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I Can Kiss You Forever/C6 Returning Storms 1
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C6 Returning Storms 1

Xia Yunchu woke up at seven in the morning. Beside her was a familiar and terrifying environment.

Today was the day when the three dynasties returned, but she did not anticipate it at all. In fact, she did not even want to go back.

Last night, she slept in the wedding room, but Lih Tianhao wasn't there. Until she fell asleep, 'Lih Tianhao' was nowhere to be found. When she woke up today, she heard that he was going to the sanatorium. She was shocked and felt that perhaps his condition had worsened.

In this kind of situation, Xia Yunchu did not want to go back even more. If she stayed in Lih family, she might be able to take care of Lih Tianhao. Furthermore, she would have to face those people when she went back. She had been blind for the past twenty years. Only then would she think that her uncle was a good person.

"Young Madam, the gifts are ready." Mrs Huang walked into the room and reminded.

The Lih family was a wealthy family, so this kind of etiquette would only be more common and would not be lacking.

There were many top health tonics placed in the hall. She heard that the old master of the Yu family liked to collect some calligraphy and paintings. Lih Tianhao specifically told Butler Lee to collect some famous calligraphy and paintings as a return gift. There were also some exquisite decorations.

Xia Yunchu felt her nose turn sour when she saw this. Lih Tianhao really put in too much effort. He really treated her as his wife. But as a wife, she disliked her husband's appearance. It was really too much.

Xia Yunchu's mood immediately became very low.

"Butler Lee, wait for your car and go out with me." A bewitching and arrogant voice was heard, and then a tall and slender figure appeared in Xia Yunchu's line of sight.

Lih Yannye was wearing a sapphire blue suit today. His shoulders were wide and his butt was narrow. The fitting cutting made his handsome and strong body look even more magnificent and charming. Together with a devilish face that could topple all living things, it was even more pleasing to the eye.

Coincidentally, Xia Yunchu was also wearing an exquisite sky-blue dress today, which made her look more refreshing and refined. Her facial features were so exquisite that she looked like a cute doll.

However, looking at Lih Yannye like this, it was as if they were wearing a couple's outfit.

Xia Yunchu did not notice this detail. She just looked at his ice face and was not in the mood.

Lih Yannye saw the clothes on Xia Yunchu's body. Although they matched quite well with her, she looked more and more sweet and pure. But he suddenly remembered that the combination on his body was chosen by Butler Lee.

His gaze fell on Butler Lee, as if he was silently asking what was going on.

Butler Lee dryly laughed twice, shouting in his heart, Isn't this still the order of the young master! He said that the two of you should go back together and let him and Mrs Huang make love for you!

"It's getting late. Second Young Master, let's go." Butler Lee thought that Lih Yannye just said that he wanted to go out at the same time, so he wanted to send them back to Xia Yunchu's mother's house.

"Who said I will go with you?"


Lih Yannye put one hand in the pocket of his suit and sneered. "I said, I don't have the time to go with you. Besides, as long as the people of Yu family have enough money and gifts, they don't care if the people of Lih family have gone or not."

"But..." Butler Lee also wanted to say that this was different. Having someone to accompany the young mistress proved that she had a high position in the Lih family.

But before he could say this, he was cut off by Xia Yunchu. "Butler Lee, don't say anymore. I can go back alone. Anyway, I won't be staying for long. I will come back for dinner tonight. "

" Look, Mrs. Li already said so. What else do you want? "

Xia Yunchu was annoyed when she heard Lih Yannye's voice with an unknown smile. "I am your sister-in-law. Even if I don't call you sister-in-law, at least I have the most basic respect. Did your etiquette get eaten by dogs?"

Lih Yannye's eyes darkened. This woman actually dared to scold him? He strode forward and approached her step by step. Until he forced her to a corner.

"You came to see if you were eaten by a dog?"

This scene was really familiar, and it was also this kind of oppression the night before... It was unknown if Xia Yunchu was thinking too much.

Lih Yannye saw that the woman in front of him was actually thinking about everything. He bent down and leaned over to Xia Yunchu's white jade-like ears, almost kissing her. "She's actually distracted?"

Xia Yunchu was instantly jolted back to her senses when she was sprayed by his fresh breath. She discovered that she was confined between Lih Yannye's two arms. Her delicate face instantly turned red like a red apple, making people want to take a bite.

Lih Yannye was shocked by his own thoughts. He calmed down a little and raised his eyebrows. Forget it.

"You, you hooligan!" Xia Yunchu was forced to say this, but she could not push him away. Her gaze fell into his deep and bright star-like eyes and her heart skipped a beat.

Lih Yannye's gaze swept across Xia Yunchu lightly. The corners of his mouth curled up, and he propped himself up and slowly walked towards the door. "Forget it. If you don't leave, I have to leave. The company meeting is about to start. What a waste of time."

" This! " Butler Lee remembered the instructions from the young master yesterday and silently sighed. This Second Young Master really did things according to his nature. He did not consider the feelings of others at all. Unfortunately, he did not dare to say these things. Looking at Xia Yunchu's indifferent face, he also felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

Xia Yunchu finally calmed down her mood with great difficulty. She did not want to make things difficult for Butler Lee and only said, "Butler Lee, it is not a big deal to go back alone."

