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"Waiter, I don't think we ordered such expensive wine, do we?" Zhang Nuannuan asked guiltily.

Even though it was Yang Chengcheng who took the initiative to come to this hotel, he did not order such expensive wine.

"That's right. We can't afford such expensive wine. Let's withdraw."

"If we order such expensive wine, I won't be able to eat it."

Everyone retreated. Some of the low-income students lost their appetite when they heard the price of the wine.

If this was added to the cost of food, it would be more than ten thousand yuan per person. How could they afford it?

At this moment, the beautiful waitress smiled. "Someone is treating us, so these two bottles of red wine are free."

"What? Is there such a good thing that 200,000 red wine is used to treat us?"

"Wow, I'm so lucky this time. I can drink a hundred thousand yuan bottle of red wine, and it's free!"

"There's such a surprise today. It's really comfortable."

Everyone immediately became excited. They usually only drank beer that cost a few yuan per bottle.

The slightly better ones were only cocktails or red wine that cost a few hundred dollars per bottle.

Red wine that exceeded ten thousand dollars, they had never drunk it before!

At this moment, many people were incomparably excited.

"You guys can slowly use it."

The beautiful waitress carried the plate and left with light steps.

Just as she left, a surprised voice suddenly broke everyone's excited mood.

"Such an expensive wine, who is treating? On account of who?"

The one who spoke was Zhang Nuannuan. She frowned and her face was full of doubt.

With this question, everyone became curious and looked at each other in dismay.

"That's right. Such expensive wine, the other party's identity is not simple. Who can we treat?"

"I think it should be someone who knows Young Master Yang. Otherwise, if it was someone else, who would know such a rich person?" Wu Long guessed.

When he said this, everyone nodded in agreement.

"That's right, only Young Master Yang has that much face, only others would invite him."

"Even we can't afford such an expensive wine, it's even more impossible for others to treat us."


Yang Chengcheng was also very surprised in his heart. Although he was now the executive vice president of the family company, after all, he had not been in office for long. There were actually not many rich people who could be dealt with.

Among the friends he knew, most of them were rich and young, but why would these people treat him to such expensive wine for no reason?

Although the rich children were rich and generous, they were also the most utilitarian group.

They were willing to spend so much money for a reason!

Just when he was still puzzled, Zhang Nuannuan stared at him and her gaze became more hopeful. "Young Master Yang, did your friend invite you?"

Yang Chengcheng was stunned for a moment. No matter what, Zhang Nuannuan was also a beauty. How could he reject such an expectant look?

The sky looked left and right. Seeing that no one admitted it, he immediately thought of something.

With the current situation, even if he pretended to accept it, he would not be discovered.

Furthermore, if everyone knew that his friend was willing to spend so much money to give him two bottles of famous wine, it would be very embarrassing!

Yang Chengcheng immediately said with a smile, "That's right, my friend invited me. He saw me attending a classmate gathering here just now and did not want to not disturb me, so he gave me two bottles of famous wine."

Although this was a fabrication, Yang Chengcheng was very confident. He couldn't let anyone here not believe this.

As expected, as soon as he finished speaking, everyone looked at Yang Chengcheng with even more admiration and flattery.

"Young Master Yang is indeed different. Amazing!"

"Two hundred thousand famous wine, if you want to treat, then treat. This time, we will also borrow Young Master Yang's glory, and we will have more face!"

"If it wasn't for Young Master Yang here, how could we have drunk such a good wine?"

Everyone praised him, which made Yang Chengcheng feel like he was floating in the air.

However, at this moment, there was a hint of ridicule at the corner of Qin Fei's mouth. He said word by word, "This wine is not for you. It has nothing to do with you."

His tone was indifferent, and his eyes were filled with disdain as he looked at Yang Chengcheng.


These words were like a bolt from the blue, completely disrupting the lively atmosphere.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Qin Fei actually said that this wine wasn't for Yang Chengcheng?

Han Xuemei immediately roared out in anger, she pointed at Qin Fei's nose and said, "Qin Fei, this wine is not for Young Master Yang, could it be for you? Are you qualified? "

"Yes, if you don't explain this clearly, then don't blame us for being impolite!" Wu Long also stood out and stared at Qin Fei with hatred in his eyes.

The others also looked at Qin Fei with cold eyes.

Yang Chengcheng was even more furious. Although he didn't know who was treating him, he had just admitted that it was his friend who was treating him. Now, this brat had jumped out to refute him. Wouldn't that be putting his face on the ground and rubbing it against him?!

"Qin Fei, you said that this wine isn't for me. Then tell me, who is it for? Could it be for you? " He stared coldly at Qin Fei.

Yang Chengcheng did not believe that anyone else here could afford 200,000 yuan of red wine, not to mention that someone else would spend so much money to buy them world-renowned wine.

For a moment, almost everyone's eyes fell on Qin Fei.

This time, if Qin Fei couldn't explain it, these people would definitely not let him go!

Facing these tiger and wolf eyes, Qin Fei was not afraid at all. He said unhurriedly, "You are right. They invited me."

When he met Elder Zhuo just now, he mysteriously said that he would give him a gift to the private room. Without a doubt, it was these two bottles of red wine.

Qin Fei was sure because although Yang Chengcheng was a rich second generation, judging from his surprised expression just now, he obviously did not know about this matter.

Besides, the rich second generation were not stupid, why would they treat him to a drink for no reason?

As for Elder Zhuo, he offered a million for the sarira, but he didn't bargain with him. It could be considered a favor. It was entirely possible that he would give him two bottles of wine and express his gratitude.

However, as soon as Qin Fei finished speaking, it immediately caused the crowd to burst into laughter.

Everyone laughed until their waists and shoulders bent, and their stomachs felt like they were about to burst out in laughter.

After a full minute, Wu Long barely managed to suppress his laughter. "Qin Fei, you must be a joker, right? Just like you, who would be willing to spend two hundred thousand to buy you a drink? Take a piss and take a look at yourself!"

"That's right! Qin Fei, stop pretending. Who doesn't know? You are just a shop assistant in an antique store. Your status is terrifyingly low. Aren't you afraid that your face will hurt if you act cool here?" Han Xuemei also took the opportunity to mock him.

She felt that she had finally caught Qin Fei's pigtail, and that was what she was proud of!

Yang Chengcheng had a look of disdain on his face, "Qin Fei, you can make us laugh for the whole year with your words!"

This time, Qin Fei took the initiative to hit the muzzle of the gun. He had to humiliate this kid properly!

After saying that, he laughed loudly.

The private room was immediately filled with ridicule.

Even Zhang Nuannuan felt that Qin Fei had gone too far, and her expression turned cold. She said in a deep voice, "Qin Fei, shut up. Don't pretend here. You can buy two hundred thousand world-renowned wine. He is definitely not a simple person. With your current status, it is impossible for you to know him!"

For a moment, Qin Fei had become the target of everyone. Everyone looked at him with disdain!

Faced with such mockery, Qin Fei only shook his head slightly. "Believe it or not, that is your problem. I am just reminding you, don't be too stupid and be fooled by others."

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