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C18 In the Same Bed

Xia Yunchu could feel the heat coming from the man behind her, "A little, a little..."

Actually, it was not just a little. She was so nervous that she could not speak. What if 'Lih Tianhao' really acted like a beast?

"Don't be afraid. Your body doesn't need to be so stiff. Otherwise, you won't be able to sleep at night. I won't touch you. " Lih Yannye said in a hoarse voice.

Xia Yunchu blushed with shame. The arm under her chest rubbed against her faintly. Was it considered touching?

The scent of the man's body was very familiar with the scent of mint. It actually had very little smell of medicine. And this scent of Peppermint, wasn't it the smell of Lih Yannye's body? Xia Yunchu finally remembered.

But perhaps they used the same scent of shower gel.

Xia Yunchu thought as her body kept moving.

Lih Yannye was disturbed by the woman's fragrance, so he hurriedly put the woman in front of him into his arms and controlled her hands to prevent her from touching his body.

However, Xia Yunchu was covered in sweat because of the heat on his body and her nervousness. "Heavens, Tianhao, can you let go a little? I'm so hot..."

"Call me husband!" Lih Yannye growled in a low voice. His hoarse voice became a little scary.

Xia Yunchu felt that 'Lih Tianhao' was really unstable tonight. But she could understand after thinking about it. After all, he had suffered such a serious injury before. It was normal for his emotions to fluctuate. So she obediently listened to him.

He softly said, "Old, husband, it's a little cramped between the two of us. Why don't I sleep on the sofa..."

Lih Yannye silently kept her even tighter. It was obvious that he did not want to let her.

Xia Yunchu felt that his arm was so strong that it did not seem like he was seriously injured. But when she came back to her senses, she felt that she should not question her husband like this. She quickly dispelled the thought.

"But it is really hot. Aren't you hot? It's not good for your skin's metabolism either." Even though she turned on the air conditioner, Xia Yunchu still felt very hot.

" I don't feel hot. When my heart is calm, it will naturally be cold. Furthermore, if you are really too hot, you can take off your clothes. This way, it will be cooler."

Lih Yannye said in a low voice, but in Xia Yunchu's ears, why did he seem to be teasing her?

"Do you want me to take it off for you personally?"

Hearing Lih Tianhao's ambiguous words, Xia Yunchu quickly broke free of his hands and tightly pulled her collar. "I don't feel hot anymore, it's really magical..."

Lih Yannye's eyes darkened and he had a smile on his face. This was really a reason to bend his legs.

In fact, he was much hotter than her. He was already covered in a layer of human skin, so it was not good for him to breathe. In addition to the woman's casual rubbing, it made him even hotter. Slowly, even his breathing became heavier.

Xia Yunchu heard his breathing by his ear and the sense of danger in her heart immediately became heavier. She opened her mouth and pleaded, "Heavens..." She suddenly remembered that 'Lih Tianhao' did not like her to call him by his name and changed her words, "Hubby... Can you let me go a little? I feel like I can't breathe..."

The sweet voice of the woman was so hard to resist when it fell into her ears, so Lih Yannye could not help but loosen up a little. Xia Yunchu also felt much more comfortable. Her body also became less stiff.

But in fact, Lih Yannye himself also did not feel much better.

Both of them were silent for a long time. Just when Xia Yunchu thought that Lih Tianhao had fallen asleep, he opened his mouth to speak again.

"Yunchu, how do you feel about getting along with Yannye? Do you think he has a bad temper?"

Xia Yunchu pursed her red lips, which were so nervous that they were dry. "Sometimes, we have opinions that we don't want to compromise with. But I know that Yannye actually cares a lot about you, this big brother of his, so whatever he does should be because he's too nervous about you. Of course, there's no such thing as blaming or forgiving. "

Hearing Xia Yunchu say this, Lih Yannye's heart suddenly became very soft. It turned out that this woman did not hate him that much in her heart. " I hope you can treat him better and tolerate him. "

Lih Yannye realized what he had said after he finished speaking. Perhaps in his subconscious mind, he also hoped that the woman would not treat him that way. After all, she saw that he was so gentle to her brother, but she was baring her fangs and brandishing her claws at him.

Xia Yunchu nodded. After realizing that he could not see her, she said, "Of course. As the sister-in-law, I must be magnanimous..."

"Shut up! Don't mention the word sister-in-law!" Lih Yannye suddenly shouted in a low voice.

Xia Yunchu had been scared by him a few times tonight. She moved her lips a little, but in the end, she still did not say anything.

After a while, she still said, "You have to get better quickly. Otherwise, Yannye might have been living in guilt and self-blame. This is what you don't want to see, right? "

Lih Yannye's restless mind was comforted by these words, and it stabbed right into his heart. He suddenly felt that this woman was quite considerate.

"En. Go to sleep." Lih Yannye finally did not say anything else.

