I Fall Into his  Love Trap

I Fall Into his Love Trap

She had loved him all her life, but she had been treated and used unfairly by him. She, who had survived a great disaster, had embarked on a different path. Love? What was that?
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Table of Contents

C1 AwakeningC2 GoneC3 ReasonC4 MemoryC5 CrashC6 BiteC7 ConspiracyC8 Her MotherC9 Loss of ReasonC10 Mental RetardationC11 HelplessnessC12 I'm Going to StayC13 SuspectC14 ScheduleC15 OpportunityC16 ImprovedC17 Mother-to-daughter InteractionC18 Uninvited GuestC19 PraiseC20 FreedomC21 Finally He Saw HerC22 HeartacheC23 HypocrisyC24 QuestioningC25 Accompanying MommyC26 Hide-and-seekC27 Accidental InjuryC28 A Great QuarrelC29 Know NothingC30 Accompany MeC31 DischargeC32 A Hundred Million Years agoC33 Heart TalkingC34 Her SuspicionC35 Tease HerC36 ArrangedC37 AccidentC38 ResultsC39 His Heart SoftenedC40 ApologizeC41 TreatmentC42 EscapingC43 AmbiguityC44 NightmareC45 ShadowC46 Was It IntentionalC47 Explain ClearlyC48 Push the Boat with the WaterC49 It's Better for You to LeaveC50 PastC51 Surgical SuccessC52 CeremonyC53 A Wordless WordC54 Relieving DepressionC55 ProblemC56 QuarrellingC57 What Exactly Do You WantC58 Let Me Help YouC59 ContactC60 Mr Lin Yusheng's Phone CallC61 Witty ResolutionC62 Or Did He Not AskC63 Faintly UnderstandingC64 News of MarriageC65 UnconcernedC66 Good NewsC67 Mother's LucidityC68 Anger of HatredC69 True Feelings and HypocrisyC70 Hospital WarmthC71 Shake upC72 Amusement ParkC73 Sense of Déjà VuC74 Propose to Go HomeC75 Back to the Luo FamilyC76 Living at HomeC77 Comfort SleepC78 Alarm SoundC79 Reappearing the Mysterious WomanC80 The Lost of Si YeqingC81 New PhoneC82 EngagementC83 Send Her BackC84 TimeC85 Pack upC86 Stay TogetherC87 Family of ThreeC88 See You in the AlleyC89 FathersC90 IdeasC91 Decision to RemainC92 FindingsC93 Stand-offC94 AnnulmentC95 Each Person's MindC96 ReliefC97 CompensationC98 MethodsC99 Home WearC100 Her Tone Was Very FlatC101 TravelC102 Accidental Fall outC103 Refuse to Back downC104 SignatureC105 Very UnderstandingC106 The Entanglement Before TravelC107 Airport SerendipityC108 Weird Doctor YunC109 Enemy MeetC110 Fight in the StreetC111 Entering the Police StationC112 BailC113 ExplanationC114 To See Through or Not to TellC115 CookingC116 Crazy PsychologyC117 StrangeC118 MindC119 Buy Her Ice CreamC120 New Starting PointC121 DiscoveredC122 Liuyi PerformanceC123 To See a PerformanceC124 StartC125 ConversationC126 Family of ThreeC127 God-assisted AttackC128 WarmC129 LucidC130 Conversation with MotherC131 CryingC132 Farewell to the Central CommitteeC133 Playground StimulationC134 Education IssuesC135 Identity of a WomanC136 RestlessnessC137 Back to the HospitalC138 Get MessageC139 Mixed FeelingsC140 Not the SameC141 InsolvencyC142 There Is No Way outC143 HelpC144 Sudden Onset of VinegarC145 Selling HouseC146 Decide to Sell the HouseC147 Debt RepaymentC148 ResentmentC149 AccidentC150 Stay away from HerC151 He Was Unwilling to Accept This OutcomeC152 Finished MealC153 Dog FoodC154 First Meeting PlaceC155 Accidental Well FallC156 JokeC157 Emergency TreatmentC158 Her WorryC159 