I Can Kiss You Forever/C3 A Midnight Snack Is Worth a Thousand Gold Coins?
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I Can Kiss You Forever/C3 A Midnight Snack Is Worth a Thousand Gold Coins?
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C3 A Midnight Snack Is Worth a Thousand Gold Coins?

As soon as Lih Tianhao's voice faded, someone came in and gave him an autograph.

"Alright, I'll sign it. Prepare to obediently follow me to America for treatment! This skin, you'll definitely change it! "

Lih Yannye waved his hand and a flamboyant signature landed on the registration form. His gaze sank.

After this show, his brother would treat him well.

At the same time, the Civil Affairs Bureau staff were in the guest room downstairs to give Xia Yunchu an autograph.

"Miss Xia, please fill out this form and sign your name. After we are done, we will send Mr. Lih's signature. You know, he is not in good health."

Xia Yunchu did not expect to get the certificate so quickly. She did not have time to react and thought that she was only here to take a look. She nodded to indicate that she understood. Her gaze landed on the registration form and only started writing after a moment.

Perhaps she could only be trapped in this mansion for the rest of her life. Without her own future and freedom, there was nothing else.

In the end, she signed her name, which was equivalent to locking the door of freedom with her own hands.

Before long, two small red books with legal effects were sent in front of Lih Tianhao. His mottled and terrifying right hand slowly rubbed against the red book. As soon as he opened it, a man and a woman's names appeared before his eyes.

Male: Lih Yannye.

Female Fang: Xia Yunchu.

Lih Tianhao was satisfied, but at this point, it was still not enough. He had to think of a way to get Yannye and Yunchu to get along well.

Lih Yannye's expression at this time was very bad. He looked at the two eyesore red books with disdain, but in his heart, he thought of the beautiful figure downstairs. What would that woman do to that disfigured "Big Brother?"

The only thing he was looking forward to was this.

Lih Tianhao decided to let them have intimate contact first. "Yannye, tonight is your wedding night. Don't stand here with me. Go and accompany your beautiful mother."

Lih Yannye coldly harrumphed. Heh, let's see if he will torture her to death.

Lih Tianhao only let Butler Lee in when he saw that he had left.

"Butler Lee, you have to watch over him tonight. Don't let him act recklessly. Of course, if Yannye listens to me, you don't have to follow me."

This was going to be tough on Butler Lee. How could he know what Master Yann would do? But with his personality, he would definitely prepare to give Miss Xia a lesson. Thinking of that petite figure, Butler Lee couldn't help but feel pity.

Indeed, Lih Tianhao's guess was right. The dignified Second Young Master of the Li family, the leader of S City, was actually preparing to pretend to be Young Master Lih's terrifying face to scare a little girl.

Butler Lee looked at the American High-Level Imitation Skin in Lih Yannye's hand and wanted to cry but had no tears. Wasn't this Master Yann too childish? And this delicate human skin covered with scars, even he felt that it was real. It was really disgusting.

"Master Yann, isn't this too much?"

Miss Xia was already living a bad life in Yu family. How good could she be if she was living under someone else's roof? She didn't expect that she wouldn't be able to gain her husband's favor even after coming to Lih family. How could she live like this? Butler Lee couldn't help but sympathize with this little girl.

A faint sneer hung at the corner of Lih Yannye's mouth, like a bloodthirsty wolf, causing people to feel a chill from the bottom of their hearts. His eyes, which were as deep and cold as a well, revealed a hint of playfulness.

"You don't need to say anything about this matter, just do what you need to do." His meaning was to tell Butler Lee not to meddle in other people's business and tell Lih Tianhao.

Lih Yannye was handsome and handsome to begin with. He was a combination of dominance and wildness. Under his tall and straight nose was a beautiful lip shape. This clear outline added a bit of coldness to his face. It was also inexplicably sexy.

This young newcomer, if he abandoned his business and became a star, he wouldn't starve to death. He would definitely attract the craze of young girls. He slowly took off his white shirt.

His bodybuilding figure immediately appeared in the mirror. The lines were smooth, and he had a majestic figure. What was better taken care of was his skin. This was his brother's. The first step he had prepared for his brother to go to America for treatment was to plant the skin.

Even his life was Lih Tianhao's. What else could he not be?

There wasn't a single person in the family who wasn't a wolf, tiger, or leopard. This imitation of human skin was brought back to deal with Lih Lengxing. At that time, Lih Tianhao had just picked up his life from the operating table when Lih Lengxing came over to take a look. Was his damn nephew dead?

Why would Lih Yannye let him do as he pleased? That was why he had ordered this set of human skin to deceive Lih Lengxing. It proved that although Lih Tianhao's face was disfigured, he did not lose any ability to manage the company. This was to destroy Lih Lengxing's "good intentions."

This time, he would use it to see a person's heart clearly. Xia Yunchu, I want to see how pure and clean you are.

He asked Butler Lee to help him put on the human skin. Butler Lee felt bitter in his heart. Eldest Young Master asked him to keep a close eye on Second Young Master, but he did not think that he would become an accomplice.

Very quickly, a person with a ferocious face and a strange expression appeared in front of the mirror. The handsome Lih Yannye had already been submerged under the human skin.

