Footsteps outside the door came and went, and from time to time there were whispers.

Song Youran bit her lips tightly, not daring to make the slightest sound.

Xie Jingchuan wanted her dead so badly that his eyes turned grim and dark, "Hey? Didn't you like how I treated you? "What are you pretending for at a time like this?"

She looked at him, her eyes watering with tears.

Xie Jingchuan's heart suddenly clenched in pain.

He suppressed that strange feeling and continued to ask her, causing Song Youran's tears to almost fall.

A moan came out from her red lips, slowly tearing at her dignity.

"Xie Jingchuan..."

Amidst his unhappiness, she desperately called out his name.

Even if she gave up all her dignity in order to love him, it did not mean that she could accept such humiliation.

There were no lights in the lounge. There was a bit of light coming from behind the door, so it was possible to see each other's faces.


Liang Yi lightly knocked on the door, "Director Su is looking for you."

"Got it."

Xie Jingchuan time was still a little quiet. He reached out his hand and pushed her away, as if he was throwing away some trash.

He straightened his clothes and, without looking at her, opened the door and went out.

Liang Yi stood outside the door and inadvertently saw the beautiful scene in the resting room, he unnaturally turned to look in another direction and said something in a low voice.

The light outside was instantly released, and Song Youran extended her hand out to block it.

The door was quickly closed by the man.

The world seemed to be cut off at both ends by that door.

Song Youran was in a mess in the darkness, she was so embarrassed that she did not dare make a sound.

As for him, he was still dressed neatly and was chatting happily with the crowd.

Actually, they had always been like this.

It was just that tonight, even the calmness on the surface had been torn apart.

After an unknown period of time.

The door was pushed open again.

The man's footsteps were slow, and he took off his suit jacket and covered her with it as he walked through the darkness.

"Song Youran."

Su Mufeng stood in front of her, looking down at her from above, "You don't seem to be as good as you say you are."

The long black skirt was torn apart, and her fair legs had nothing to hide.

She curled up into a ball and remained silent. Her stomach was hurting and it felt like it was splitting apart.

Every time she was with Xie Jingchuan, she would feel this way.

The door had always been closed, and the smell of having sex had been too thick. Moreover, she was still in her current state, so it was impossible to conceal it.

Su Mufeng crouched down and looked her in the eye, "Do you remember how you swore that you would marry Xie Jingchuan five years ago?"

He did not treat her well, it was known to the entire Yun City.

Despite her reputation as Mrs. Xie, she had not even entered the Xie Clan's gate twice.

Song Youran closed her eyes, her face devoid of any color.

"Give up."

Su Mufeng said: "If a man likes you, he definitely wouldn't treat you like this."

The former Song Youran had supported the Song Family with her light aura alone, making many of the young talents in Yun City feel inferior.

In the end, she married someone who disliked her the most.

Song Youran took a deep breath, strove hard to return to her normal state, and said, "If I were you, I would definitely leave as if I didn't see anything, and close the door."

"If you were so unyielding in front of Xie Jingchuan, you would definitely not be like this."

Su Mufeng stood up and walked out the door.

Song Youran looked at his back and suddenly felt as if she had lost all of her strength.

She always made herself look so miserable.

But if someone saw it, why was it even harder to endure than the pain of a single person?

As Su Mufeng held onto the doorknob, he glanced at her with an obscure gaze.

Song Youran held onto her abdomen, which was hurting more and more, and felt that the pain was unbearable.

She called him, so softly that she could barely hear him.

The man quickly turned around and asked, "What's going on?"

The door was ajar, and light filtered in, illuminating her pale little face.

Song Youran slowly raised her hand that was covering her abdomen, her palm was actually covered in blood.

Her eyes were somewhat empty.

As though she didn't know why, her vision blurred.

"Song Youran!"

Su Mufeng practically gritted his teeth as he carried her, and quickly walked out of the resting room, "You want to make him degrade you like that!"

Song Youran wanted to open her mouth to explain something, but her head rested heavily on Yun Che's shoulder and she slowly lost consciousness.

Everyone at the banquet saw Su Mufeng carrying Song Youran whose clothes were all messed up, and all of a sudden, they looked at Xie Jingchuan with different expressions.

Mrs. Xie, who had disappeared for almost an hour, looked like she had been brutally oppressed.

was carried out by Su Mufeng.

"Director Su, this is …"

"Why did Mrs. Xie faint?"

Su Mufeng did not bother about anyone else and quickly walked through the crowd of people.

Someone exclaimed, "Why is there so much blood?"

"The blood... It seems to be flowing down from Mrs. Xie's body! "

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