A lot of people advised Song Youran, forget it.

The longer you stay with someone who doesn't love you, the more painful it will be.

She hadn't believed it before.

For that man called Xie Jingchuan, she had gone mad with bigotry.

Lawyer Jiang did not say anything else, and left a message, "If there's anything else, contact me again." He left.

Song Youran sat on the sofa and flipped through the pages. She had read every line of the agreement very carefully, but her vision was still blurry.

When she married Xie Jingchuan, she wanted to spend her entire life making a vow that would never leave him.

Being deep in love wasn't that impossible to bear with the passing of time.

I'm afraid it's not accepted, and it's building up to resentment.

She signed her name on the last page, in triplicate.

When she finished, she felt her hand tremble.

Song Youran laughed at himself.

"Mrs. Xie."

The man from the moving company came over and reminded her, "Everything you said has been moved. Is there anything else?"

She stood up and looked around. The house seemed empty.

"I see that you still have some things in your bedroom. If you want to move out, don't you want to bring them with you?"

The people from the moving company thought that she had moved her family, so they casually asked about it.

Song Youran walked to his bedroom and saw that her and Xie Jingchuan's wedding photo was still hung on the wall.

Five years ago, her smile was bright and beautiful. At the corners of her eyes, she was full of longing for life.

When taking the photo, Xie Jingchuan did as the photographer asked and his eyes were filled with indifference.

It was as if he was only there to accompany her on a mission.

When she was picking out the pictures, she found one. The corner of her mouth slightly lifted in surprise. She was so happy that she had washed it and hung it in her bedroom, treating it as a good start.

"Take that too."

she said hoarsely.


They went into the bedroom and took the framed photographs off the walls.

When Xie Jingchuan returned, he saw that the house had become empty. He went up to the second floor and walked a few steps inside.

Song Youran saw that the moving company was taking down the wedding photo from the wall. She stood at the side with her eyes glistening.

"What do you want this time?"

Xie Jingchuan's voice carried a bit of ridicule.

Song Youran turned around and saw him standing at the entrance dressed in a suit and leather shoes. This was the first time she didn't greet him with a smile.

She quietly stood there, with a pair of lonely eyes, which made Xie Jingchuan feel somewhat unfamiliar with her.

"You can just finish moving this."

Song Youran said to the rest, "Could I trouble you to send the things to the address that I mentioned earlier, I will come over shortly."

Even the people from the moving company felt that the atmosphere between the two wasn't right. They carried the items out in a few steps.

Her expression was very sad.

Before long, only the two of them remained.

"I didn't touch any of your things, but I don't think you'll stay here in the future either."

Song Youran walked outside and went downstairs. When she passed by him, she did not even glance at him.

"Come down. I will leave after saying a few words."

Xie Jingchuan walked behind her.

Only today did he realize that she was truly very thin.

Her face was drained of color and looked even worse than when she was in the hospital in a car accident three months ago.

"This house, the assets under my name, and 50% of the shares of Xie Song Group will all be given to you as compensation for the five years that I have delayed you."

Song Youran paused for a moment, then said: "Oh, Western Suburb's villa was my parents' favorite place when they were alive, you didn't like it in the past, so I'll keep it myself.

She bent down and picked up the folder on the tea table, then handed it to him with both hands. "This is the divorce agreement. Take a look. Sign it as soon as possible."

It was the best thing she could think of for him.

Xie Jingchuan looked at her with sinister eyes, as if he was a person that just came out from a glacier.

If it was before, Song Youran would definitely not say a word, and would not even have the temper of a young miss, and would only think about how to make him happy.

But now.

She was calmer than anyone.

Back then, when Song Youran married him, she was very passionate, but now she was very resolute.

"Unfortunately, you won't be able to sign it in time for today's procedures. Wait one more night. Even after five years, I won't have much time left. The child in my stomach will never have anything to do with you. If you marry again, I will not disturb you in the slightest. "

Xie Jingchuan did not accept it, his expression gloomy to the point of being terrifying.

He didn't like Song Youran, he had always disliked her, and hated her greatly.

But he had never thought that one day, she would resolutely say that she would leave.

For a child?

He didn't believe it.

It was just that she wanted to achieve her goal.

"Didn't you always want to get rid of me?"

Song Youran laughed gloomily, "Now, your wish has come true. "I hope you like that person more than I do. You two should live a good life with each other, forever."

Xie Jingchuan looked into her eyes. In the past, he had never been willing to look into her eyes.

It was as though even looking at her would dirty his eyes.

In fact, at least half of the rumors regarding the young miss of the Song Family regarding Yun City were true.

She had once been as bright as the morning sun, the dream lover of so many young and rich young masters.

And now, when she said she would separate, the seriousness in her eyes was hard to ignore.

"Do you think I would be soft-hearted just because of this?"

Xie Jingchuan's voice was cold, and it did not allow him to lose control of his emotions in the slightest, "Song Youran, are you very pleased with yourself for wanting to capture and try repeatedly in front of another man? You're not changing your moves with me? "

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