Trembling HeartC160 Her DaughterC161 Daughter Wakes upC162 Boundless HeartacheC163 Seemingly TranquilC164 Inwardly He Was OverjoyedC165 By AccidentC166 I Want Her to StayC167 SuspicionC168 Was Almost DiscoveredC169 Still Not Done yetC170 Fortuitous EncounterC171 DecidedC172 Hidden DangerC173 Transaction FailedC174 Protect ThemC175 Pain in the HeartC176 Transition PeriodC177 RegressionC178 Accidental InterruptionC179 Scalded HandC180 Bandage HandC181 To Learn That He Is in a ComaC182 Daughter's HeartacheC183 HelplessnessC184 Decide to Go BackC185 Encountered at the DoorC186 ImpingementC187 Explain to MotherC188 GrandmotherC189 ReluctanceC190 Mistaking SisterC191 RealityC192 Pick a GiftC193 Aren't You Going to See HimC194 Unexpected Phone CallC195 Failure to ProposeC196 To Visit HimC197 RegretC198 He will Wake upC199 FlusteredC200 Anger in the HeartC201 IntuitionC202 StrollingC203 DaddyC204 ConsolationC205 Find HerC206 Student ComfortC207 Take Someone else outC208 A Child's QuestionC209 Mourning RhapsodyC210 Lin Yi's VisitC211 Person in QuestionC212 Heartborn JealousyC213 Surprise and SurpriseC214 A Lonely NightC215 FacelessC216 Trying to Get Rid of HerC217 Unhappy BirthdayC218 Is It an IllusionC219 Night ReturnC220 Two People by the RoadsideC221 Someone HelpedC222 Danger IntuitionC223 Want to Go Back AloneC224 The Secret of the HeartC225 The 225th Meeting Was Always with HerC226 Two Hundred and Twenty-six Tantalizing FlavorsC227 Mother DischargeC228 The Warmth of ThreeC229 DecisionC230 Self and OthersC231 Old Friends of ParentsC232 AgreedC233 Her Little PartnerC234 Personal SadnessC235 Start WorkC236 MethodicalC237 A Tired DayC238 Self StrengtheningC239 Memories Are BitterC240 Mind-setC241 Busy EmployeeC242 No EvidenceC243 Wanted to Know What He ThoughtC244 Outside the HospitalC245 EmbarrassmentC246 FrontageC247 Cut off HairC248 Regarding LeaveC249 Near New Year's DayC250 Buy ClothesC251 Go to the Hospital for ExaminationC252 RestC253 Heart DiseaseC254 Take Good Care of HerC255 Make a PromiseC256 Her Parents Are HereC257 SurpriseC258 Seeing with One's EyesC259 Funeral DisturbanceC260 PastC261 Sober upC262 StartledC263 Time Is Not upC264 Marriage Proposal CeremonyC265 Unknown ResultC266 Full of ConcernC267 ExceptionC268 Memory ErrorC269 Bump into PersonC270 Don't Look for HerC271 Dreaming of FatherC272 Tasting FoodC273 RevisitC274 End of Tomorrow PeriodC275 ThoughtsC276 Old MemoriesC277 Refuse to AnswerC278 DisneyC279 He Then Found a ServantC280 Wind-wave UndercurrentC281 Encountered CheckC282 Kind DriverC283 He Had Finally AppearedC284 Meet a New MaidC285 How Things Are GoingC286 Fulfilling DesireC287 Others' DoubtsC288 MitchC289 Disney DayC290 Fireworks DisplayC291 SouvenirC292 InvitedC293 Surprised PersonC294 Have a Serious IllnessC295 Help PersuadeC296 Wake up EarlyC297 Propose to MeetC298 Perceived AbnormalityC299 Yani's Call TodayC300 Get to Know the Whole StoryC301 Care DogC302 RestlessC303 SleepingC304 Not ExposedC305 UpsetC306 Mother and Child MeetingC307 Unable to Let GoC308 ExhortationC309 Visit AloneC310 Abolition of Marriage ContractC311 Today's Annie's ParentsC312 Wake up from TeasingC313 It