The atmosphere suddenly eased up. Xia Yunchu's body gradually relaxed, but with a flip of her body, all the sleepiness she accumulated was chased away. She seemed to have touched something that she should not have touched.

Xia Yunchu subconsciously moved her body and wanted to leave. However, she was hugged tightly by Lih Yannye and was pulled back into his embrace.

"Don't move, or I will eat you!" The man behind her was breathing hot.

Xia Yunchu was so scared that she wanted to cry. Even though she was not a person, she knew what the word "eat" meant.

But on second thought, wasn't Li Tianhao's entire body burned by the fire? Why did it have that kind of function?

At this moment, she was so scared that she didn't even dare to breathe. She just hoped that it would be dawn soon. She didn't know what to do in the future...

"Afraid of me?" The man's breath was unstable as it gushed into his ears, "If you're obedient, you'll be fine."

In fact, Lih Yannye would not really want her. Before finding out her intention to enter the Lih family, he would always feel uncomfortable.

Xia Yunchu did not want to be obedient at all. Thinking of this, perhaps if this continued, he would not need to sleep for the whole night. Therefore, she took advantage of the moment when 'Lih Tianhao' was not paying attention to get off the bed and ran to the sofa.

"Mr. Li, I think I should sleep on the sofa..."

She could not accept having her do that kind of thing with someone she was not familiar with. Moreover, the terrifying face of the monster that was swallowed by the fire was still lingering in her mind. To accept such a person on the basis that she didn't have any feelings... It was also extremely difficult.

Lih Yannye's arms became empty all of a sudden. His heart also became empty for some reason. Then he said, "You don't have to be afraid. From tomorrow onwards, I won't be able to share a bed with you."

"Where are you going?" Xia Yunchu was stunned. With his physical condition, could he still go out?

"I'm going to carry out a cycle of physical therapy. Be good and don't do bad things." Lih Yannye's voice carried a hint of playfulness.

"Who will take care of you?"

"With Dr. Chen here, you don't have to worry." He didn't expect this woman to be so concerned about his big brother.

Xia Yunchu deliberated for a while and still spoke, "Then can I go inside to take care of you?" What she said was not just words.

"No need." He couldn't let her know about his brother's real condition yet, so he suddenly thought about it.

"What about Yannye? Can he go in?"

Seeing her mention him, Li Yanye secretly raised his eyebrows, "What do you mean?"

"I'm just curious. Why can't I?" Xia Yunchu muttered.

Li Yanye's eyes narrowed. Was he jealous of him? Because his younger brother could enter, but he, as his wife, could not?

"There's no reason. Our relationship hasn't reached that stage yet. I also don't want others to see me like that. You're too timid, I'm afraid I'll scare you."

Lih Yannye stretched his body. He was really aggrieved when he was in bed with a woman just now. Sure enough, this was the result of not having a woman for a long time. But he was actually interested in a woman with ulterior motives?

"Xia Yunchu."

Xia Yunchu was originally about to fall asleep, but who knew that this man would speak again. She forced herself to be sleepy and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Don't argue with Yannye when I'm not around. Just like what I just said, be more tolerant. Get along well. Don't go back to your mother's house so easily again."

Xia Yunchu didn't expect him to talk about this matter. If it wasn't for the fact that she didn't want him to get even angrier, she would have told him everything that Lih Yannye had told her a long time ago. "Got it," she answered with a muffled voice.

But in her heart, she was thinking that she should say this to Lih Yannye. If it wasn't for him causing trouble, she wouldn't have been willful, okay?

What Lih Yannye said was just that he didn't want his big brother to go to Yu family to find someone because of this matter. It was really disgraceful.

Xia Yunchu laid down for a while and still felt indignant. Why should she allow Lih Yannye to bully her?

"Tianhao, why don't we move the wedding room to the first floor?"

"What?" No one knew what this woman was up to.

"I think your brother seems to like our new bathroom. Why don't you give it to him?"

Lih Yannye didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but this woman was hinting at the matter of bathing in the bathroom. He was obviously the one who was seen. What was there to lose? But now that she thought about it, this woman's reaction at that time was too cute. She should have had a good time.

She wanted him to ask why she wanted to give it to him, but Lih Yannye just didn't ask. She rejected him directly, "No need to change. I'll just ask him not to come over casually in the future. Otherwise, anyone who sees it will suffer."

Xia Yunchu nearly choked to death on his own saliva. Suffering a loss? Who on earth suffered a loss? ! It seemed that this Lih Yannye's arrogance was reasonable. He had an elder brother who doted on him unconditionally. No, he was simply doting on him. How sensible could he be?

Although she felt that she could not compare to Lih Yannye's position, she still comforted herself. After all, the person he liked was that Miss Ruolan, and not herself.

Slowly, she fell asleep. She could also sleep well on the sofa.

However, some people couldn't sleep alone. They tossed and turned all night and couldn't sleep.

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