"Just now."

Song Youran tried her best to make her expression look a little natural, and teased, "Isn't it going to start soon? Am I not qualified to be your interpreter? "

Everyone knew that the relationship between the two of them was real.

He then looked at Shi Xiuxiang, who was standing at the side. He felt embarrassed and speechless.

The people involved remained silent, making it hard for people to tell what they were thinking.

Xie Jingchuan looked at her, "Give her the information."

On stage, the host had already finished setting the atmosphere.

Xie Jingchuan went up on stage and stood beside her.

Except for their last wedding.

This was Song Youran, a rare opportunity to stand beside him in broad daylight.

Even if it was just a free translation.

On the question of the collaborators, English and French were intermixed with a few confusing words of grammar.

Basically, Xie Jingchuan could answer everything smoothly and needed a lot of introductions.

Song Youran immediately took off his script to do a product explanation, her voice was clear and beautiful, slow and unhurried, making people fall for it.

The two of them had never been to such an occasion together, but somehow, they had a tacit understanding that no one else had.

The combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman would always attract countless gazes.

When it was over, the crowd burst into applause.

Someone asked, "Who is this? "How come I've never seen such a beauty in Xie Song Corporation?"

"Later, when she gets off the stage, I'll go ask her myself."

"Tsk tsk, just this temperament …"

The man lowered his voice. "Sleeping must be a lot better than those vases."

A few chuckles were suppressed by the toasts.

Song Youran did not reject anyone. After drinking a few cups, the corners of his eyes turned slightly red, and compared to the serious look on the stage, she looked even more bewitching.

"Long time no see."

Su Mufeng smiled lightly as he stood in front of her and toasted her with a cup, "I have never forgotten Director Song's elegant and suppressive demeanor back then. I never thought that you would actually come up the stage with Mr. Xie today."

Song Youran smiled, "Director Su, you flatter me."

Someone beside him joined in: "CEO Su, why don't you introduce her to us?"

Su Mufeng laughed: You guys actually do not know this person? "This is …"

"This is my wife."

Xie Jingchuan gently wrapped his arms around Song Youran's slender waist, "Song Youran."

The man's tone was very light.

A warm palm pressed against the skin on her waist, causing her body to tremble slightly.

Did he recognize her?

Song Youran's heart was beating a little faster.

Her gaze landed on Xie Jingchuan's face.

There was no expression on his face. It was hard to tell whether he was happy or angry. There were only a few traces of anger in his eyes.

Song Youran didn't know why he was angry.

He couldn't help but purse his lips.

"So it's Mrs. Xie …"

"Mr. Xie is so lucky!"

The few men who had lustfully looked at Song Youran earlier immediately became a little weak.

The entire Yun City said that Xie Jingchuan and Mrs. Xie did not have a good relationship and would never appear on the same occasion.

Didn't they say that even Xie Jingchuan didn't want Song Youran to touch him?

Those who did not know this would think that Mrs. Xie was so ugly without any salt, and would feel nauseous just by looking at her.

What was that just now?

Beautiful ladies were as numerous as the clouds during the party, and all their elegance was completely gone from the pressure.

Compared to her, even the one that Xie Jingchuan had brought with him earlier was not much more than ordinary.

And they, Shaw thought of his wife, were captured...

Su Mufeng said: "You actually don't know about Mrs. Xie? You don't need me to say it. "

A few of them were drinking wine and trying their best to smooth things over.

Song Youran lowered her head to taste the wine.

It had been too long since she had alcohol. Her alcohol capacity really wasn't as good as it was before.

Just as she was about to speak up with Xie Jingchuan, her wrist hurt, and she was forcefully dragged to the side of the resting room.

Xie Jingchuan locked the door.

The drunken kiss fell like mad.

Song Youran was caught off guard and pressed against the wall. The man's tall body pressed down, forcing her to hold back her red face, water in her eyes.

On the contrary, it was as if he was trying to seduce someone.

"Xie Jingchuan!"

Song Youran pushed him away with all her might, "What are you crazy about?"

"Isn't that what you want from me?"

The man sneered and moved closer to her once more, "Waiting for pleasure every day is no longer enough to satisfy you, right? "Are you trying to seduce men by dressing up like this?

Song Youran raised her hand and slapped him heavily across the face.

'Bang! 'a loud sound echoed in the lounge.

She said, "Xie Jingchuan, I love you."

All Song Youran who was invulnerable to weapons and blades would be in uncontrollable pain because of just a single word from him.

But why?

And he had to hurt her like this?

The man's expression became gloomy. He directly pressed her hand against the wall, as though he wanted to crush her wrist, "Song Youran, I truly wish I could kill you."

"But you won't kill me."

Song Youran's eyes glimmered slightly, "So, you can only love me."

"I will never love you, I will never love you. Song Youran, don't be delusional!"

Xie Jingchuan's voice was so deep that there was practically only hatred left in it.

He reached out his hand to tear her skirt apart, and the torn black veil fell to the ground.

With her skin suddenly exposed to the air, Song Youran panicked a little, "Xie Jingchuan! There were a lot of people outside! "Don't be like that …"

The man ignored her resistance and increased his actions. His eyes were filled with a red color of resentment. "When did you have the final say between us?"

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