No matter how exquisite the gift was, no matter how deep her heart was, it was as profound as the sea.

In Xie Jingchuan's eyes, she was nothing more than trash.

Song Youran laughed in despair, staring unwaveringly at the man who had placed so much pain on her.

The man's mouth curved in a mocking smile. "Comfortable? It's still too early for you to regret getting what you want by hook or by crook! "

Her white and tender skin couldn't withstand the ravages of the man, and the azure and violet scars on her body were enough to shock anyone.

But men only used her as a tool for debauchery.

There was no trace of pity.

Song Youran endured it so that she wouldn't look so weak.

"Xie Jingchuan, no one will ever love you as I do."

"Xie Jingchuan, you will regret this!"

"Xie Jingchuan..."

Song Youran shouted his name one after another.

The sound was fragmented, the nails digging into the man's back.

"What qualifications does someone like you have to say 'love'?"

After being husband and wife for five years, it was the first time Xie Jingchuan saw her cry.



How could Xie Jingchuan love Song Youran?

The trick, huh.

Xie Jingchuan said in a cold voice, "Song Youran, when you chased Weiwei away and forced me to marry you, you should have known that what awaited you was only pain that was a hundred times worse than mine!"

"It's not me …" She left by herself … "It's not …"

Song Youran desperately tried to explain.

Five years ago, in order to help the Xie Clan overcome their financial crisis, Song Youran bet five billion on the entire Song Group.

At any cost.

Xie Jingchuan's girlfriend, Shi Wei, left the country without a word.

Song Youran thought that there was no one in this world who loved Xie Jingchuan more than her.

She used all of her family's wealth that her parents had left her in exchange for her becoming a Mrs. Xie.

But what came right after, was also Xie Jingchuan's hatred and torture that lasted five years.

"When you cry, it's really unbearable."

The man put his hand over her mouth, leaving only a low whimper.

Such an arrogant Song Youran.

She became a little slave that could only cry sorrowfully beneath him.

He tossed and turned until the next morning.

Song Youran was like a broken child, abandoned on the messy sofa.

The man changed his clothes and walked out of the house in a suit and leather shoes.

He didn't even look at the lifeless woman.

He opened the door.

The warm and gentle Shi Wei stood outside the door, "Jing Chuan."

Xie Jingchuan unnoticeably frowned, "Why are you here?"

"I... I miss you. "

Shi Wei said softly, feeling wronged, "I came to find You Ran and begged her not to chase me away. I won't threaten her identity as the Mrs. Xie."

Xie Jingchuan asked impatiently, "What do you have to say to her?"

It turned out that Shi Wei had returned.

Song Youran suddenly understood the abnormal anger he felt yesterday.

However, a hole seemed to have suddenly opened up in her heart.

Fresh blood continued to gush out.

She wanted to cover the wound with all her might, hoping that it would heal by itself.

However, she realized that not only was she unable to stop the bleeding, she was also about to lose her life.

Song Youran opened her mouth and laughed at herself.

She took the pajamas and put it on. The bruise on her arm and neck couldn't hide, so she lifted her long hair to try to cover it.

She walked to the door.

A trace of jealousy flashed in Shi Wei's eyes as she saw the trace of love in her body.

However, it quickly turned into a frightened look, and reached out to grab Xie Jingchuan's arm, "You Ran, don't look at me like that … I really never thought of fighting you for the position of Mrs. Xie. I just love Jing Chuan too much, and want to stay by his side … "

Song Youran made a cold smile, "So, this is the reason why you're the mistress?"

"Song Youran, I truly love Jingchuan."

Shi Xiuxiu looked at her pitifully. Her watery eyes started to tear up. "If you hadn't …" I'll always be with him. I tried to leave him, but I couldn't do it... I really can't do it, so don't force me anymore, okay? "

"I forced you?"

Song Youran sneered.

Her ability to twist black and white slightly was even more proficient than five years ago.

"If she likes to waste energy, then so be it."

Xie Jingchuan interrupted them and stepped out of the door.

He didn't even want to talk to her.

Much less, Song Youran's way of speaking was not bad at all.

That was the person at the apex of his heart.

As for her, she was just forcefully keeping him by her side, a despicable and shameless person by the side of his bed.

They couldn't be compared from the very beginning.

"Xie Jingchuan."

Song Youran stood up somewhat stiffly.

She could no longer speak other than to call out his name.

The man turned his head, his voice ice cold, "Song Youran, let me warn you, even if there is a slight loss of hair, I will take it back from you thousands of times."

What need was there for a warning?

Hadn't he been doing this for the past five years?

Song Youran had a lot of things she wanted to say to him, but at this moment, she suddenly couldn't say a single word.

Leaning against the man's chest, Shi Xiangran turned her head around without a trace as the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

Song Youran, what right do you have to compete with me?

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