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C10 Hong Jun Preached

The rest of the people on the hassock looked at Quasi Bodhi and the guide with mocking eyes.

Fuxi stood behind Nuwa as if he didn't hear what was happening outside the window.

Receiving Guide had a bitter expression on his face as he wanted to ask Quasi Bodhi what was going to happen next.

Quasi Bodhi stretched out his hand and gestured for the guide to take the last seat.

He stood behind the guide, and no one knew what he was thinking.

When Zhen Yuanzi saw that there were no more seats left in the palace, he stood behind the praying mat and waited quietly.

In a short period of time.

Almighty flew out from the chaos and landed in Zixiao Palace one after another, then stood behind everyone.

When they raised their heads and looked over, they saw that there were a total of three thousand Daluo Golden Immortal Level warriors. All of them had rushed over after hearing Hong Jun's words.

Within Zixiao Palace, Hong Jun who was in the main hall looked at the three thousand Daluo Golden Immortal warriors in front of him silently.

At this moment, when someone saw the boy and girl beside Hong Jun, they were all surprised and said, "Daluo Golden Immortal."

The two little boys beside this man were also Daluo Golden Immortal warriors, they were just like them.

Hongyun narrowed her eyes and looked over. The two little boys beside Hong Jun were none other than the Clear Sky Jade Lake, and they had already reached the Daluo Golden Immortal.

One should know that the three thousand Almighties that they had heard about in Zixiao Palace was also at the Daluo Golden Immortal.

Hong Jun only had two little kids by his side, and yet, he had such a high cultivation base.

"As expected of a disciple of a saint!" Someone sighed.

The group of Almighties below looked at Hong Jun with burning eyes.

Hong Jun opened his mouth slightly and spoke with the voice of the Great Dao.

"The Dao can be Dao, it's very Dao. It was very famous. The Unnamed Beginning of Heaven and Earth, the Mother of All Things.

People often wanted to see it. The two of them came from the same name, and they were both called 'Xuan'. It's a profound mystery, the Door of Profundity."

" The heavens and the earth will last for a long time. The reason why heaven and earth can last for so long is because it doesn't give birth to itself, thus allowing it to live forever.

It is because in the future, one can become the first, exist outside the body. It wasn't that they were selfless and evil! You will be able to take care of your own personal interests."

"To the extreme, to the extreme, to keep it clean. When all things are done together, I will see them again. When a man and woman recover their roots, they return to their roots, and when they return to their roots, they return to their peaceful days. This is called relaying orders. Repeating days are long, knowing the name.

Not knowing what was normal, recklessly acting fierce. He knew his face, and he was proud of it. A man of honor, a man of honor, a man of heaven. The Heavens are the Dao, and the Dao is the Dao for a long time. There is no body that can withstand it."


The Saint began to preach. For a time, strange phenomena descended from the heavens. Flowers fell from the sky, and golden lotuses appeared on the ground. Clouds were born on their own, and holy light illuminated the world.

Everyone had different expressions on their faces. Sometimes, they would clap their hands and laugh, as if they had gained something. Sometimes, they would beat their chests and stamp their feet, as if they were regretting what they had cultivated in the past.

Those with low aptitudes could only rely on their own hard memories to slowly comprehend in the future.

Seeing that everyone had gained something, Red Cloud sat on a hassock and listened to the Saint preaching. However, in the end, she was unable to pay attention to the profoundness within.

Hence, she gritted her teeth and secretly mobilized a million merit points to increase her comprehension ability and comprehend the Saint preaching.

The Power of Merits and Virtues entered his mind and Red Cloud only felt that his mind was clear and clear. The Great Dao that the Saint preached clearly appeared in his mind.

Day after day passed.

The Zixiao Palace was filled with golden lotuses. Three thousand Almighty sat on the hassock in the palace, or stood behind the hassock, listening to the Great Dao as if they were drunk.

The Power of Merits and Virtues had been used up.

The red cloud once again fell into confusion. The Great Dao was as cryptic and difficult to understand as the Heavenly Book.

He could only mobilize another million merit points to comprehend the Great Dao.

