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C13 Cultivating in Seclusion

After the red cloud entered the primeval era, Kong Xuan and Ao Xue were found. They were still sitting cross-legged in the formation with their eyes closed, cultivating.

With the protection of the Grand Unity Arcane Grand Formation, the cultivators below the red cloud could not disturb the two of them who were cultivating in the formation.

Seeing this, the red cloud nodded in satisfaction. Kong Xuan and ___ could be considered to have made some progress. They knew that they were cultivating diligently while listening to the teachings of the saints.

After lowering the cloud's head, Red Cloud raised her hand and beckoned. Then, she put away the Grand Unity Arcane Grand Formation.

Without waiting for the two men to bow, Hongyun rolled up her sleeves again and brought the two of them to Fire Cloud Palace. After listening to the Saint's lecture this time.

In addition, he had discussed the Dao with Zhen Yuanzi for a hundred years.

The combination of the two had allowed Hongyun to gain a lot in terms of the Laws.

Especially the Five Elements Law. Now that he had gradually come into contact with the profound mysteries of the Laws, he was only a step away from mastering the profundities of the five elements.

Therefore, he couldn't wait for Kong Xuan to transform into his true form. He brought the two of them and rushed towards Fire Cloud Palace.

He wanted to continue comprehending the Five Elemental Great Dao in the Fire Cloud Palace. This was a significant improvement to his own combat strength.

After returning to the Fire Cloud Palace.

Hongyun waved her hand, and the defensive formation outside the palace was instantly activated. Jin'er, Yin'er, thought that an enemy had come to break the formation, so he hurriedly rushed out with his flying sword.

When the two of them saw that the one who opened the formation was their master, Hongyun, they immediately bowed their heads and said:

"Jin'er welcomes Master to return home!"

"Yin'er welcomes Master to return home!"

After glancing at the two children, Hongyun nodded with a smile on her face. When he first entered the ancient era, the two children had already reached the Golden Immortal Cultivation Level.

Now, nearly two thousand years had passed, and these two children had also reached the Late Period of Golden Immortal. They were only a step away from Taiyi Golden Immortal.

Although their legs weren't very good, they had been enlightened by his virtue. Both their talent and comprehension had improved a lot. It was already considered pretty good for them to advance from the Golden Immortal realm to the Late Period of Golden Immortal realm after two thousand years.

"These two kids aren't slacking off." Hongyun thought to herself.

Hongyun smiled and took out two baby-like fruits with a flip of her hand. It was the Ginseng Fruit that Zhen Yuanzi had given him.

"This is the Ginseng Fruit that I requested from Daoist Brother Zhen Yuanzi. Consume it and refine it, then you can use it to break through to Taiyi Golden Immortal's cultivation base."

As she spoke, she raised her hand and divided the two Ginseng Fruits into the silver and silver children.

The two children revealed joyful expressions on their faces. They turned their heads and bowed.

"Jin'er thanks the old master!"

"Yin'er, thank you, Master!"

After that, the two of them stood up and swallowed the Ginseng Fruit.

The Ginseng Fruit turned into a clear stream and circulated within the bodies of the two children.

The auras of the two children rose steadily.

The magic power within their bodies was surging. Their divine souls were constantly solidifying and strengthening.

Before long, they had broken through from the Late Period of Golden Immortal to Taiyi Golden Immortal.

This scene made Kong Xuan and Ao Xue, who were behind Hongyun, extremely envious.

Both of them had heard of this Ginseng Fruit, so they naturally knew that it was one of the ten great innate spiritual roots. It was so rare that even they had never eaten it before.

But now, these two rare Ginseng Fruits were casually tossed to the two children by Hongyun.

It was truly enviable!

Ao Xue licked her lips, curious about the taste of the Ginseng Fruit. As Dragon King of the Eastern Sea's daughter, this was the first time she had seen such a treasure.

Not to mention eating it, didn't she see that Kong Xuan was so envious that he almost drooled?

After the two of them broke through to Taiyi Golden Immortal, they once again knelt down and said:

"Thank you, master, for fulfilling my wish!"

"Thank you, Master, for fulfilling my wish!"

Hongyun smiled and said, "That's right. Both of your talents are decent. Remember to cultivate well in the future."

"Yes, Master!"

"[Yes, master!]"

After that, Hongyun brought Kong Xuan and the other two out of the main hall. Seemingly noticing the thoughts of the two behind them, she smiled and said, "Are the two of you envious of them?"

Kong Xuan smiled and nodded his head. He was indeed envious of the two children.

Even he had never eaten Ginseng Fruit before, but he was snatched away by the two little fellows who had not even transformed for three thousand years.

Ao Xue, on the other hand, looked at Hongyun with an undisguised pitiful gaze.

Hongyun smiled and shook her head. She turned her hand and took out the remaining four fruits and gave them to the two of them. One of them took out two Ginseng Fruit, causing the two of them to stare blankly.

"I will need to go into seclusion for some time to comprehend the Great Dao passed down by Daozu. The two of you should not slack off during this period of time. Remember to cultivate well."

Kong Xuan's eyes lit up as he nodded his head repeatedly.

He did not expect that he would actually be able to obtain this Ginseng Fruit. Furthermore, there were two of them.

Ao Xue's eyes sparkled as she nodded her head.

The two of them immediately ate the Ginseng Fruit in their hands and then sat in the main hall and began to cultivate.

Hongyun smiled as she turned around and returned to the palace to cultivate.

This time, the Great Dao that the Saint talked about was similar to the Tao technique that he and Zhen Yuanzi had verified together.

Especially when it came to the Five Elements Law, it allowed him to have a clearer understanding of it than before.

In addition to his comprehension of the other Laws, he had gained a lot.

However, when he was preaching in Zixiao Palace, he could only focus on comprehending the Dao, but not focusing on his cultivation. After all, after Daozu finished preaching, everyone had to leave Zixiao Palace.

Sitting cross-legged on the hassock, Hongyun closed her eyes and began to comprehend the Great Dao.

When the Saint preached the Great Dao, the Great Dao of the five elements was the most vague, and it was difficult for him to comprehend it now.

In the room, the Five Elements Tao Principles appeared and disappeared from time to time, and a sea of fire was birthed and extinguished.

There were even grass and trees that formed a shade, stormy seas, landslide, and landslide. Sounds of metal clashing could be heard from time to time, turning into Tao Principle that circled around the red cloud.

There was no time in the mountains, and the world lasted for a thousand years...

Unknowingly, the red cloud had already spent nearly a hundred years comprehending the Dao.

However, during these hundred years, he was still unable to sense the Five Elements Law clearly.

Even though he knew that the Five Elements Law was right in front of him, there was still a transparent membrane between them, preventing him from getting close to the Tao Principle.

Hongyun's heart was stirred. The long period of comprehension had made his mind a little unstable.

He gritted his teeth and transferred a million merit points from the long river of virtue, increasing his comprehension ability and deepening his comprehension of the Five Elements Law.

The barrier between him and the Laws instantly disappeared.

He could clearly feel the Five Elements Law surrounding him, swimming around in the Laws like a fish in water, making his comprehension of the Five Elements Law even deeper.

Apart from the Five Elemental Great Dao, Redcloud had also comprehended another Tao Principle in the next hundred years.

Whether it was good at defense or offense...

All sorts of Law of Great Dao appeared in the room, circling around Hongyun.

After two hundred years, the red cloud felt that its understanding of Dao had deepened.

Several long virtuous dragons had been drawn out by him, and used to increase his comprehension ability. He had completely sunk into his understanding of the Dao.

A mysterious and mysterious aura started to appear on Redcloud's body, and it became incomparably mystical.


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