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I Have Infinite Merits & Virtues/C20 A Visit from the Dragon Palace
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C20 A Visit from the Dragon Palace

Ao Jin couldn't wait to finish his cup of tea.

A mysterious aura was born within his body, continuously increasing his magic power and consolidating his Primordial Spirit, allowing him to break through to the peak of the intermediate Taiyi Golden Immortal realm.

Dragon King of the Eastern Sea looked at his useless son, and was stunned for a moment.

After a long time.

The auras of the three of them had slightly increased. Even Dragon King of the Eastern Sea's realm, which had remained unchanged for tens of millions of years, had begun to show signs of loosening.

He held the teacup and clicked his tongue in admiration. "This tea is comparable to a Xiantian spiritual object!"

After that, he looked at Ao Xue and said, "Where is Old Ancestor Hongyun's training hall located? When we are free, Royal Father will accompany you to pay a visit."

Ao Xue tilted her little head and thought for a while. She said, "Oh right, I remember Master said that he wanted to move the training hall to the Penglai Fairy Island above the East Sea. I don't know if he has moved it here yet."

It had been more than three days since she left the Penglai Fairy Island, and Hongyun had already set up the training hall.

Dragon King of the Eastern Sea was delighted when he heard this, and said, "Old Ancestor Hongyun moved the training hall into the Eastern Sea Domain? Wouldn't that make us neighbors? We should pay him a visit."

He pulled Ao Xue and said, "We will go now."

After that, Dragon King of the Eastern Sea's magical energy swept over Ao Xue and Ao Jin, turning into a golden rainbow light that broke through the sea.

As Dragon King of the Eastern Sea, the master of the Eastern Sea.

His understanding of the Eastern Sea far exceeded that of others, but he had never heard of the Penglai Fairy Island above the Eastern Sea.

However, these words came from his daughter's mouth. It must be true. He had no doubt that Old Ancestor Hongyun wanted to move into the Penglai Fairy Island.

He even had some faint anticipation in his heart. If he could establish a relationship with Old Ancestor Hongyun on this trip, he would rely on the relationship between Ao Xue and Old Ancestor Hongyun.

At least in the future, he, Dragon King of the Eastern Sea, would have a great help. It was worth it.

Very quickly.

Dragon King of the Eastern Sea followed Ao Xue's lead and arrived at the sea area where Penglai Fairy Island was located.

Before he could explore this place, a ripple appeared in the void in front of him, and an island shrouded in fog appeared in front of him.

A Daoist wearing a five-colored Daoist robe walked over. He looked at Dragon King of the Eastern Sea who was floating in the air and said, "Master said that a guest has come to visit. He ordered Kong Xuan to come here to welcome the guest."

Kong Xuan bowed his head, then stood up and stretched out his hand to lead the way.

The dense fog of Penglai Fairy Island behind him slowly dissipated, and a path for people to walk appeared.

Dragon King of the Eastern Sea was startled. How did this Old Ancestor Hongyun know that he was here? Could it be that this man's divination of the Divination Art had reached such a stage?

Kong Xuan walked in front of him and said, "Dragon King, please follow me. Don't barge into this place. This grand formation can even trap and kill Daluo Golden Immortal warriors."

"If the Dragon King accidentally intrudes into the grand formation and gets injured, my Penglai Fairy Island won't be able to handle it well."

Dragon King of the Eastern Sea followed closely behind Ao Xue and Ao Xue, exclaiming in his heart.

He knew that there was a grand formation here. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to be hidden in the East Sea for so long. Even he did not manage to find the exact location.

At first, he thought that this grand formation was only used to conceal the secrets of heaven, but he didn't expect it to be able to trap and kill Daluo Golden Immortal warriors.

Ao Xue followed behind Dragon King of the Eastern Sea, muttering something under her breath.

Originally, she could have brought the two of them into Penglai Fairy Island, but in the end, it was against the rules, and she could only follow Kong Xuan inside.

She saw that Kong Xuan had already consolidated his cultivation base to the Great Circle of Taiyi Golden Immortal. He was only a step away from condensing three flowers and reaching the Daluo Golden Immortal.

Ao Xue muttered even more softly.

The three of them followed Kong Xuan into the Penglai Fairy Island. They looked at the beautiful scenery around them, especially those rare and unusual beasts. Each and every one of them was filled with spiritual energy.