Without realizing it, ten years had passed. The magical energy in the red cloud's body suddenly shook, and its mind became clear. The aura on its body rose steadily, and it reached the Middle Period of Daluo Golden Immortal.

Now, his cultivation base, as well as his talent of the ninth grade of Flower Blossoming, had increased.

Combined with the many treasures in his body, he wouldn't be any weaker than a perfect Daluo Golden Immortal warrior.

On the stage, Hong Jun's eyes revealed a surprised expression.

Even the Dao lecture paused for a moment, but before the Almighty could wake up, he continued the Dao lecture.

He knew about the Three Clarities. If the three of them could break through, it would be within his expectations. However, he did not expect Hongyun to be the first to break through.

Hong Jun nodded his head to himself. He looked at Hongyun with a satisfied look in his eyes.

Laozi could feel the change in the Qi in front of him. He raised his head and saw that Hongyun had broken through. He couldn't help but feel shocked in his heart.

As a manifestation of the Pangu Primordial Spirit, his talent could be said to be at the top of the ancient era. Therefore, he could digest the Great Dao that Hong Jun was talking about. But, what was the basis of Hongyun?

Laozi's eyes were dark and filled with dissatisfaction. He closed his eyes and continued to comprehend the Great Dao.

At the same time, he raised his head and looked at his elder brother's eyes. He naturally knew what his elder brother was thinking, and following that, he felt a little uncomfortable.

The three of them had cultivated for countless Yuanhui, and only then did they have a chance to break through to the Middle Period of Daluo Golden Immortal under the guidance of the Saint. However, what was the meaning of this red cloud? Why was it able to advance so quickly?

Both of them had some grudges in their hearts, and they unwillingly closed their eyes once again to comprehend the Great Dao.

On the contrary, they were naturally very happy. They praised in their hearts, "I never thought that Hongyun's comprehension ability would be so excellent. I can discuss the Great Dao with her in the future."

Although Hongyun's feet were good, they could not be considered to be the best among the six people on the praying mat.

Even Nuwa, who was at the back, was slightly better than him in terms of both her legs. However, Hongyun was the first one to break through in cultivation at this moment. This couldn't help but be shocking.

Dijun and Taiyi looked at Red Cloud, who had broken through to the Middle Period of Daluo Golden Immortal. Their eyes revealed an inexplicable expression.

Now that the war between the liches had started, the bodies of the Witch Clansman were extremely strong and strange. The demons had suffered many setbacks in this aspect.

Furthermore, every additional combat strength above the Daluo Golden Immortal had increased their chances of winning.

Thinking of this, Dijun and Taiyi couldn't help but look at each other, then nodded their heads. Both of them had known each other for a long time, and now they understood each other's thoughts.

After the Saint gave his lecture, both of them had to try to win him over.

Even if Hongyun didn't accept it immediately, it was always right to express goodwill in advance. At least, when the other party wanted to participate in the Witchcraft Great War, they would more or less think of the demon race first.

It wasn't just the two of them who had such thoughts. Even Nuwa, who was on the futon, had the same thoughts. After the lecture, they chatted for a while.

On the other hand, the Kun Peng on the sixth hassock was still at the Early Daluo Golden Immortal. When it saw Hongyun breaking through, its face darkened.

Even though its aptitude wasn't as good as the Three Pure Ones, it wasn't something that could be easily beaten up by anyone. Now that it had been broken through by someone before it, it couldn't help but feel frustrated.

Perhaps it was because of the competition in the Three Pure Ones' hearts, but the three of them had broken through in the Zixiao Palace one after another.

His father's Qi suddenly shook, and he broke through to the Middle Period of Daluo Golden Immortal first.

After that, a few years passed.

Primordial and Tongtian also broke through to the Middle Period of Daluo Golden Immortal one after another.

On the stage, Hong Jun seemed to have noticed something. He nodded slightly, then continued his lecture.

After all, with the Red Cloud Pearl Jade in front of him, even if the Three Clarities had a higher base than the Red Cloud, it would still be difficult to attract Hong Jun's attention.

* Hong Long...... *

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