I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C12 The Dog Looked down on Him
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I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C12 The Dog Looked down on Him
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C12 The Dog Looked down on Him

Zhuo Chenguang was sipping tea in his private room. When he saw Qin Fei coming in, he immediately became enthusiastic and stood up to greet him.

"Qin, welcome, welcome."

He reached out to grab Qin Fei's arm and said kindly, "I was just looking for you to drink tea. I didn't expect you to come. We really have a mutual understanding."

"Elder Zhuo, I didn't disturb you, did I?" Qin Fei was flattered. He didn't expect Mr. Elder Zhuo to be so polite.

"No, please take a seat. Waiter, serve some tea. It's good tea. "

Lin Shurong was dumbfounded when she saw this. She did not expect Elder Zhuo to be so respectful to Fei.

She looked at Qin Fei with her beautiful eyes curiously. She was puzzled in her heart. How could this kid climb up to Mr. Elder Zhuo?

"Elder Zhuo, this is my boss and my best friend, Lin Shurong." After a few simple greetings, Qin Fei started to introduce Ms Rong to Elder Zhuo.

After they got to know each other, Qin Fei went straight to the point and said, "Elder Zhuo, Ms Rong has a Sarira Buddha bead in her hand. She wants you to take a look at it."

After saying this, he even gave Ms Rong a look.

Lin Shurong understood tacitly and hurriedly took out the Sarira prayer bead from her pocket and carefully handed it to Elder Zhuo.

Zhuo Chenguang took the Buddha bead and looked at it carefully. His eyes immediately lit up, "It feels delicate and soft like jade. If I am not wrong, this bead has a hundred years of skill!"

"Not bad. Where did you get this treasure from?" Elder Zhuo sounded a little excited.

Qin Fei and Lin Shurong looked at each other.

Lin Shurong was even more curious about Qin Fei. If he had not insisted on letting her buy that incense stick, she would not have obtained this hundred-year relic!

"Elder Zhuo, based on your judgment, how much is this Buddhist bead worth?" Qin Fei pursed his lips and quickly turned to look at Elder Zhuo.

"The current market price is about one million. They are worth a lot of money."

"Do you know any friends in this area? We want to sell the Buddhist beads." Qin Fei looked at Ms Rong and told Elder Zhuo the purpose of his visit.

Zhuo Chenguang paused for a second and was silent for a second.

After taking a sip of tea, he looked at Qin Fei with bright eyes. "I am very interested in this Buddhist bead. If you really want to sell it, why don't you sell it to me?"

"That is exactly what I want." Qin Fei agreed without hesitation.

He knew Ms Rong was thinking the same thing. She was eager to sell the beads to Mr. Elder Zhuo.

After all, Elder Zhuo had a high position and was the vice president of the Yu City Antique Association. She would never worry about making a deal with him.

"It's settled then. One million. I'll take the Buddhist beads!"

Zhuo Chenguang was a straightforward person. After negotiating the price, he immediately transferred one million to Lin Shurong.

After completing the transaction, Elder Zhuo raised his teacup and said with a smile, "Qin, if you have any playthings in the future, just bring them to me. Let's discuss and learn from each other."

"Thank you, Elder Zhuo, for thinking highly of me. I will substitute tea with wine. To you." Qin Fei raised his teacup, neither servile nor overbearing.

"Good boy, I'm liking you more and more now!"

"Come, have some tea."

Elder Zhuo took a sip of tea, so happy that his mouth could not close.

After drinking the tea and some small talk, Qin Fei said goodbye to Zhuo Chenguang. "Elder Zhuo, you are busy. I will not disturb you. I will come to visit another day."

Then, he took Ms Rong and left the private room.

When they walked out of the teahouse, Lin Shurong was already very curious. She quickly asked, "Fei, how do you know Elder Zhuo?"

"Speaking of which, it is also coincidental. I bought a porcelain square pot on Nine Dragon Street. It just so happened that Elder Zhuo took a fancy to it and bought the square pot from my hands." Qin Fei briefly told her what happened.

After listening, Lin Shurong's eyes widened. "Good kid. I really admire you. You can climb up to Elder Zhuo like this!"

