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C3 Conquer Kong Xuan

After putting Kong Xuan into the gourd, Hongyun nodded her head in satisfaction.

In the future, she would run amok in the wilderness, so how could she not have a mount?

After that, he looked at the Little White Dragon on the ground. Hongyun frowned slightly.

"A junior of the Dragon Clan..."

He shook his head. In the end, he still used his strength to support his opponent into the Fire Cloud Palace.

During the Dragon Phoenix First Calamity, the three races fought for supremacy. Among them, the Dragon Clan, the Phoenix Clan, and the Qilin Race were the strongest.

Although the Dragon Clan was no longer in power and had retreated to the four seas, its power was still not to be underestimated.

After entering the palace, Hongyun casually inserted a stream of magic power into the Little White Dragon's body, and then went into seclusion once again.

Initially, he wanted to continue his breakthrough and use the virtue to increase his cultivation level to the next level. He also wanted to break through to the fifth Qi Chao Yuan and become invincible under the Quasi Sage.

However, after just a hundred years of seclusion, the exhaustion that came from his mind caused him to stop his cultivation.

Even though he had already broken through to the Daluo Golden Immortal, his Primordial Spirit still had a limit.

For someone like him who relied on the limit of merit to cultivate, the Primordial Spirit would not be able to withstand it, and he would need to rest for a period of time.

Furthermore, he had already cultivated for thousands of years, and the pressure within had already reached its limit.

Hongyun walked out of her seclusion grounds and entered the hall. When she saw the white figure within the hall, she could not help but be stunned.

"Who are you? Why are you here in Fire Cloud Palace?"

When the white-clothed woman heard Hongyun's voice, she turned around in surprise.

"Ao Xue greets benefactor."

Ao Xue walked briskly to the front of Hongyun and knelt down.

"Ao Xue?"

Hongyun frowned and suddenly remembered the Little White Dragon that she saved before she went into seclusion. After a hundred years, her injuries should have completely recovered.

"You are the Four Seas Dragon Clan?"

Ao Xue raised her head and said, "Little Demon is from the Donghai Dragon Nationality. Thank you for saving my life earlier."

Hongyun waved her hand to signal Ao Xue to stand up.

Back then, he only placed this little fellow in the Fire Cloud Palace to treat his injuries because he felt pity for him. He did not expect that after he came out of secluded cultivation, the other party still did not leave.

Furthermore, although the Little White Dragon in front of him was far from being as good as Kong Xuan's, it had already reached the Golden Immortal Cultivation Level. He was afraid that this Little White Dragon was also a direct descendant of the Dragon Clan.

However, he didn't want to have any dealings with the Dragon Clan. After all, the demon race usually regarded the Human Clan as two-legged sheep, and they kept it as their food.

Even though he had become a red cloud in this world, the ill feelings in his heart couldn't be eliminated.

"Since your injuries have healed, you should return to the Eastern Sea."

After Ao Xue heard the Red Cloud's question, she was stunned for a moment and a blank look flashed across her eyes.

Hongyun had saved her. She originally planned to stay in the Fire Cloud Palace to repay her for saving her life, but at this moment, Hongyun wanted her to return to the Eastern Sea.

It made her doubt whether she had done something wrong and made her benefactor unhappy, so she wanted to chase her back.

Ao Xue said with some grievance, "Ao Xue wants to stay behind to repay the debt of gratitude..."

Hongyun frowned, "You are not willing to leave?"

Ao Xue nodded her head repeatedly and her sparkling eyes sparkled.

"Ao Xue wants to stay behind to repay the debt of gratitude."

Hongyun pondered for a moment before waving her hand and said, "Since that is the case, then you will be this old ancestor's servant and serve her."

Ao Xue was pleasantly surprised and bowed again, "Thank you benefactor for fulfilling my wish. Ao Xue greets Master."

Hongyun nodded. When he regained his senses, he remembered Kong Xuan, who he had taken in an Infinite Gourd of Heaven and Earth a hundred years ago.

Now that a hundred years had passed, he did not know what the other party was thinking about.

