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After being reminded by Lih Tianhao, Lih Yannye knew how to refute him. " How are your preparations for going to America for treatment? I have to discuss this with Dr. Chen some other day. " He repeated it many times. His brother always said to wait.

This time, it came again.

"Wait a little longer. You're just getting married, so I'll rest at home for a few more days. What if I don't prepare enough?" Lih Tianhao knew that what his brother cared about the most was his physical condition. As long as Elder Chen told him about it... The time wasn't right yet. He would never let him take the risk.

Once Yannye and Yunchu had a good relationship and he could leave without worries, he would immediately look for her. The picture of the girl who had been supporting him by the bedside for treatment time and time again.

Ruolan, remember to wait for me on the other side of the world.

As expected, Lih Yannye had nothing more to say. After feeding dinner, they chatted for a while longer.

When he returned to the wedding room, he saw a small figure sleeping on the bed. Next to his fair and slender arm was a medical book about burns treatment.

She seemed to have already taken a bath. Her long, wet black hair meandered on the snow-white pillow, making her face fairer than snow. Her breathing was very light, and her long eyelashes were like restless butterflies, trembling slightly.

Lih Yannye held back his hand and did not touch it.

The woman's faint fragrance wrapped around Lih Yannye's mind. He could not help but sit by the bed. He gently brushed away the hair on her face. The woman's delicate facial features were clearly visible. He had to say... This woman was very beautiful and alluring. Moreover, her temperament was so pure and beautiful that it was like a painting.

If she did not have that kind of intention in marrying in, perhaps he would still be able to live in harmony with her.

When he thought of this, Lih Yannye's eyes immediately darkened.

Today, he was running around everywhere and was also extremely tired. Once he laid on the bed, sleepiness assaulted him. The tip of his nose was wrapped with the faint fragrance of a woman's body, making him feel very comfortable. Lih Yannye quickly fell asleep.

In the huge room, two hearts were beating quietly. They were very close and far away.

The next morning, it was already late in the morning. When Xia Yunchu woke up, she found that her head hurt very much. After thinking for a while, she felt like she had taken a bath last night and was reading while waiting for Lih Tianhao to finish treating her. He had accidentally fallen asleep! His hair had not dried up at that time. No wonder it hurt.

She composed herself and seemed to hear the sound of water splashing in the bathroom. Could it be that Lih Tianhao was bathing?

Xia Yunchu turned sideways and could faintly smell male hormones with a fresh minty smell.

Lih Tianhao's body was not convenient to move, so it must be inconvenient to take a bath. Xia Yunchu thought of this and quickly walked to the bathroom.

"Tianhao, are you inside?"

Xia Yunchu waited for a while and no one answered. Maybe she did not hear him, so she asked again, "Do you need help?"

The sound of water was still going on inside, and Lih Yannye's deep eyes, which were holding the sprinkles, became even darker. This woman's voice was much more pleasing than her intentions. However, when he heard her call him big brother, he actually felt a little uncomfortable.

If she used such a sweet and caring tone to ask him, what would it be like?

However, if this woman was really bold enough to come in, what kind of reaction would she have when she saw that it was him?

Imagining Xia Yunchu's reaction after waiting for a while, the corner of Lih Yannye's mouth couldn't help but curl up playfully. His handsome face was currently as charming as an evil king.

"Then I'll come in." Xia Yunchu thought he was too embarrassed to answer, so she opened the door.

Since she had already decided to take good care of him, she would start with the small matters around her. It was very common for a wife to brush her husband's back, which was inconvenient. Don't be afraid! Xia Yunchu encouraged herself as she slowly opened the bathroom door.

Lih Yannye, who was in the bathroom, was watching a good show. He quietly let Xia Yunchu open the door and enter. On that beautiful face, would it be panic or love?

The man's expression was indifferent but very pleasing to the eye. His facial features were handsome.

Xia Yunchu never would have thought that what she saw was a picture of a beautiful man who could make any woman blush and heart beat.

The man had just finished washing his hair. His wet eyes and wet hair. A mischievous water droplet slid down from his beautiful neck and slid across his strong and hard pectoral muscles. The bronze-colored abdominal area of the eight-pack slowly disappeared into a magnificent area. In the beautiful smoke...

Although the lower part was gone, the white towel covered it even more, making one's imagination run wild!

Xia Yunchu, who opened the door, was stunned. This was her and Lih Tianhao's new house. Furthermore, there were so many rooms in the Lih family. Why would Lih Yannye appear here?!

It caused her to accidentally look at her uncle's body. Her face instantly turned red.

Lih Yannye looked at Xia Yunchu, who had become silly, and his mood suddenly became very good. Her fair face was currently flushed red, causing his throat to tighten.

But when she opened her mouth, her tone was indifferent, as if it was only natural for her to appear here. "Have you seen enough? If you have seen enough, then go out."

Xia Yunchu finally picked up her tongue, "Li, Lih Yannye... You... Why are you in the new room between me and your big brother?"

Although she pretended to be calm, her burning face had long betrayed her panic.

Lih Yannye's deep starry eyes glanced at her and calmly walked down from the shower room. He directly ignored her question, "Is it good?"

Xia Yunchu's head was blasted by his shamelessness until it went blank. Is it good looking? Is it good looking? Is it good looking? These three words kept echoing in her mind.

