't be angry. Isn't your daughter still young and insensible?"

Yu Huaijin sneered at the side, "She is still young? She even wanted to chase after the Li family's Second Young Master. Unfortunately, she was not as smart as Second Younger Sister. He was destined to fail. One look and you could tell that Second Young Master Lih didn't like those women who knelt and licked him."

Su Yuzhu glared at her." You're the smart one! Stop talking. Didn't you see that your father was angry? "

The Yu family was in a heated argument when Lih Yannye, Xia Yunchu, and Yu Yuhuan walked to the door of the Yu family.

Lih Yannye drove a black Ferrari sports car today. There were only two seats. He did not think that there would be another woman coming back. He stood in front of the car with a lazy expression and watched what the two of them decided.

But Xia Yunchu first expressed her stance, "Yuhuan, drive your car over. I'll drive with you. Anyway, it is not enough for three people."

Yu Yuhuan pretended to look at Lih Yannye with difficulty, but he did not have any reaction. It seemed that Xia Yunchu's decision was within his expectations.

Yu Yuhuan did not know what happened between them. Lih Yannye had seen through Xia Yunchu a long time ago. It would be strange if she was willing to share a car with him.

Yu Yuhuan lowered her eyes and said, Okay. Then she went to the garage of Yu family to get a car.

She also drove a Ferrari sports car, but it was red. It matched Lih Yannye's black, like a couple's outfit.

Yu Yuhuan's car was running in front. Xia Yunchu did not want to talk. When she thought about going back to the Lih family, she felt depressed. Why couldn't she be alone? Without money, there was no freedom. In her small bag was Yu Yuhuan's bank card. It was a heavy pendant.

If it wasn't for the two hundred thousand, Lih Yannye definitely wouldn't have had the chance to ridicule her. He wouldn't have been able to do such a thing. Xia Yunchu still felt a little crazy when she thought about it.

Yu Yuhuan, who was driving, only stared at Lih Yannye, who was following behind the car from time to time, with her watery eyes. From the moment this man appeared, she knew that he was the most suitable person for her. She wanted to be with him for the rest of her life.

She had never thought that the person she had painstakingly chased would be the opportunity she had vowed to give up at that time. If she had not refused to marry Lih Tianhao, Lih Yannye would have been her husband.

The heavens are very fair. Whatever you obtain, you will lose something else. The heavens are also cruel. Whatever you lose, he will make you chase after him.

"Ms Yunchu, what are you thinking about?"

Xia Yunchu was asked by her and recovered from her thoughts, "Nothing much. I was just a little tired and did not sleep well last night."

She tossed and turned the whole night last night and only fell asleep when it was almost dawn. She thought about what she should do in the future but in the end, it was fruitless. Marrying into the Lih family seemed to really ruin her life.

"I think Lih Yannye treats your sister-in-law quite well. He even came to pick you up personally." Yu Yuhuan was a smart woman. She knew what to cut to the chase and quietly brought the topic to Lih Yannye.

Xia Yunchu was silent. As the saying went, one should not spread one's family name. Moreover, she did not want to mention this man at all. "It should be a normal relationship. It should be his big brother who called him over."

"Is that so?" Yu Yuhuan responded, "Then do you know what kind of girl Second Young Master Lih likes?"

This sentence was so obvious that Xia Yunchu could not play dumb even if she wanted to. Moreover, Su Yuzhu had previously asked her to create opportunities for Yu Yuhuan and Lih Yannye. Presumably, Yu Yuhuan liked Lih Yannye very much.

She thought for a while and pursed her lips and smiled, "He should like a well-behaved, intelligent, simple, and generous girl like Yuhuan. Speaking of which, you guys are quite compatible. "

These words hit the bottom of Yu Yuhuan's heart. It made her heart burst with joy and her face turned red. "What is big sister saying? I have never seen Lih Yannye before. I have only seen him once."

Xia Yunchu laughed in her heart. Lih Yannye, I will find a woman for you to pester. I want to see if you have the time to bully my sister-in-law!

"No, I am telling the truth. Does younger sister not like this uncle of mine?"

Yu Yuhuan did not deny it but also did not dare to nod her head. It would be shameful if Xia Yunchu saw through it. She immediately changed the topic, but she still could not leave Lih Yannye.

"Does Second Young Master Lih have any hobbies? Or what he likes, color."

If she wanted to get a person's heart, she would grab it from his stomach. As long as they had the same interests and grabbed onto his stomach, Yu Yuhuan firmly believed that she would be able to get rid of Lih Yannye.

Likes? Who knew what kind of hobby he had. Food? Speaking of which, she remembered that the food she had spent so much effort to prepare yesterday afternoon had been so wasteful. The reward she received was only a humiliation.

Thinking of this, Xia Yunchu was so angry that her whole body trembled, "I am not sure."

Yu Yuhuan nodded, "That's true. Older sister only married a few days ago. It's very normal that she doesn't know about these things."

As she spoke, her beautiful eyes drifted towards the black Ferrari behind her. Xia Yunchu followed her affectionate gaze and looked over. Her beautiful red lips hooked up with a thought-provoking smile. "Sister, don't worry. Anyway, there are plenty of opportunities for you to investigate on your own."

This made Yu Yuhuan surprised. It meant that she would have to interact with Lih Yannye in the future. "Sister, what do you mean?"

"It means literally." Xia Yunchu didn't say anything else after she finished speaking.

The Ferrari's speed was very fast. In a short while, they arrived outside the villa of Lih family.

Xia Yunchu got out of the car first and Yu Yuhuan also got out later and held Xia Yunchu's hand as if she had come to an unfamiliar place and was a little reserved.

"Yuhuan do not need to be afraid. There are no monsters that eat humans here." Xia Yunchu looked at the tall and straight figure that walked up from behind. Only beasts that know how to humiliate people.

Lih Yannye was suddenly amused by this woman's words. She was openly and secretly hitting his face. She was not afraid that he would get angry. What monster? Wasn't it just mocking him?

"Yes, Miss Yu. There is no monster here, so there is no need to be reserved. But it's late at night, so be careful when you go back and drive later. You'll be worried." When Lih Yannye saw Yu Yuhuan, his expression had already returned to being cold.

This was an obvious order to leave. No matter how stupid Yu Yuhuan was, she could tell. But she just didn't want to leave. She pulled Xia Yunchu's sleeve and asked her to help her.

How could Xia Yunchu let Yu Yuhuan go back so easily?

"It is already so late now. Yuhuan will stay here with me for a night. Just give uncle a call." Her large almond eyes stared fearlessly at Lih Yannye, wanting to fight to the end with him!

"There are no extra guest rooms here."

Xia Yunchu was speechless. This man was so shameless. The Lih family was so big, but there were no guest rooms? The excuse to chase him away was too lousy.

"Yuhuan can sleep with me in the same bed."

"You have your own room? Do you want to share a bed with Big Brother and Miss Yu?" Lih Yannye's voice suddenly became ambiguous.

Xia Yunchu blushed at his words. This man's words were really perverted!

Yu Yuhuan's face could not hold it either. She did not expect Lih Yannye to be so heartless. He did not even let her in to drink a glass of water. "Sister, why don't I go back first. I won't disturb you guys anymore."

As she was about to leave, Xia Yunchu grabbed her hand, "Yuhuan!"

Lih Yannye's tall and straight body went forward. His wide and thick palm grabbed Xia Yunchu's wrist. It was like an iron clamp that was tightly stuck. The pain made Xia Yunchu suck in a breath of cold air.

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