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C1 Miss Alcohol

A faint fragrance came from the tip of his nose, mixed with the smell of old furniture. Qin Fei, who had a splitting headache, felt a little comfortable and slowly woke up.

At this moment, he was lying on a soft bed. The pink bed sheet and the sandalwood dressing table in front of the bed undoubtedly indicated that this was a woman's room.

"Where is this?" Qin Fei felt strange and familiar.

"Where is it? Where else? "A woman wearing a cheongsam with flower petals walked in. She held a bowl of hot tea in her hand. "Qin Fei, you disappoint me. I don't know what my conditions are. Last night, she went to the hotel alone and ordered eight ladies to accompany her. In the past, how come I didn't know you were this kind of person? "

"Ms Rong?" Looking at Lin Shurong in front of him, Qin Fei blushed. "Did you bring me back?"

"Nonsense. The hotel already called me to pay the bill. Do you want me to watch you eat and go to jail?" Lin Shurong glared at him angrily.

"Ms Rong, I'm sorry!" Qin Fei felt even more ashamed. He wished he could find a hole to hide in.

"What's the use of being sorry? A table of dishes and eight ladies to accompany me. We spent thirty thousand yuan in total. How are you going to pay me back?" Lin Shurong held her arms and looked down from above. Her pretty face was full of anger.

"Ms Rong, I..." Qin Fei really wanted to slap himself.

Why did he lose his mind and believe those so-called scoundrels?

It turned out that last night, Qin Fei received a call from his family. His father's illness had reached the point where he needed surgery, and he urgently needed 200,000 RMB for surgery.

His father had been unable to do heavy work a long time ago because of inconveniences caused by spinal inflammation.

In order to bear the burden of studying with his sister, his family owed him hundreds of thousands of RMB.

Therefore, even though Qin Fei was admitted to university, he did not dare to slack off. He relied on work and study to reduce the burden on his family.

Originally, his sister's college entrance examination results had just come out not long ago, so she had to pay a tuition fee.

Now, coupled with his father's medical expenses, the heavy burden made Qin Fei almost suffocate.

But the reality was right in front of him, he could not ignore it.

Thus, he found his good brother, Su Peng, and explained the situation to him. He wanted to borrow some emergency funds.

Su Peng readily agreed. He even said that he had many friends by his side, and that he could call them over together to help Qin Fei resolve this urgent matter.

He naturally couldn't ask for help with empty hands. Qin Fei found a decent restaurant and asked for a large private room, and prepared to properly entertain the other party.

What surprised him was that Su Peng actually brought seven or eight friends at once.

Each and every one of them called each other brother, and spoke boldly and heroically.

At that time, Qin Fei did not think too much about it. He felt that Su Peng was a righteous person and was very touched in his heart. He secretly thought that Su Peng had not made friends for nothing.

After he had eaten and drank enough, Su Peng brought his friends out first and waited for him to pay the bill.

When he looked at the bill, he saw that it was a total of thirty thousand yuan!

He wanted to ask Su Peng and the others for help, and only then did he realize that the person had long disappeared without a trace!

Only then did Qin Fei suddenly realize that he had been hired for nothing!

How could he take out thirty thousand yuan? In a desperate situation, he could only thicken his face and borrow it from his girlfriend Wang Wei.

In the end, he only got two cold words, no money!

He was also told to officially break up.

His girlfriend, who he had always been thinking about, was actually already dating a rich second generation!

Having been deceived by his brother and even cheated on by his girlfriend, Qin Fei had lost all hope. He even had the heart to die!

The restaurant staff urged him to settle the bill. In a fit of anger, they started a fight with the other party.

In the conflict, he felt his head explode. He fainted on the spot and lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he was already lying on Ms Rong's bed.

Without a doubt, in the latter half of the night yesterday, Ms Rong ran to the hotel to pay the bill for him and even carried him back.

"Ms Rong, don't worry. Although I don't have money now, this thirty thousand yuan, even if I work like a horse or a cow, I will pay it back even if I work for you for the rest of my life!" Qin Fei was grateful and ashamed. He felt sorry for Lin Shurong.

