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His strength was too great, and he immediately knocked me down. The cap naturally fell off. This crown made of pure gold was beautiful, but it was too heavy. I took it with me. Anyways, no one else would come in.

"Qianyu ?"

When Jin Shaoning saw that it was me, he was surprised and excited. Caught off guard, he hugged me and asked, "Qianyu, you scared me to death. I thought you left."

The young master Jin whom I knew would never be like this, or perhaps he found out that I had left and felt that he had lost me. At this time, it was a little abnormal to recover what he had lost.

Just for a second, he pushed me away and asked, "What's going on?"

I looked at him and whispered, "Shaoning, can you marry me? I don't want you to marry another woman. "

He asked again impatiently, "I'm asking you what's going on."

Before I could reply, the mournful cry of a woman came from downstairs, "Big brother, come quickly. "He took Lin Jia Qi away with him ?"

Hearing this, the people downstairs almost exploded. "Then who is the bride upstairs?"

Wise and wise as Jin Shaoning, he didn't even need to think about it. He looked at me with a fiery gaze, as if wanting to devour me.

I explained, "Shaoning, Mister Yan and Eldest Miss Lin have a relationship ?"

Before I could even finish the word "love", a slap landed on my face.

Jin Shaoning was burning with anger, and the veins on his forehead were popping out. Amidst the ringing in his ears, I heard him shout at me, "Yao Qianyu, you've ruined my big plan."

He slammed the door, and immediately after, the room was filled with people shouting and talking at the top of their lungs. My head felt like it was filled with paste, and I fainted on the spot.

In a daze, I could smell the hospital disinfectant.

"I heard that the Young Master has a lover outside. Is that her?"

"Mm, she does look good, but compared to young miss Lin, her temperament is far inferior."

"Be quiet, it's said that Young Master doted on her very much, and it's not because of her, but because of the wedding?"

"Hmph, isn't the reason right now to find young miss Lin? I don't care about her at all."

I opened my eyes and saw that two of the Jin servants were talking, and they were startled to see me awake.

How do you feel about one coming over and asking me? One of them left to inform his wife.

After a while, Jin Shaoning's mother came in. Although he had never mentioned his family in front of me, but as a famous family, it was easy for me to recognize them at a glance.

Although Jin Shaoning's mother was in her fifties, she still looked young, demure, and rich. She asked me, "Are you awake?"

I didn't answer, only felt the pain in my face. Jin Shaoning had never hit me before.

I seem to have lost the bet.

"You are Shaoning's woman," she said regretfully. "Why don't you come and talk to us yourself when you're pregnant with the children of the Jin family? Why don't you join forces and deceive us when you have to listen to our words?"

"I ?"

For a moment, I didn't react. My mind seemed to have emptied.

"I... "Pregnant?"

Jin Shaoning never thought of having a child, always been careful when doing things, I really did not think that I would become pregnant.

"That's right, you kids. How can thinking about problems be so simple?" "He almost messed up our Jin family's grandson."

That night, Mrs. Jin took me back to the Jin family, called out the servants, and solemnly said: "Listen carefully, from now on, Miss Yao is the Young Lady of our Jin family."

The servants called out in unison, "Greetings, young mistress!"

I was a little worried and she consoled me, "Sigh, nothing else is important. Our grandson is the most important ? "Naturally, there will be people to deal with other things, we don't have to worry about it."

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