There were many innate spiritual objects that were rarely seen in the prehistorical era that could be seen anywhere.

Dragon King of the Eastern Sea was even more amazed.

What kind of Almighty was needed to possess such a precious land?

Ao Jin was even salivating because of his lack of prospects.

He was thinking that if he could follow Old Ancestor Hongyun, he would be able to share some of these with him in the future.

At that time, his cultivation would advance at lightning speed, and he would be able to reach the Great Luo Realm.

That's right.

He had only thought of reaching the Daluo Golden Immortal, so he didn't think about going any higher.

After all, the current Dragon King of the Eastern Sea was holding a treasure left behind by his ancestors, and his combat strength was only comparable to a Middle Period of Daluo Golden Immortal.

If he, Ao Jin, could reach the Daluo Golden Immortal, it would be considered pretty good.

Very quickly, the three of them followed behind Kong Xuan and arrived at the Fire Cloud Palace.

In the center of the Penglai Fairy Island, a river bypassed the Tri-light Magic Water Pond and split the island in half. The Fire Cloud Palace was floating in the middle of the river.

The huge fiery red palace was filled with immortal Qi and precious Qi. It was an amazing sight.

Kong Xuan stood in front of the palace and said in a clear voice, "Master, Dragon King of the Eastern Sea is here to pay a visit."

A soft 'Yi' sound was heard from inside the palace.

After that, the door of the palace opened, and Hongyun's voice was heard from inside.

"A guest has come to pay a visit. Forgive me for my rudeness."

Hongyun walked out of the hall with a smile on her face, and welcomed Dragon King of the Eastern Sea and the other two in.

When Dragon King of the Eastern Sea saw Hongyun walk out personally, he felt flattered in his heart. As he walked, even his body bent a lot.

After entering the Fire Cloud Palace.

Ao Xue started to make tea for Hongyun as usual. She used the tea leaves from Teaism Man's original body.

Dragon King of the Eastern Sea sat down and Ao Jin stood behind him.

The two of them looked at Hongyun, who was sitting on the top seat, cautiously. For a moment, they did not know what to say.

After that, Dragon King of the Eastern Sea struggled to take out a huge and beautiful coral and floated it on his palm. He said, "I heard that the old ancestor moved to my Eastern Sea. Little Long has come to congratulate you on your accommodations."

As he spoke, he placed the coral that was comparable to a Xiantian spiritual object in the hall.

Originally, the gift he prepared was merely a heavenly treasure. But even so, it was still considered a high-level gift to the East Sea Dragon Palace.

However, after he entered the Penglai Fairy Island and saw the large number of innate spiritual objects on the island, he was somewhat unable to take them out.

After struggling in his heart for a long time, he still took out the coral that was comparable to an innate spiritual object.

Ao Jin's eyes twitched as he watched Dragon King of the Eastern Sea from behind.

Hongyun smiled and said, "I have let the Dragon King spend some money. This poor Taoist also has a treasure that is not up to standard. I might as well give it to the Dragon Son to play with."

Dragon King of the Eastern Sea said, "Old Ancestor is too polite."

After that, he saw a rod shaped mid-grade spirit treasure appear in Red Cloud's hand. She raised her hand and sent it over to Ao Jin.

Ao Jin looked at the mid-grade spiritual treasure in front of him and was stunned for a moment.

The long spear in his hand was a low-grade spiritual treasure that Dragon King of the Eastern Sea took out when he broke through to the early stage of Taiyi Golden Immortal's cultivation. Even so, it was still a rare treasure.

But now, this Old Ancestor Hongyun had given him a mid-grade Numinous Treasure as a token of appreciation.

This had really shocked him.

Ao Xue looked at her younger brother's good-for-nothing look. She snorted twice.

Both she and Kong Xuan used high-grade Numinous Treasures.

As for her master, all of them were Innate Spiritual Treasure or Innate Treasure.

There was no way he would take a fancy to such a small object.

Dragon King of the Eastern Sea looked at the middle-grade Numinous Treasure given by Hongyun. The corners of his eyes twitched. When he saw Ao Jin standing there in a daze, he could not help but say:

"Long'er, thank the Old Ancestor!"

Thank you, Old Ancestor!

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