Was All overC314 Strong CollapseC315 A Long-awaited RelaxationC316 Fortuitous EncounterC317 Some ImpatienceC318 MisunderstandingC319 FarewellC320 ShieldC321 DeadC322 I Want to Go with YouC323 CremationC324 Investment FailedC325 Annual SessionC326 MissingC327 Shun Shun ChaoC328 LamentC329 SacrificeC330 NarrationC331 Very UnpleasantC332 BackC333 To Attend the WeddingC334 Smash ItC335 ReliefC336 Sneaking outC337 A Peculiar FeelingC338 Propose a CertificateC339 Become StrangeC340 It's Getting Weirder and WeirderC341 Mother's DiseaseC342 Hospital EventC343 Concussion of BrainC344 EntangledC345 Lingering GhostC346 Expression of GratitudeC347 New Year's EveC348 First Day of New YearC349 Love at First SightC350 Familiar VoicesC351 ReprimandC352 AngryC353 EnvyC354 Pour out WaterC355 Take a BreakC356 VomitingC357 DeclineC358 PregnancyC359 RoadC360 Together to Save LivesC361 SoothingC362 Item ErrorC363 Proactive HospitalityC364 AlcoholismC365 Leave in a HurryC366 PositionC367 Should NotC368 Flustered HeartC369 AdviceC370 Thank YouC371 Find outC372 ScarC373 Inwardly AngryC374 Acknowledge ErrorC375 Other ParentsC376 Parental SighsC377 She Took a Leave of AbsenceC378 Good BossC379 ArrivedC380 Pick up ChildC381 FallC382 FearC383 Wound DehiscenceC384 HomeC385 Dressing ChangeC386 DressingC387 NightmareC388 I Had a NightmareC389 StrollingC390 VideoC391 WeirdC392 RainstormC393 DayC394 Small MatterC395 Lack of SpiritC396 Elevator FailureC397 RescueC398 AngerC399 Secret LoveC400 RejectionC401 Good PersonC402 There Was a Flurry of DiscussionC403 Be YourselfC404 WhoC405 Quotient CountermeasureC406 Dismissed by UnpleasantnessC407 Fortuitous Meeting of FriendsC408 FriendsC409 Buy Ice CreamC410 Found Nail PolishC411 Bad WorryC412 Black CarC413 Look at YourselfC414 Unwillingness to PartC415 Injury of FootC416 Do Not Go to the CanteenC417 CakeC418 Passed TogetherC419 CardiopyrexiaC420 HitchhikingC421 Take the BusC422 No ChangeC423 Hurried pastC424 Accompanying MotherC425 Line Putting EventC426 Buy MedicineC427 There Are Hidden Meanings in WordsC428 PersonallyC429 EveryoneC430 Visiting Old FriendsC431 He's GoneC432 Sleep TogetherC433 Return to CompanyC434 He will Deal with ItC435 Receiving a CertificateC436 Buy DumplingsC437 Little BoyC438 Rescue CenterC439 Buy AgainC440 Several Days in HospitalC441 LawC442 ApronC443 Have a Good TimeC444 Vice PresidentC445 Replenishment WeddingC446 Good PersonC447 Luo MaiC448 Visit by Lin YushengC449 A ManC450 Look for a DogC451 Invite Her with YouC452 MatchmakerC453 TryC454 Hospital VisitC455 OvernightC456 ForgottenC457 Balcony WaterC458 Stepped onC459 Dirty ClothingC460 Unlucky ChildC461 No One AnsweredC462 StillbirthC463 Her CollapseC464 Notify SeniorsC465 Promised OperationC466 After RestC467 Invite to DinnerC468 First PrizeC469 PicnicC470 Sudden Stomach PainC471 StimulatedC472 EscapeC473 Hospital DressingC474 Si Luoyu's SuspicionC475 College StudentC476 StimulatedC477 Not Having Had a Good RestC478 Deliberately LeftC479 Just StartC480 I Intend to ResignC481 Examination of the BodyC482 Door EarringC483 Send EarringC484 Rain DayC485 Rest One DayC486 Meet Little Boy AgainC487 He Was Afraid That He Would