Butler Lee looked at that strange face, and his stomach felt like it was about to overturn.

In the end, he held back his disgust and put a voice-changer on Lih Yannye, which made his voice exactly the same as Lih Tianhao's. As the saying goes, putting on a show and putting on a full show. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fun anymore.

Hopefully Xia Yunchu did not let down the game that he had carefully prepared.

"Butler Lee, you can go and invite that beautiful and kind Miss Xia into the new room. As you wish."

Lih Yannye's strange face coupled with the hoarse and aged voice made Butler Lee shiver. "Yes. I will go right away. "

In the room, Xia Yunchu was in a daze as she looked at the lights outside the window. Her mind had already flown to an unknown place.

"Miss Xia... Uh, it should be Young Madam. Young Master is waiting for you in the new room upstairs. Please go up." Butler Lee did not forget that he could not expose the Second Young Master's identity and carefully called Xia Yunchu.

Xia Yunchu came back to her senses. Oh, she said and walked upstairs listlessly.

"Young Madam..." Butler Lee could not help but call out.

Xia Yunchu stopped in her tracks. "What's wrong?"

Butler Lee's eyes flickered for a moment, but in the end, he did not say it out loud. "It's nothing. Happy wedding."

Xia Yunchu smiled bitterly. "Thank you." Only she knew how much sadness was contained in this thank you.

She cheered herself up as she went upstairs. Since she had become the wife of Lih family, this was her responsibility and obligation. Although his appearance had been ruined, it might not be as scary as she had imagined. Furthermore, she had often gone to the welfare institute to help take care of children. She would definitely take good care of Lih Tianhao.

This inexplicable courage supported her to push open the black door on the other side of the corridor. It was out of her expectations. The lights were not switched off inside. She originally thought that the person whose appearance had been ruined would be especially concerned about others seeing his appearance. It seemed like Lih Tianhao was a straightforward and upright person.

Xia Yunchu followed the rose petals on both sides of the passage and slowly walked in. The room was filled with the fragrance of rose. Smelling it made people relax, Xia Yunchu's stiff body gradually relaxed. Step by step, she walked towards the wedding bed.

This was her wedding night. Many young girls had beautiful dreams. Her husband was lying on the bed with his back facing her. Looking at his back, Lih Tianhao's figure was tall and sturdy. He was tall and strong. She could not help but think of what Su Yuzhu had said. If Lih Tianhao had not been disfigured, he must be a handsome man.

She didn't know what he would look like when he turned around. She had already made preparations in her heart. No matter what, she didn't want to panic, and she didn't want to show any signs of fear. This was the minimum respect she had for others.

She took a deep breath and controlled her nervous mood. "Hello, I am your wife, Xia Yunchu."

"Yes." The voice of the person on the bed was old and hoarse. Xia Yunchu was stunned when she heard it. Even his vocal cords were burnt... She suddenly felt that he was very pitiful.

Lih Yannye's eyes under the skin of the person on the bed darkened. His voice was quite calm. He just didn't know if he could still be so calm after looking at his appearance. He slowly turned around, and a terrifying burnt face appeared in Xia Yunchu's almond eyes.

Even though she was mentally prepared a few times, Xia Yunchu was still frightened. That scream was forcefully covered by her mouth and swallowed down from her throat. She was now so scared that her entire body was trembling.

The face in front of her could no longer be called a face. It was a face covered in brown scars. The large area of burns made him look very terrifying. His face was already so hideous. Xia Yunchu almost did not dare to open her eyes to look.

"What is it? Afraid? If you're afraid, shout it out." Lih Yannye was annoyed by her forbearance. She was clearly disgusted by his face. And pretending to be calm. Why does this woman like to pretend so much?

She did not know that Xia Yunchu only did not want to hurt his self-esteem as a wounded person. Xia Yunchu tried to calm herself down, closed her eyes and opened them again, "I am not afraid."

Lih Yannye wanted to tear off her fake mask and see how long she could pretend. He slowly got up from the bed and reached out his centipede-like hand to Xia Yunchu.

"It's good that you are not afraid. I am afraid that you do not like me. Yunchu, let me touch your face."

In Xia Yunchu's eyes, it was like a horror movie. However, she had to endure the fear in her heart and watch this scene. This was the deepest fear in one's heart. If she was caught by such a ghostly hand, perhaps she would collapse...

"Why aren't you coming over? Do you want me to walk over? Or do you think my face is disgusting? Ugly? Just turn off the lights. This is our wedding night, let me hug you. I haven't been in contact with anyone for a long time..."

This woman, hmph, she can't continue pretending anymore. How dare she have designs on the Lih family with just this little bit of courage?

Lih Yannye's voice sounded a little pitiful behind, and Xia Yunchu's frightened heart actually felt a little soft. She mustered her courage and took a step forward. "I'll go over. Don't turn off the lights. I don't think you're disgusting or ugly. Don't give up on yourself..."

"That's good. Then let's start the bridal night. A midnight snack is worth a thousand gold coins." Lih Yannye walked closer to Xia Yunchu step by step until he held her soft and boneless little hand.

Xia Yunchu resisted in her heart. Sure enough, it was still not enough. Once she touched those uneven scars, her stomach was in a mess.

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