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"Jin Shaoning, do you still have your father in your eyes, or me? "Who allowed you to have your license with her in private?"

"My grandson is gone, and you still want me to find someone to take care of her? Without children, who do I think she is! "

Due to the anesthetic, I couldn't move, but I could clearly hear the sound.

Two weeks ago, in the Jin family's large villa, the servants called me "Young Mistress." Two weeks later, I was lying in my hospital bed, so despised by Madame Jin.

"Miss Yao."

When I felt someone shake my shoulder, I struggled to open my eyes and found that it was Jin Shaoning's secretary, Huang Meng. She treated me with great respect.

"Are you all right?"

"I ?"

My eyes searched all around for Jin Shaoning. Huang Meng saw through my hope and explained, "Miss Yao, Director Jin has something to do, he wants me to take care of you here."

"Sorry to trouble you ?"

She helped me sit up and asked me what I wanted. I shook my head and she took care of me while I ate.

In his daze, he heard someone cry out, "Oh god!"

This was followed by a regretful and solemn voice, "Miss Yao is especially important to Boss Jin, this matter must be kept a secret. Even Boss Jin doesn't want to cause such a ruckus!"

Light footsteps approached and I opened my eyes. Huang Meng's face was suspended above mine, and her expression was somewhat strange.

"Miss Yao is awake?" "How do you feel?"

I looked at her numbly, still reflecting on what she had just said.

I knew that if I asked her, she wouldn't tell me.

After spending about a week in the hospital, Jin took me back to our old apartment.

I noticed that many of the furnishings had been changed. It felt a little strange.

Jin Shaoning explained, "On the day of the wedding, I thought you had left, and I had a bad temper here... Qianyu, it's the same, I will still treat you like before. "

After the birth, my body plummeted, I lost my appetite, and I fell into a trance.

I always repeat a dream, one of the children called me "mother."

His joyous laughter was like silver bells, young and crisp.

"Mom, come find me quickly ?" I'm your baby ? "

I was in a world of white chaos, chasing the voice over barriers, but I always woke up when I was about to see him.

I yelled "Baby" and sat up like a carp.

In the dead of night, I could clearly hear my own rapid breathing.

The yellowish light of the wall lamp seemed to add a layer of light to the room, and Jin Shaoning's face was right in front of my eyes.

His long fingers brushed at my hair in front of my forehead and gently wiped the cold sweat from my forehead.

"What's wrong?"

All the words he had spoken, hearing his voice, lingered in my ears like countless little people fighting.

"I don't want children ?"

"I definitely won't ?"

Huang Meng's soft and regretful voice was also heard. "Director Jin doesn't want this to happen!"

I felt a rush of blood in my head, and when I looked at the man in front of me, my hands seemed to be full of power. I grabbed his arms and shook them frantically.

"Jin Shaoning, tell me, why is my child gone? "Why?"

I was going crazy, yelling at him, pushing and hitting him, and he was trying to control me, but he couldn't stop a woman from losing her child.

I ran barefoot out of the bedroom, as if I was looking for something, but I didn't know what exactly I was looking for.

I ran into the living room and rummaged around. Finally I found a pair of scissors.

"If you don't tell me the truth, I will die in front of you."

He stepped forward, grabbed my wrist with unerring precision, twisted my hand off in a few quick steps, and snatched away the scissors.

"Yao Qian Yu, I order you to calm down."

I used all the strength in my body to get out of his control.

"How can I stay calm when my child is gone?"

"Now is not the time to have children ?"

In the end, he still admitted it.

I paused for a second, then, even more fiercely, I yelled, "Jin Shaoning, you bastard, that's your own flesh and blood..."

As I was struggling, I knocked over the glass bottle of cold water on the table. With a bang, the glass bottle fell to the ground and split into pieces. The water inside spilled all over the floor.

Never would he have thought that the glass bottle would hit the electric lock in the corner. For some reason, a burst of sparks flew, and suddenly, the electrical circuit in the room went wrong, as if lightning had struck.

I felt a numbing sensation under my feet, my whole body lost its balance, and I fell backwards screaming. Jin Shaoning rushed over to help me, but unfortunately, it was already too late.

My buttocks hit the ground hard, and my hands happened to be in the water, which was then followed by a spasm, and then I lost consciousness.

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