Wake Him upC488 No More VegetablesC489 Shopping TogetherC490 Birthday InvitationC491 Get InvitationC492 Buy a Gift TogetherC493 Happy BirthdayC494 Entered byC495 ContradictoryC496 AudienceC497 Make Her ResignC498 TantrumC499 Slow Rain Going HomeC500 MassageC501 Game MachineC502 Submit Resignation LetterC503 ComatoseC504 A Certain Amount of BenefitC505 The Result Is outC506 A Little UneasyC507 Strange SmileC508 Smiley SourceC509 They Actually Won't Let MeC510 AnorexiaC511 Help SurveyC512 PlayC513 MissingC514 Let Him Send Her offC515 The Child Is MissingC516 Waiting for ArrangementC517 Pay Attention to the BodyC518 Kitchen FaintingC519 PartingC520 From ThinkingC521 Selling to TraffickersC522 Improved StateC523 Be CaughtC524 Who Made ItC525 Take a Bus and LeaveC526 I'm Your MommyC527 VisitsC528 Escape from HospitalC529 They Looked Very Much like Each OtherC530 WetC531 Removing ColdC532 Women's StoriesC533 Try to EscapeC534 Go out and PlayC535 Get Ready to RunC536 Failure to FleeC537 SilenceC538 ObstructC539 Independent Thinking AbilityC540 InvitationC541 Set off in SearchC542 BusyC543 Things Are Not to be Desired by ManC544 Sudden EventC545 Pack One's Own LuggageC546 Weird WomanC547 EscapeC548 PleaseC549 ChildC550 ReadingC551 Former Husband's VisitC552 Return to CompanyC553 He Was Almost StunnedC554 Enter ParentsC555 Keep on the RoadC556 Helped a LotC557 Delightful EyesC558 Tell MotherC559 ChatC560 Company OhC561 ErrorC562 DoneC563 SpaceC564 A Flash of LightC565 WorryC566 Wu MuC567 Sudden Stomach PainC568 Haggard WomanC569 The Same SituationC570 Child FoundC571 Half a Year Had PassedC572 FlooringC573 ColdC574 Lin Yi's CareC575 Hold in TimeC576 Be CarefulC577 Snatch BackC578 Lin Yi's ConsiderationC579 InjuryC580 Visiting the PatientC581 The Car be ScrapeC582 No More ElectricityC583 ColdC584 She Actually Had a ColdC585 Dusk in the SkyC586 Blackout WaveC587 IndeterminateC588 MoveC589 Bad PremonitionC590 Mommy's VoiceC591 A Firm Decision to MoveC592 TelephoneC593 Premature DeliveryC594 Mothers and Sons PeaceC595 Bearing PainC596 Anxious HimC597 For Her SakeC598 Buy BreakfastC599 Good ManC600 Visiting Your BabyC601 Don't Tell HerC602 Forget Where It IsC603 Her PromiseC604 Cerebral PyrexiaC605 CollapsedC606 See ChildC607 Proglacial AversionC608 StepfatherC609 Olden DaysC610 Mend ClothingC611 Su Qian's OccupationC612 HomesicknessC613 Yushi's CallC614 Visit to MothersC615 Luo Mai's EmaciationC616 She Knew All about ItC617 Family CareC618 Parental ExhortationC619 Passion Is Difficult to RealizeC620 ExhaustionC621 Phone from Wei Jin JinC622 Absent-mindednessC623 Feeling SeriousC624 PrescribeC625 SceneC626 Meet an Old FriendC627 627 FreedomC628 Modify FileC629 What Happened to Si LuoyuC630 Luo Ma Is IllC631 His GentlenessC632 Find AgainC633 Panic-jitteryC634 Hard-wonC635 Tell Your FamilyC636 I Haven't Had Breakfast in a Long TimeC637 Say Goodbye to Su QianC638 Warm HomeC639 Naughty ChildC640 Change Your MindC641 TrespassingC642 Into the HospitalC643 Visit the HospitalC644 Injury of ThumbC645 Propose to Take a LookC646 Visit FatherC647 Parental ConcernsC648 A Method of Coaxing a ChildC649 Live ChickenC650 FamilyC651 I