"Maybe I'm lucky." Qin Fei scratched his head.

"You are lucky to be able to climb up to Elder Zhuo."

"It can't be helped. If you stay with such a beautiful woman for too long, you will get lucky easily... Ah, hiss. "

Before he could finish his words, Qin Fei felt a sharp pain at his waist. It was so painful that he grimaced in pain and drew in a few breaths of cold air.

Lin Shurong reached out and grabbed the tender flesh at Qin Fei's waist, "Stinking brat, what do you mean?"

"It hurts, it hurts, Ms Rong... Grandaunt, quickly let go."

"Ms Rong, what I mean is, you are my goddess, you can bring me good luck... Quick, quickly spread your hands. "

"Stinking brat, how dare you scold me? Watch how I pinch you." Lin Shurong smiled complacently before slowly loosening her hands.

Qin Fei held his waist, which was in pain, and took a few steps back, "Ms Rong, you are simply a tigress. You pinch people at every turn. Who will dare to marry you in the future?"

"Stinking brat, you still scold me, right?" Lin Shurong clenched her fists and made threatening gestures, preparing to attack again.

"Oh my god!"

Qin Fei was so scared that his neck shrank. He turned around and ran.

When he thought about the tender flesh on his waist still hurting, he no longer had the courage to approach this woman.

After playing around for a while, the two of them unknowingly arrived at the entrance of a painting shop.

The store was surrounded by many customers, and they were currently commenting on the calligraphy and calligraphy works inside. From time to time, there would be people bidding to buy them.

These were all famous calligraphy and paintings. The cheapest ones were thirty to fifty thousand, and the highest ones were two to three hundred thousand.

"Fei, when did you become interested in calligraphy and painting?" Seeing him stop, Lin Shurong frowned slightly and could not help but question him.

In her impression, Qin Fei was depressed and did not have any interest in these elegant things.

"No, I just took a look."

Qin Fei's two eyes were darting around. He used his X-ray vision to look at the things in the shop to see if he could pick up anything that was missing.

"Joining in the fun." Lin Shurong complained, but she still accompanied Qin Fei into the painting shop.


The moment she entered the painting store, she heard a familiar voice.

Zhao Sihai followed her in, licking his old face. He said seductively, "Rongrong, I know you like calligraphy and paintings. I have time today to accompany you in choosing."

"I'm not interested in calligraphy and paintings. I'm just accompanying Fei in for a stroll."

Lin Shurong's expression was cold when she saw the plaster. She deliberately moved closer to Qin Fei.

This small action made Zhao Sihai's heart have mixed feelings. It was even worse than eating dog shit.

He gritted his teeth and said to Qin Fei who was walking on a horse and looking at flowers, "Silly boy, what are you looking at? This place is full of famous people's calligraphy and paintings, at least tens of thousands, at most two to three hundred thousand. You are just a small shop assistant, can you afford it?"

"Who says that if you can't afford it, you can't look?"

Qin Fei refuted and continued to use his X-ray vision to scan the calligraphy and paintings in the shop.

"If you can't afford it, then don't embarrass yourself here!"

Zhao Sihai pushed Qin Fei away and shouted to the boss heroically, "Show me the most expensive calligraphy and paintings here!"

Qin Fei had stolen the limelight at the tea house just now. He wanted to take this opportunity to show off in front of Lin Shurong.

"Oh, here you are, boss. Judging from your temperament, I can tell you are a rich man. Wait here, I will get someone to bring you calligraphy and paintings!"

The owner of this shop was a sly person. His eyes rolled around Zhao Sihai's body. When he saw the golden necklace around Zhao Sihai's neck, he knew that the rich man was here.

"Hey boss, you are the biggest calligraphy and painting shop on Literature Street. Why don't you get some security guards and let all the cats and dogs in?"

While the shop assistant went to retrieve the painting, Zhao Sihai spoke in a strange tone.

Only then did the boss turn his eyes to Qin Fei. He saw that Qin Fei was wearing a plain t-shirt cowboy and was very poor.

Furthermore, he was still looking around in front of the rows of calligraphy and paintings. He immediately understood something and his face sank.

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