Lin Shurong was the boss of a shop in the Yu City's Nine Dragon antique street.

A year ago, Qin Fei, who had yet to graduate, came to the shop as a shop assistant in order to work and study.

Lin Shurong was beautiful and elegant, but she had a sharp tongue and a soft heart.

She treated him like a little brother and took good care of him.

Therefore, Qin Fei had always been very grateful to Lin Shurong. The funds in the store had been tight recently, and Qin Fei had not been able to help. Now, he even let Lin Shurong lose thirty thousand yuan for nothing. He felt very uncomfortable in his heart.


Lin Shurong, who had a taut face, suddenly laughed out loud. "Look at your cowardly face. Alright, I know you have been under a lot of pressure recently. It is inevitable for you to do some shameful things! There is no rush to return the thirty thousand yuan, but next time, don't order eight ladies to accompany you!"

" Thank you, Ms Rong! " Qin Fei scratched his head awkwardly and secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

"You should rest first. I will go out to take a look at the shop!" Lin Shurong stepped on her small leather shoes and suddenly looked back. "Oh, right. Eight ladies drinking with me. How does it feel?"

"Ms Rong, I..."

"... Drink the wolfberry and ginger soup on the table. Treat it as tonics!. Hehehehe. Drink the wolfberry and ginger soup on the table. Treat it as tonics! "

Seeing Lin Shurong's swaying figure walk out, Qin Fei smiled bitterly. This time, his image in front of Ms Rong was completely ruined.

Life was bitter, but it still had to continue!

Qin Fei stretched his arms and legs. He felt that there was nothing wrong with his body, so he climbed out of bed and walked out of the room.

After all, he owed Ms Rong a big favor. How could he not be more diligent?

The room was connected to the shop, and there was only one entrance in the middle.

On one hand, it was to make it easier to take care of the business in the shop, and on the other, it could also save rent money.

"Rongrong, business hasn't been good recently. Look at you, you're so beautiful. Why do you have to work so hard every day and guard the shop?"

Qin Fei had just walked into the store when he saw a bald, middle-aged man. He was sitting on a chair and staring at Lin Shurong with a lustful look. "Why don't you let me take care of this shop? You just need to eat and drink well and be an expensive wife!"

"I'm sorry, Boss Zhao. I don't have such an idea for the time being!" Lin Shurong clearly disliked the other party, but it was not appropriate for her to fall out with him. Her tone was very tactful.

"Rongrong, can't you see my feelings for you?" Boss Zhao pretended to be the wind by his ears and looked around. Seeing that there was no one around, he suddenly got up and approached Lin Shurong. "Rongrong, as long as you follow me, I will not treat you unfairly!"

As he spoke, he started to make moves.

Lin Shurong's face sank. "Boss Zhao, please behave yourself. Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite!"

"Hehe, Lin Shurong, stop pretending. You have been alone for so long. Don't you feel lonely? Besides, it's not like I don't understand your situation. Last time, when I was blind, I spent a high price to buy two of Tang You's five-colored vases. I lost everything I had, and I couldn't think of any other way. I can't even afford to pay the shop rent! " Boss Zhao sneered. He had nothing to fear.

"Zhao Sihai, that's my problem. It has nothing to do with you. If you continue to act recklessly, I will call the police!"

"Haha, call the police? I will deal with you first!"

Zhao Sihai's breathing was heavy, and his face was flushed red. He looked like a fat pig in spring.

No matter how mature and steady Lin Shurong was usually, she was still a weak girl. How could she be a match for a man?

She was forced to a corner step by step and could not retreat. "Zhao Sihai, stop right there!"

"Rongrong, you are so beautiful!" Zhao Sihai could not hear anything anymore and was about to pounce on her.

Upon seeing this scene, Qin Fei was instantly enraged.

This Zhao Sihai was the boss of the antique shop next door. He often thought of Lin Shurong and would come and harass her every few days.

He never thought that today, this dog would be so bold as to use force!

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