like to See It HappenC652 Good YearsC653 ShampooC654 Hair Blow-outC655 Trouble at WorkC656 HelpC657 Three DaysC658 Birthday PresentC659 It's a GiftC660 DiarrheaC661 Went to SchoolC662 Unexpected MatterC663 DreamC664 Meet Master ZhouC665 CleaningC666 A Pile of Lost ThingsC667 Meeting Old FriendsC668 MousetrapC669 Mouse PlateC670 Pet CatC671 Feline FeedingC672 Dead Mouse Upper HookC673 Aunt Mei's VisitC674 Memory of the pastC675 Urgent MatterC676 TrowelC677 Company WorkC678 Bite by CatC679 VaccinationC680 Cat FreedomC681 BiscuitC682 Call from a StrangerC683 What to Do with MommyC684 One Cat Two MastersC685 CommitmentC686 Parental ActivityC687 How to Stay up LateC688 Then Everything will be FineC689 Second PlaceC690 Growing up with HerC691 Kids FightingC692 Request for LeaveC693 Job DifficultyC694 Learning Dregs Vs Learning BulliesC695 He Qingqing's DilemmaC696 Waiting for You to Get off WorkC697 OvertimeC698 Fall to the GroundC699 Without MoneyC700 Misspoken WordsC701 Stealing Spicy GlutenC702 What Can be EatenC703 Often Not Coming to WorkC704 Leave in a HurryC705 MailingC706 Tidy Quilt CoverC707 Love LetterC708 High Value ParentC709 It Was Not Easy to Get HereC710 FlangeC711 PropagandaC712 Cram ClassC713 Piano PieceC714 Very Stomach-openingC715 Dim SumC716 GiftC717 Lin Yousheng's HouseC718 UrgeC719 The Feeling in His HeartC720 Midterm ExaminationC721 Snow CharcoalC722 Want to Go to ClassC723 Buy BooksC724 Start LearningC725 Piano LessonsC726 TeachingC727 Buy a PianoC728 Piano SoundC729 Go There AgainC730 Long AbsenceC731 The Two Children Who Were Practicing the ZitherC732 Mutual PraiseC733 The ChildC734 Waiting forC735 Error of NoteC736 DeliveryC737 PeekC738 He RefusedC739 CrabC740 Send to Exercise BookC741 Cycling AccidentC742 Patient RequirementC743 He Grew upC744 Don't Know What's Going onC745 Your Phone Is BrokenC746 Should NotC747 Pk TimeC748 The Two of Them ChattedC749 Piano NotesC750 Find Some Time to Take a LookC751 Unable to Leave the HospitalC752 To Lin Yi's HouseC753 Gathering MealC754 Roll Call CriticismC755 BlushC756 Believe in HerC757 Clear MoodC758 HappyC759 High SchoolC760 Changed into Military UniformC761 Back HomeC762 Daily Military TrainingC763 Dismissed Class MonitorC764 Day One of SchoolC765 Go Home and EatC766 Opening PartyC767 Decision to EnrollC768 Fellow Students' JokesC769 InformC770 New TeacherC771 UnexpectedC772 He's Playing BasketballC773 Maiden's MindC774 BabysittingC775 Late to SchoolC776 Junior Year ContentC777 Discovered Love LetterC778 Singing at the Same TableC779 Work WaveC780 A Girl Who Likes to Take PicturesC781 A Boy on the PhoneC782 Go Practice TogetherC783 A Warm HomeC784 Luo Ma Was InvitedC785 Want to Take a Picture of Your FamilyC786 Beautiful PhotosC787 It Turned out to be a Brother by BloodC788 Ginger SeaC789 Setting up the Examination RoomC790 Unexpected Examination ResultC791 Malicious CommentsC792 Reward ChildrenC793 Abdominal DiscomfortC794 Hands upC795 ReturnC796 Showy LoveC797 DebutC798 Sword-drawn AnxietyC799 CelebrateC800 Don't You MindC801 Prepare Your Own ClothingC802 UnitingC803 Egg TartC804 Buy WaterC805 Friends ReunionC806 Add a FriendC807 Language Class