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C1 Reborn Red Cloud

In the Fire Cloud Palace, Red Robed Daoist was sitting in a palace with his legs crossed. He suddenly raised his head, and two bright beams shot out from his eyes, then slowly dissipated.

The Daoist raised his head and looked around. A puzzled look appeared in his eyes, and he looked around curiously.

The sky was filled with red light, and rare beasts were everywhere. There was also a waterfall falling down from the sky, and the Red Lotus Golden Carp. This was... the Fire Cloud Palace.

The Fire Cloud Palace in the Primitive World with red clouds.

He was now red clouds.

The red cloud was originally the first red cloud in the world to attain the Dao. Due to the Two Western Saints that was given to him in the Zixiao Palace, it was tainted by karma. It was killed by the demon master Kun Peng, and the Nine-Nine Soul Scattering Gourd was robbed by Old Ancestor Minghee.

But who would have thought that a young man of the New Era would actually pass through the Primal Chaos and become Old Ancestor Hongyun?

However, the red cloud was merely Taiyi Golden Immortal's cultivation base. In this world where there were as many Primordial Immortals as dogs, the Great Luo was simply not enough.

Sometimes, others could even kill him with a flick of their fingers.

Not to mention the Zixiao Palace's Dao lecture in the future. If everything was repeated according to his memory, he would still not be able to escape the fate of death and reincarnation.

Hong Yun bared his teeth and thought to himself, It's not good to become someone else, I have to become a red cloud.

Right at this moment, an unfamiliar electronic voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

"Ding! Congratulations on activating Chaotic Divine System..."

When Hongyun heard this familiar electronic voice, she became excited. After all, the system was a standard for transmigrators, and it was a system that sounded very cool just by hearing its name.

Before he could ask anything, the System's voice rang out once again.

"Newbie Gift Bag..."

Hongyun's eyes narrowed as she started to look forward to it.

However, before she could finish her sentence, she was stuck halfway through.

"Unknown... Energy interference, system collapsing..."

Intermittent words were heard.

Hongyun's expression changed slightly. She had a feeling that something was not right.

What the hell was with the system collapsing?

Could it be that the system was giving it away!?

"The system has collapsed..."

The clean and tidy words instantly shattered the last bit of hope that Hongyun had.

Seemingly on the brink of death, the System took advantage of the moment when Hongyun was in despair to suddenly say something.

"Remaining... 100 trillion merit points..."

Red Cloud's originally indifferent eyes suddenly lit up.

In the depths of his spiritual altar, a black and yellow torrent swirled about. There were no impurities, and it was purer and flawless than any immortal or buddha power in the world.

"One million... one hundred trillion merit points!"

Hongyun was slightly stunned. She suddenly felt that the Sunset version of the system was quite good. It actually left him with a hundred trillion merit points.

How much was a hundred trillion merit points!?

It was said that Nuwa created humans. After Houtu transformed into a reincarnation, the merit points from the heavens descended to become saints. However, those merit points were merely ten billion merit points.

And he had a hundred trillion merit points!

In other words, the merit he possessed now was 10,000 times greater than the two of them. If the time was right, these merit points would be able to create 10,000 virtuous saints.

Hongyun took a deep breath and tried to persuade herself not to be arrogant.

Currently, he was merely Taiyi Golden Immortal's cultivation base. It was simply not enough to deal with him in this desolate era. However, all of these problems had to be solved. He wanted to refine the merit and advance his cultivation base.

After making up his mind, Hongyun raised her hand and set up a sealing formation above Fire Cloud Palace to ensure his safety.

Then, with a thought, a ball of Power of Merits and Virtues floated in front of him. Then, she condensed her own magic power and started refining the virtue in front of her.

Along with the continuous refinement of the merit, both Hongyun's cultivation base and the Primordial Spirit were improving rapidly.

If his previous cultivation speed was equivalent to a hawk soaring into the sky, then he was equivalent to a Golden-Winged Peng spreading its wings to the nine heavens now.

One hundred thousand Merit Points.

Three hundred thousand merit points.

Eight hundred thousand merit points.

1,000,000 merit points.


As the Merit Points continued to be refined, the cultivation base of the red cloud started to rise, and its aura started to rise.

He easily broke through to the intermediate stage of Taiyi Golden Immortal's cultivation base.

But now, only a few decades had passed in the Primitive Continent.

Although the Primitive Continent was filled with Immortal Spiritual Qi and the cultivation speed was fast, from the early Taiyi Golden Immortal to the intermediate Taiyi Golden Immortal would take at least a thousand years.

However, Hongyun only used a dozen years to complete a thousand years of cultivation for others.

With a thought, Hongyun's magic power surged out once again. It wrapped around a Power of Merits and Virtues and began to refine it.

Two million merit points.

Three million merit points.



After absorbing another three million merit points, Hongyun successfully broke through to the Late Period of Taiyi Golden Immortal.

Now, a hundred years had passed...

Compared to an ordinary immortal who had gone into secluded cultivation for more than a thousand years, he could only say that he had taken a nap.

Five million merit points.

Eight million merit points.

The red cloud continued to absorb the Power of Merits and Virtues, increasing his cultivation base. After absorbing another eight million merit points, he naturally reached the Daluo Golden Immortal.

The three flowers above his head swayed, as if they were bubbles in water that could be destroyed at any time.

Red Cloud's heart skipped a beat. This was the top three flowers that would bloom once he reached the Daluo Golden Immortal. Now, his three flowers had only appeared, and they had just reached the first grade. They were at the bottom of the Golden Immortal realm.

"I can't accept such a Daluo Golden Immortal."

Red Cloud made up her mind. Now that she had a hundred trillion merit points, how could she be willing to become the lowest level Daluo Golden Immortal?

With another thought, balls of Power of Merits and Virtues separated from the long river of virtue on his Divine Altar and landed in front of him. They were wrapped in magic power and were close to the three flowers on top of him.

The Power of Merits and Virtues was vast and magnificent, and its energy was incomparably pure.

After it got close to the three flowers on top of the red cloud, it turned into waves of energy that nourished the three flowers. It was like the floating water in a lotus pond, providing nutrients for the illusory shadow.

One million merit points.

The three flowers' image became slightly more solid.

Two million merit points.

Three million merit points.

The shadow gradually became corporeal, becoming lifelike.

The red cloud gritted its teeth.

4 million merit points.

5 million merit points.

A strange energy spread out from the Three Flowers, as if it was a physical entity.

Ten million merit points.

The vast river of virtue spiraled like a flood dragon and poured into the three flowers on top of the red cloud's head.

The red cloud only felt a roaring sound in its mind before it became clearer and clearer. The lines of the Great Path were faintly visible within.

When it raised its head, the three flowers had already fully bloomed, emitting a strange fragrance.

"Great Dao manifests, flowers blossom into nine grades!"

Hong Yun's eyes revealed an excited expression, even his soul trembling.

After spending ten million merit points, he directly broke through from the lowest first-grade directly into the ninth-grade. There were even Great Dao striations manifesting within it, and when the flower bloomed, the fragrance drifted for ten thousand kilometers.

One should know that in the entire Primitive Continent, there was only one person who broke through to the Daluo Golden Immortal before his red cloud, and that person was able to break through to the Ninth Grade.

That person was the future Old Ancestor Hongjun who would fit the Heavenly Dao.

* Hong Long...... *

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