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C16 Apologize to Him

"Xia Yunchu, can't you be obedient? If this continued, it would be even deeper into the night. As a sister, can you be more sensible? " Lih Yannye's usually cold face became even colder at this moment.

This did not sound like an uncle talking to his sister-in-law. Instead, it sounded like he was scolding his girlfriend. However, none of them had noticed this detail at that time.

Yu Yuhuan felt very sad in her heart and did not want to stay. She forced a smile, "Young Master Li is right. It's time for me to go back. Otherwise, Mom would be worried. I'll be leaving first. I'll pay you a visit when I have the chance. "

She did not notice that Lih Yannye was holding Xia Yunchu's hand under the suit. He was immersed in his own embarrassment and turned around to leave.

Xia Yunchu bit her lower lip. This man who always talked to himself was really disgusting.

Seeing the red Ferrari slowly drive out of the Lih family villa, she put away all her forbearance. At this moment, she looked more like a hedgehog, exposing her sharp thorns to protect herself.

"Let me go! For Tianhao's sake, I will tolerate you for once. There won't be a next time! If your brother finds out about this, do you know how sad he will be? Even if he doesn't really like me, I'm still his legal wife. You're doing this to live up to your conscience, to live the life he saved for you? "

Xia Yunchu's last sentence became a nail in the head. Lih Yannye suddenly let go of her hand and took a few steps back. He turned around and strode into the hall of the Li family.

Xia Yunchu closed her hot eyes. She could not show weakness. At least she could not show weakness in front of such a person. Then she slowly opened her eyes and walked into the door of the Li family.

Mrs Huang, who was anxiously walking around, saw Xia Yunchu come in and was very happy. She quickly went up to greet, "Young Mistress, you are finally back."

That was good. Young Mistress finally forgave Second Young Master. Now, the two of them could be together properly.

"Mrs Huang, is Tianhao alright?" Xia Yunchu saw Mrs Huang and remembered Yu Yuhuan mentioning that Lih Tianhao's condition had worsened. She quickly asked Mrs Huang to see if he was alright.

Mrs Huang was stunned. She thought that Lih Yannye had told her that Lih Tianhao's condition had worsened due to anger. "Eldest Young Master is fine, you don't have to worry too much."

Xia Yunchu only relaxed a little when she heard that she was fine. If it was because of her that Lih Tianhao's health became worse, Xia Yunchu would not forgive herself.

"Can I go upstairs to see him?" Xia Yunchu asked.

She thought she could apologize to him because her willfulness hurt him again.

"Sure, Eldest Young Master just finished his treatment and his body is still a little weak. It just so happens that I have to send the food over." Mrs Huang said and prepared to go back to the kitchen to get the medicinal food.

"Okay. I think I will accompany Tianhao in the medical room every night. It should be okay, right?" Xia Yunchu felt very guilty in her heart. She would use this method to make up for it. On the way back to the Lih family, she had made this decision.

Mrs Huang did not know how to respond for a moment. She did not expect Lih Yannye to come out at the same time.

"Second Young Master."

Xia Yunchu immediately turned away when she saw him, as if he was something spicy to the eyes.

"Let me feed you dinner. Go and make another cake, the one from last time."

Xia Yunchu was so angry that she almost exploded. She wanted to ask why he called her that and she wanted to make it?

Lih Yannye added, "Last time, my brother was very happy."

When Xia Yunchu heard this, her heart felt warm. Forget it. Since Lih Tianhao liked it, she could do it again and make him feel better. She replied in a muffled voice, "Got it."

Seeing that the woman wanted to explode, but when she heard that her big brother was going to compromise, for some reason, she felt a little... unexplainable displeasure in her heart.

When they reached the second floor, Lih Tianhao was lying on the hospital bed. Dr. Chen, who was beside him, was checking his body.

Soon, the check was done. Dr. Chen greeted Lih Yannye and prepared to leave. The two of them were brothers. It was not good for an outsider to be here.

Lih Yannye placed the medicinal food on the table and sat on a black sofa chair. "Brother, is it better?"

Lih Tianhao looked at him and said, "If I see Yunchu, my anger will be a little better."

"Don't worry, I have already brought that woman back."

Lih Tianhao's hoarse voice contained a bit of anger, "What do you mean by that woman? That is your wife. You are the ones who signed the marriage certificate. That piece of paper has legal effects."

Lih Yannye knew that his big brother was serious and stubborn, so he did not argue with him. He directly picked up the medicinal food on the table and fed it to him.

"I heard that Uncle brought people to the company to cause trouble again today. Sorry, I didn't know, so I called you back from the company. " Lih Tianhao's tone was full of guilt.

Lih Yannye was stunned, then said, "It's fine. I only came back after I settled the matter." In Lih Yannye's eyes, no one was more important than Lih Tianhao.

The Night Sky Group was actually the product of Lih Yannye starting from scratch. It was an existence that separated him from the Lih's Group.

Ever since Lih Yannye was brought back to the Lih family by his father, Lih Lin, he had never been recognized. Because the old lady of the Lih family had investigated him, she had immediately determined that he was just an illegitimate child. In the end, the Lih's Group was inherited by brother Lih Tianhao, who had a different father and a different mother.