"Alright, since that's the case, let's go."

Xia Yunchu subconsciously looked upstairs and decided to go up and say, "Butler Lee, I will go and tell Tianhao."

Butler Lee nodded, but in his heart, he thought that such a good girl would have to endure so much torture. He could not help much and could only sigh quietly.

Xia Yunchu walked to the second floor. The sanatorium was on the other side of the wedding room. She gracefully walked over and knocked on the door.

Dr. Chen looked at the cat's eye. He turned around and said to Lih Tianhao who was lying on the bed, "It's Second Young Madam. She probably wants to see you."

Lih Tianhao was slightly stunned. He touched his scarred face and said, "It's better not to let her in. I don't want to scare her."

Dr. Chen smiled and said, "Then I will send her away."


" Is it the Young Madam? " Dr. Chen asked directly through the door.

Xia Yunchu felt that it was a little strange. Why did he not let her in? "Yes, I want to talk to Tianhao about something."

"I'm really sorry, Young Madam. The Eldest Young Master is currently undergoing treatment. The people outside cannot come in, or else there will be germs. If you have anything to say, I will convey it to you. " Dr. Chen was speaking nonsense in all seriousness.

So that was the reason. Xia Yunchu felt relieved in her heart, "I just want to tell him that I will be back soon after I return to my mother's home."

Dr. Chen said, "Okay, I will convey it to him on your behalf."

The sweet and clear voice said, "Thank you." There was no sound.

Xia Yunchu thought as she went down the stairs. Actually, it was really hard for Lih Tianhao to do this. He used to be so outstanding, so handsome, but he suddenly lost everything, and even lost the ability to live independently.

He dragged a face that even she was scared of. His body was not in good condition, and even she disliked him. Xia Yunchu suddenly felt that she really was not a thing. Tonight, she must apologize properly.

Butler Lee saw Xia Yunchu come down and quickly hung up the phone, "Young Madam, Eldest Young Master just told us to send you back."

Xia Yunchu's eyes curved up, "Thank you, Butler Lee."

"Why are you being so polite with me? We are family." Butler Lee wanted Xia Yunchu to not feel so lonely. After all, it was quite sad for a girl to be alone and helpless here. He really pitied her in his heart.

Actually, Butler Lee had just used the phone to tell Lih Tianhao that Lih Yannye was still unwilling to go back to his mother's home with his young madam. Lih Tianhao was angered once again.

"This kid is really perfunctory to me. He, he... He wants to anger me to death. It is obvious that he is deliberately neglecting Yunchu."

Butler Lee sighed, "But Master Yann gave me a cheque worth 30 million, saying that it is the return gift money."

Lih Tianhao's anger only subsided a little when he heard this, "At least this kid still has some conscience. If he really doesn't give me anything, see if I don't break his legs when he comes back!"

He really didn't know when this pair of enemies would be able to be together. Lih Tianhao was afraid that he wouldn't be able to wait until that day. Then all of this would be meaningless. As he thought about it, he slowly laid back on the bed. He was really tired. Ruolan, wait a little longer and I can go accompany you.

The image of a delicate and pretty girl surfaced in his mind. Every frown and smile was engraved in his heart.

The car drove very quickly and steadily. They arrived at the Yu family in about an hour.

Su Yuzhu had heard the news when they were standing outside the door, but she did not go out to open the door. When she saw an old butler sending Xia Yunchu back from the second floor, her expression immediately turned ugly.

It just so happened that because Yu Peisheng was not around, only the mother and daughter were at home. They could come whatever they wanted. After deliberately hanging them up for more than ten minutes, Su Yuzhu twisted her thin waist and went downstairs.

"Ah, I'm really sorry to keep you guys waiting. Yunchu, you really are. Why didn't you bring Butler Lee into the house to take a seat?" Su Yuzhu was polite on the surface, but her actions were disdainful. She did not even look at the expensive gifts. After all, it was delicious to eat and drink in the Yu family. She didn't lack such things.

"Hehe." Butler Lee smiled and handed over a cheque, "This is a small gift from our young master. It's just a small token of respect."

Su Yuzhu originally received it very casually. She glanced at it and her eyes immediately widened.

Thirty million? !

His attitude simply changed 360 degrees. "Oh my, Young Master Li is so polite. He even gave me so much money. I specially invited you to send our Yunchu back. It has been tough all the way. Let's go in and take a seat."

"No need. I still have something to do. I will take my leave now." Butler Lee lightly said to Su Yuzhu and then turned to Xia Yunchu and said, "Young Mistress, I will come back to pick you up in the evening."

Xia Yunchu forced a smile. Her heart started to feel cold when Su Yuzhu saw the cheque. As expected, was what the man said right? The Yu family only wanted money, and they did not care about her. Also, did anyone from the Lih family come over? None of that mattered.

"I'll go back by myself."

Butler Lee smiled. "How can I do that? You are the most precious young mistress of Lih family, the wife of Lih family." Butler Lee's words undoubtedly increased Xia Yunchu's position, and also let the people of Yu family know. They had attached great importance to Xia Yunchu, the young mistress. They believed that they would not dare to neglect her.

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