Song Youran looked at him. He did not seem to be humiliated on the surface, nor did he argue.

In the past, when she looked at him, her eyes would always shine brightly. It was unknown when but they had become so dim.

She placed the divorce agreement on the table, turned around and left without looking back. "I'll see you at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow at three o'clock."

The sky was overcast, and the shadow of her back was so dark.

Song Youran reached out to close the door and completely disappeared from his sight.

Xie Jingchuan did not stop her and didn't say a single word.

Until the footsteps faded away.

He flipped through the divorce papers on the table. The terms were exactly as she had said.

In addition, the big real estate and the shares that he had invested in all were stated in the agreement that other than Western Suburb's villa, she had given all of them to him.

So generous that it gave people the feeling that... Fake.

Xie Jingchuan sneered and casually threw the divorce agreement away.

At the end of the day.

He didn't believe that Song Youran really wanted to leave, and he just wanted to play some tricks to make him keep the child.


Even if Song Youran were to die, she wouldn't divorce him.

Xie Jingchuan drove away from Shang Cheng Residence.

He hated Song Youran's clumsy methods, and he hated himself, who was affected by such a clumsy method, even more.

Since Song Youran wasn't here, there was naturally no need for him to stay either.

Zhao Yang and the others agreed and said that they would gather together at night.

However, he heard from Liang Yi that Song Youran had been discharged and directly returned here after the meeting.

It seemed like a fight was about to begin.

In the end, he said nothing.

And Song Youran left.

With the flow of cars, Xie Jingchuan was in a daze as he drove the carriage.

When he arrived at the "Dazzling Night" and was illuminated by the colorful lights, he felt as if he had come back to his senses.

"Young Master Xie, come over here."

Zhao Yang, who was waiting patiently at the door, put her hand on his shoulder, "This man, just can't get married. When he's under the control of a woman, even a few friends have to make an appointment in advance to drink together."

Inside the box, someone tried to coax them: "How could Mrs. Xie care about him? He's busy, and doesn't want to waste time with you silkpants."

Zhao Yang tsk-tsked as he laughed, "It sounds like you pay a lot of attention to our Young Master Xie!"

Everyone roared with laughter, allowing Xie Jingchuan, who came late, to drink.

One by one, they hugged each other while Li Zhengyang patted the young girl beside him. "Jiao Jiao, go sit next to Young Master Xie."

Xie Jingchuan frowned slightly.

"Hey, what happened to you?"

Zhao Yang smiled and hugged her to his chest, "Our Young Master Xie doesn't like this, it's not like you don't know about it. Come, I'll take it for him."

"I want to change his taste."

Li Zhengyang's good intentions were rejected, and he could not help but say, "I do not like smart women like Song Youran, isn't this perfect for her?"

Xie Jingchuan lifted his hand and drank the entire cup of wine.

Zhao Yang patted his shoulder, "Why do you keep mentioning Song Youran?"

Xie Jingchuan's eyes were a little gloomy, but his face did not reveal anything.

He then downed another cup of wine.

A few of his friends around him immediately applauded as they filled their glasses with wine and drunk a few rounds.

Occasionally, he would say a few words about the company's affairs.

The smell of the wine was filled with all kinds of perfume, causing Xie Jingchuan to become slightly agitated.

For some reason, Song Youran's lifeless eyes always appeared in his mind.

That kind of gaze made him feel very unfamiliar, and his heart was a little flustered.

There was no way to vent his emotions.

But the wine went down one cup after another.

Everyone was talking about the changes that had occurred in the past few years, and they were even chatting with their female companions, making the women laugh again and again.

Xie Jingchuan stood up, "My company still has matters to attend to, let's go."

"No way, you."

Someone sat up drunkenly. "What time is it now?"

Xie Jingchuan did not speak further and left alone.

Zhao Yang shouted from behind him: "Get someone to drive you. Drink, don't drive by yourself!"

In the past few years.

Xie Jingchuan's temper was getting weirder and weirder.

It was likely that the higher one stood, the more likely such a change would occur.

There were also people who said that Song Youran was used to it.

No matter how you treated her, there would never be a person who would be angry and throw his face away. It would be weird if his temper didn't change.

Xie Jingchuan slept at the company.

Actually, he couldn't sleep at all. The entire mansion became extremely quiet under the night sky.

In the middle of the night, lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and a torrential downpour suddenly descended.

The entire city was so quiet that only the sound of the wind and rain could be heard.

Around 8 PM on the second day.

When Liang Yi came to the company and discovered that Xie Jingchuan was already there, his face was filled with dark clouds and he was obviously not in a good mood.

"Call out the people in charge of these projects."

Xie Jingchuan took out a stack of documents.

"Yes, CEO."

Liang Yi informed the people in charge.

For the rest of the day, the CEO's office was enveloped in a cold atmosphere.

There was thunder and lightning outside the window and a heavy rainstorm engulfed the entire city. There was also not a single person with a cold aura.

The person in charge did not even dare to breathe. All of them were drenched in cold sweat.

Even Liang Yi, who had been by Xie Jingchuan's side for a few years, could not figure out who had angered this person.

It couldn't be Song Youran?

Everyone in the room looked over for help.

Liang Yi was under a lot of pressure, he knocked the door and reminded them, "CEO, it's 3: 20, you have a meeting in 10 minutes."

"3: 20?"

The crowd only heard the man gently "Ha!" His tone seemed to return to his usual calm demeanor. "Let's get out of here."

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