Lih Yannye didn't care about the Lih's Group, but it didn't mean that the others weren't jealous. The one who was jealous the most was his uncle, Lih Lengxing.

Before the old lady of the Lih family died, she made a will and made Lih Lengxing the second heir. Therefore, if something happened to Lih Tianhao and he died, the direct beneficiary would be his uncle, Lih Lengxing.

Lih Yannye had long suspected that he was related to the accident. He had the biggest motive and suspicion. When Lih Yannye found the evidence, he would definitely kill Lih Lengxing.

In order to deal with this uncle Lih Lengxing, Lih Yannye could not pretend to be Lih Tianhao.

However, Lih Tianhao did not agree with Lih Yannye's actions. He was gentle, following his mother, and was more soft-hearted. He didn't want to see the Lih family's flesh and bones getting destroyed, so he didn't agree with Lih Yannye's decision to investigate. Even if he knew that his uncle, Lih Lengxing, was the biggest suspect.

Lih Yannye came back to his senses and thought that it was time to act with that woman.

"Big brother, if there's nothing else, I'll go back to my room first. Rest well, remember to ring the bell if you're not feeling well." Ever since Lih Yannye knew that Lih Tianhao's condition was so serious, he had been worried that something would happen to him.

Lih Tianhao only closed the door and left after agreeing to his request.

Lih Yannye returned to the wedding room and asked Butler Lee to help him put on the high imitation human skin and sit in the wheelchair.

Butler Lee sighed before he left. This Master Yann had started to scare the young madam again.

Very soon, the door was opened and Xia Yunchu walked in with a beautiful cake in her hands. This time, it was even more beautiful than the last time. But when Xia Yunchu saw 'Lih Tianhao' who was sitting listlessly on the wheelchair, her eyes suddenly heated up.

It was all because of her willfulness that made 'Lih Tianhao' worry about her so much. She must not feel good. Her body was already so bad.

"You are back." It was the same hoarse voice he had heard when he first saw her.

Xia Yunchu felt that it was not that bad. Looking at the mottled scars on his body, she did not feel that it was that scary or disgusting anymore.

Xia Yunchu walked to his side and placed the cake on the table. After that, she half-knelt beside him, "I heard that your condition worsened. I'm sorry... It's all my fault... It's all my fault. I should not have run around. Furthermore, I didn't do it on purpose on the wedding night. I... I was really too scared. I didn't expect to get married on that day. Furthermore, I wanted to sleep in the same bed as you. "

Xia Yunchu suddenly held a deep sympathy and pity for this man in her heart. Although they didn't get along for a long time, she could feel that he was a kind and very infatuated person.

"I know. I did not blame you." Lih Yannye did not expect her to be so obedient and gentle like a kitten as she gently apologized to him.

Xia Yunchu's eyes heated up when she heard his forgiveness, and her clear tears slowly fell. She put her face on the back of Lih Yannye's hand that was covered by the fire marks and slowly rubbed it. "It must have been very painful at that time. Does it still hurt now?"

Her gentle greeting made a corner of Lih Yannye's heart, which was like an iceberg, melt. A warm feeling passed through his heart. It had been a long time since he felt the warmth, as well as the sincerity of a woman.

They did not know that these two hearts were slowly getting closer to each other. In the days to come, in the noisy mortal world, they would rely on each other.

"Tianhao, in the future, I will take good care of you." Xia Yunchu seemed to have made an oath, and she spoke with confidence.

Lih Yannye looked at the black hair on the back of his hand and slowly reached out his hand to touch the beautiful long black hair as if he was possessed.

This woman was really different from him in front of his big brother. However, Lih Yannye did not think too much about it. He just wanted to enjoy this long-lost warmth.

"Yunchu, you suddenly ran back. Did someone bully you? Tell me, I won't let him go. Even Yannye is no exception." Lih Yannye suddenly wanted to probe her.

Xia Yunchu was stunned for a moment and said after a long time, "No one bullied me. Furthermore, Yannye really respects this sister-in-law of mine."

Xia Yunchu did not want to ruin the relationship between them brothers. Furthermore, it was useless to say these things out loud. It would only anger his body.

This made Lih Yannye quite surprised. He thought that this woman would definitely complain in front of his big brother. He did not expect that she would also protect her image.

Lih Yannye looked at the clear tears on her face and naturally reached out his hand to wipe away the tears of grievance. Although they were separated by a high imitation skin, he could still feel Xia Yunchu's smooth skin that could be broken with a flick of her finger.

And looking down from his angle, he could see the woman's chest at a glance. He did not expect her figure to be so slender, but she had the right to be so beautiful and proud.

Lih Yannye held his breath. He only felt a surge of heat flowing down. He actually had thoughts about the woman in front of him?

When he opened his mouth again, his breathing was also a little heavy, and there was a slight desire in it. "Yunchu, didn't you say you would take good care of me? Tonight, I will make up for the regret of the wedding night."

Xia Yunchu, who was leaning on the back of his hand, suddenly froze. Was he going to consummate his marriage? However, she was really not ready yet.

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