If he hadn't thought about it, he would let him continue to think about it for another hundred years.

One day, he would figure it out.


In Fire Cloud Palace.

Hongyun took out the Infinite Gourd of Heaven and Earth with a backhand gesture. Magical energy was floating in her palm. A golden light flashed, and Kong Xuan's body, which was covered in messy feathers, appeared in the Fire Cloud Palace.

Looking at the sorry state Kong Xuan was in, Hongyun subconsciously touched the tip of her nose.

During these hundred years of seclusion, he had no idea what had happened in the Infinite Gourd of Heaven and Earth. Now, it seemed like something bad was about to happen!

Although the Yin Poison attribute of the Infinite Gourd of Heaven and Earth had been converted with the help of the Power of Merits and Virtues, the Immortal Soul Qi within it had completely disappeared.

Not to mention that Kong Xuan was crazily using the Five-colored Light inside, attempting to break through the Infinite Gourd of Heaven and Earth, causing his magic power to only be unable to enter.

The current Kong Xuan no longer had the luxurious appearance he had in the past.

He didn't even have the magic power to transform into a human.

That miserable appearance was truly pitiful!

Hongyun chuckled, "Little Peacock, have you thought about it properly? How about becoming this old ancestor's mount?"

A trace of anger flashed across Kong Xuan's eyes. However, his body, which was almost at the end of its life, made him unable to put up any resistance.

Hongyun continued, "Of course. If you are willing to be my mount, I will promise you that I will help you slay the three corpses and become a saint in the future."

He struck the stick and gave a sweet date.

Furthermore, Hongyun believed that no one in Primitive Continent would be willing to reject the sweet date he gave her.

Anyone below the Saint realm would be considered an ant!

With the chance to become a Saint in front of them, who could resist such temptation? And the price they had to pay was just to become a mount.

He believed that Kong Xuan would agree to who was more important and who was lighter.

Kong Xuan said sarcastically, "Do you think that a saint is an ant like a Golden Immortal? There are ants everywhere. Even Great God wouldn't dare to make such a promise."

His eyes were full of ridicule as he looked at Hongyun. The position of a saint was extremely rare. Who would dare to make such a promise so easily?

When Hongyun saw Kong Xuan's reaction, she couldn't help but laugh in her heart. If it was before, she wouldn't have dared to say such a thing. In fact, it would be difficult for her to become a Saint.

However, it was different now. He had a hundred trillion merit points in his hand, so what if he made a promise to a saint?

Since the other party didn't believe him, he would give him a reason to believe him.

With a raise of his hand, a hundred thousand merit points were drawn out from the red cloud. Under Kong Xuan's dumbfounded gaze, it entered the other party's body and helped him refine it.

The injuries on Kong Xuan's body were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even Taiyi Golden Immortal's cultivation base was improving by leaps and bounds.

"Merit! How can you have so much Merits!?"

Kong Xuan muttered.

Merit was rare in Primitive Continent. Moreover, Kong Xuan had been Taiyi Golden Immortal's disciple for thousands of years, and he had never seen such a thing before.

However, this man was able to obtain so much karma with just a wave of his hand. Who exactly was this Daoist?

Hongyun smiled and said, "How is it?"

Kong Xuan raised his head and said, "Are you sure you can help me kill three corpses in the future and become a Saint?"

If this man had boundless merit, then what he said was true. He promised to kill the three corpses and become a Saint.

Hongyun nodded and said with a smile, "Of course!"

Kong Xuan turned into his human form, knelt down on one knee and said, "Kong Xuan greets Master. From today onwards, Kong Xuan is willing to be Master's servant and never betray him."

After Kong Xuan finished his oath, a strange force of the Heavenly Dao descended from the sky.

The oath had been completed.

From today onwards, Daoist Kong Xuan, who could shake the heavens and earth in Primitive Continent, would be the mount of Hongyun.

If he betrayed them in the future, Hongyun wouldn't need to do anything, and the Heavenly Dao wouldn't spare Kong Xuan.

* Hong Long...... *

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