He was indeed very good looking... She had a friend who studied art. Once, when she went to find a friend, she happened to run into her while she was painting naked, and there was a real person model standing there without a trace. Xia Yunchu was stunned at that time. It was the first time she saw such a man's figure.

However, Lih Yannye's figure was much better than those models.

His muscles were full of muscles, and his lines were hard. There was nothing that was not fascinating...

Xia Yunchu's heart seemed to have skipped a beat before it started beating rapidly and continuously.

With a red face, she said sorry and panicked before rushing out of the door in a hurry.

It was all Lih Yannye's fault that he did not make a sound inside. Obviously, he was deliberately making things difficult for her! Even if Lih Yannye didn't like her, this prank was too much. He was his sister-in-law after all, and this was also disrespecting Lih Tianhao!


Xia Yunchu angrily cursed from the corner of the door. She couldn't tell Lih Tianhao about this. It wouldn't be good if they ruined their relationship. Furthermore, his health was not good to begin with. If he made a big deal out of this matter, it would be even worse if he was angered.

That was why she wanted to settle it herself. She did not want to swallow her anger and let others bully her. At the very least, she had to obtain Lih Yannye's respect. Otherwise, this kind of thing would happen even more in the future.

The best way to solve this problem was to get someone to tell him that Lih Yannye was a bastard who didn't have a long memory!

After Xia Yunchu had thought of a candidate, she ran down the stairs and went to the kitchen.

Lih Yannye, who was inside the door, heard her curse a bastard. His mood suddenly became very good. This stinky woman seemed to be quite cute sometimes.

"Mrs Huang, are you done with your work?" Xia Yunchu felt that Mrs Huang had served the two brothers of Lih family for so long in this house. Even if she did not make any contributions, she had to work hard. Lih Yannye should still respect Mrs Huang. If it was her who said it, he might be relieved.

Mrs Huang originally only needed to cook the last dish and when she saw Xia Yunchu, she was very happy, "Young Madam, you are up. The meal is about to start."

Xia Yunchu waited for her to finish her work before saying, "I have a favor to ask of you."

"You are welcome. Young Mistress can just say what she wants to say."

"I know Lih Yannye still listens to you. After all, we have lived together for so many years. I just want you to tell him not to come into my and Tianhao's new room. It will be a little inconvenient. And he should have his own room."

Xia Yunchu thought of the matter just now and Lih Yannye's attitude. Her heart was burning with anger.

Mrs Huang was stunned. This new room was the new room of Second Young Master and his young madam. It was also modified according to his own room. If he was not allowed to bathe there, where should he go...

Sigh, she could not help but sigh. Second Young Master was also miserable. He didn't have the heart to get married, so he was forced to marry the Young Madam. If the two of them continued to get along like this, when would Second Young Master fall in love with the Young Madam? Moreover, if they couldn't get along, this would hurt both of them for the rest of their lives.

"I will tell Second Young Master." Mrs Huang was not in a position to say anything else, so she could only respond in a evasive manner.

When Xia Yunchu saw Mrs Huang agree, she also heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, "Sorry to trouble Mrs Huang, thank you." She replied softly.

She suddenly saw the breakfast on Mrs Huang's right side, "Oh right, by the way, send Tianhao's breakfast up to him. I'm free anyway."

Mrs Huang turned sideways, picked up the specially made medicinal cuisine and passed it to Xia Yunchu.

Xia Yunchu took it kindly. When she turned around and prepared to go up, she actually bumped into Lih Yannye who went downstairs.

He had already changed into a white shirt. His entire person looked fresh and neat, and he was also extraordinarily handsome.

But this reminded Xia Yunchu of the awkward situation where the two of them had just gotten married. No, it should be Xia Yunchu who was embarrassed alone. Lih Yannye, on the other hand, looked calm and composed.

He did not know how long this man had been standing there. He should have heard the conversation between Mrs Huang and him.

But it did not matter even if he heard it. Anyway, it was for him to hear it. He wanted him to be more aware of what the most basic respect was.

Little did he know that the marriage that Xia Yunchu talked about was shared with the person in front of him.

As she thought about this, her panicking heart suddenly calmed down. She carried breakfast and walked straight up without looking at Lih Yannye's expression.

"Give me the thing in your hand." Behind her came a man's low and angry voice.

Xia Yunchu's hand that was holding the tray tightened a little, and it was so strong that it turned pale. "I am Tianhao's wife. It is my duty to take care of him. You will eventually have your own family. Can you take care of your brother for the rest of his life? "

Lih Yannye took a few steps forward and forcefully snatched the medicinal food from Xia Yunchu's hands. His dark eyes contained anger and his tone was bone-chilling. "Do you think I can't take care of my brother for the rest of his life? Who do you think you are? "

After saying that, he strode away.

He left behind Xia Yunchu, who had an inexplicable expression on her face. Who did she think she was? What a joke. She had to be lectured to take care of her husband. This kind of overbearing and arrogant man was really unreasonable.

However, Xia Yunchu did not want to take it to heart because of such a man. She endured the wetness in her eyes and slowly turned around to walk out the door.

Butler Lee, who was standing under the stairs, slowly walked out after they separated. He looked at Lih Yannye's tall and straight figure, then at Xia Yunchu's small and helpless figure. He helplessly sighed.

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