The blood on Song Youran's body stopped, but she was still unconscious.

The doctor frowned as he looked at Su Mufeng, who had just sent her over as if he was looking at an animal. After he finished talking about the patient's condition, he left without saying a word.

Su Mufeng sat by the sickbed.

Waiting for Song Youran to slowly wake up.

"You're pregnant."

Su Mufeng said.

Song Youran suddenly opened her eyes wide, her lips which did not have the slightest hint of blood trembling.

Song Youran had always wanted a child.

It was her and Xie Jingchuan's child.

But in these five years, even though Xie Jingchuan had touched her quite a few times, there were no signs of her getting pregnant.

She gently placed her hand on her abdomen. She had just lost a lot of blood. She could feel it flowing out of her body.

Song Youran asked him: "Can the child still be saved?"


Su Mufeng only replied with one word.

Song Youran said with a pale face, "Thank you."

The man looked at her with a dark expression.

She wasn't like that before.

The young miss of the Song Family had extraordinary skills in the shopping mall. Her personality was flamboyant and bright. A proud smile always hung on her face, attracting others uncontrollably.

She was completely different from the person before him who didn't care about anything and only knew how to endure.

"Song Youran!"

Su Mufeng said: "What I regret the most in my life is believing that you will be happy if you marry Xie Jingchuan!"

Song Youran lowered her head. The light of the hospital room was so bright that it blinded her eyes, causing her profile to be even more pale.

This was the first time she didn't defend Xie Jingchuan.

Even she was beginning to wonder if her initial insistence was a mistake.

She did not speak.

The ward fell into silence.

The door was pushed open by someone, and Xie Jingchuan walked towards her with a gloomy face.

Su Mufeng went up to meet him, blocked him, and laughed without any warmth. "Director Xie, you're in high spirits."

"Get out!"

Xie Jingchuan's voice was cold as if his entire body was covered with cold air.

Su Mufeng stood there without moving, and coldly stared at him, "Did you not enjoy yourself just now? You still want to chase me out of the hospital and do it again? Is that little lover of yours going to look just like a vase? "

The two men had been laughing at the banquet.

However, they were currently in a tense situation and could attack each other at any time.

"Su Mufeng."

Song Youran interrupted him with an embarrassed look, "This is a matter between us, you can leave first."

Xie Jingchuan sneered.

The ones who were favored had always been so fearless.

"Good, very good."

Su Mufeng glanced at the two of them, then slammed the door and walked out.

Just as he took two steps, he saw Shi Wei, who was dressed neatly.

Su Mufeng looked at her, "Isn't it very lively?"

Just now, he had left in a hurry, causing the banquet to be filled with discussions.

When he was abroad, he had often heard his collaborators joke about the wife of the Xie family.

But in reality, the misery and coldness that those people had described were far from what she had truly suffered.

Shi Wei looked at him and said meaningfully, "Director Su really came back at the right time."

Su Mufeng laughed sarcastically, "In terms of taking advantage of the situation, I am still inferior to Miss Shi."

The slightly polite Shi Wei immediately changed her expression.

Su Mufeng said: "Director Xie seems to have a lot of beauties by his side, is Miss Shi afraid that if she wasn't able to take a look for a few minutes, she would lose her seat?"

This was a mockery to her, just like those gold girls who were accompanying men as they climbed up the stairs!

Even to the hospital, she had to come.

"Director Su is so busy and still has time to care about me? I'm flattered. "

Shi Wei angrily laughed, "I remember that Director Su loved Song Youran a lot back then. We all thought that she would become Mrs. Su. Why did you... Pretending not to know her? "

He clearly knew that Song Youran was a married woman, but she had no idea what he was planning.

But just as she was putting on an act in the first half, seeing that something happened to Song Youran, he immediately revealed his thoughts.

Su Mufeng looked at her coldly, "Shi Wei, you have to slowly disrupt them. If you do that, I will definitely give you a huge gift."

After saying this, the man walked away, brushing shoulders with her.

"You're welcome."

Shi Wei walked over and pushed the door open. After thinking for a while, she retracted her hand and walked to the other side.

In the ward.

Xie Jingchuan's entire body was enveloped in cold air, as he coldly looked at her, "Song Youran, you better explain it to me clearly."

"I'm pregnant. I almost miscarried."

Song Youran raised her head, her indifferent gaze seemed a little lifeless under the light. "Director Su just happened to pass by."

She spoke very calmly.

She reminded herself again and again not to look into his eyes.

She was afraid that she would be utterly defeated in the next second.

"Are you blaming me?"

Xie Jingchuan seemed to have confirmed something.

Song Youran did not speak.

He said, "I don't want this child."

Song Youran suddenly raised her head and looked into those eyes that were devoid of any temperature.

She clearly heard his words, "Song Youran, are you thinking that it's not enough to disgust me with yourself? You're going to make a smaller one for us, right? "

Her heart seemed to turn cold all of a sudden.

Song Youran's tears gushed out without any warning, "This is your child, it's fine if you hate me, but why don't you like your child?"

Xie Jingchuan was slightly stunned, as he looked at her clear words, "I will never like anything related to you, Song Youran."

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