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I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C19 Invitation to the Wedding
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C19 Invitation to the Wedding

It would have been better if he hadn't said this. Just as he finished speaking, Yang Chengcheng angrily rebuked, "What do you mean? You mean I'm lying? Alright, since you said that someone else invited you, then tell me who it is."

" Right, who would treat a poor man like you to a wine worth two hundred thousand? " Han Xuemei also questioned.

The others all agreed that Qin Fei wanted to use this opportunity to show off and claim the credit. They had completely lost their good impression of Qin Fei, and all of them started to criticize him.

"Qin Fei, I know what's the situation in your family. You are poor, and you don't have any money at all. Is there any point in pretending to be a wolf with a big tail here?"

"That's right. If you can't tell who invited you to drink today, don't blame me for my bad attitude!"

"If this guy can't say it, then get the hell out of here! How can we have such a shameless classmate? "

This time, Wang Wei also could not help but interrupt.

Just now, when Qin Fei scolded her for being a shoddy shoe, she was extremely angry in her heart.

Now that she had the chance to humiliate Qin Fei properly, she had a sinister smile on her face. "Everyone might not know, but his father is now sick and hospitalized. He can't even take out the medical fees, and he still wants to borrow money from me!"

"You said that he is already so poor, yet he still pretends to be poor. Isn't it shameful?"

As soon as Wang Wei finished speaking, the room exploded!

Everyone laughed and pointed at Qin Fei.

"F * ck, this kid is so poor. He still has the face to attend the reunion. Isn't it shameful?"

"Wang Wei's words are absolutely reliable. She was this kid's girlfriend before!"

"Qin Fei, did you come to the reunion to raise the medical expenses?" Wu Long even stood up and pointed at Qin Fei's nose and scolded, "If you don't have money, then just admit it openly. Pretending to be cool, you will be struck by lightning!"

The mocking voice was so loud that it covered the sky and covered the earth. These words were very unpleasant to hear.

Qin Fei was also a little angry this time. It was not for any other reason. Back then, he had paid so much for Wang Wei, but when he was mocked by everyone, she stood up and stabbed him!

Furthermore, she had stabbed him in the most fatal spot!

She was the only one who knew about her father's illness among her classmates.

In order to hurt herself, she was trying her best to please Yang Chengcheng. It could be said that she was going all out.

However, at this moment, he was still holding back his anger. He said word by word, "The one who invited me is Mr. Zhuo Chenguang."

"What? ! Elder Zhuo?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chengcheng immediately laughed out loud. "Mr. Zhuo Chenguang, that is the vice president of the Yu City Antique Association. He is very famous. His position in the Yu City is quite high. You actually said that he is here to buy drinks? Who would believe you if you say it out loud?"

Originally, no one knew who Zhuo Chenguang was. With their current social status, there was no way they could come into contact with such an upper-class person.

Now that Yang Chengcheng had pointed it out, everyone understood and immediately laughed even louder.

"This guy is really funny. He even dragged the vice president of the Yu City Antique Association, Zhuo Chenguang, here."

"Why didn't he pull the mayor over? That would be even more awesome!"

"Using such despicable means to show off is not shameful at all!"

The mocking voices that blotted out the sky and covered the earth became more and more intense. Qin Fei saw that everyone did not believe him, so he ignored them.

He only said the truth. As for whether he believed it or not, that was their problem.

Zhang Nuannuan also gave Qin Fei a disappointed look. She felt that he had really put on a big show this time.

In the past, she thought that although Qin Fei did not have money, he was a good person. She did not expect that after graduating for only a year, he had completely changed. He also learned how to glib others!

"Alright, alright. Let's eat. What is there to talk about with this kind of person who likes to show off?"

"Since he likes to act, then let him act in the one-man show alone!"

"Qin Fei, when the dishes are served later, you can perform a show for everyone. Maybe you can perform well. We will sponsor your father's medical expenses!"

Seeing Qin Fei remain silent for a long time, everyone's hostility grew.

When they were eating, many people rushed to toast Yang Chengcheng.

Yang Chengcheng felt extremely delighted in his heart!

On the other hand, Qin Fei was eating alone, and no one paid attention to him.

Just as everyone was drinking to their hearts' content, Yang Chengcheng suddenly stood up, raised his wine glass, and looked around. "This time, everyone is here. I want to solemnly announce something to everyone."

Everyone's faces were filled with joy. They had guessed what was going on and looked at Wang Wei with envious eyes.

"Wang Wei and I will be married half a month later. When the time comes, I will invite everyone to have a wedding." Yang Chengcheng's face was full of pride. After he finished speaking, he held Wang Wei in his arms.

Everyone immediately cheered and toasted to Yang Chengcheng and Wang Wei to congratulate them.

Although Wang Wei pretended to be shy, she still drank the wine very generously and accepted everyone's blessings.

Yang Chengcheng drank the wine and then turned around. He stared at Qin Fei with a strange look and said, "Qin Fei, come to our wedding."

As soon as he said that, Han Xuemei, Wu Long and the others all looked at Qin Fei with mocking eyes.

Wang Wei used to be Qin Fei's girlfriend, but now she wanted him to attend their wedding. It was obvious that she was mocking him.

Next, they would see how this guy would reply. If he did not want to go, then it would be obvious that he had a bad feeling about Wang Wei being snatched away by someone. That would be admitting that this was the wound in his heart in front of everyone.

If he agreed to go, wouldn't he just go to the wedding banquet and watch the person he loved marry someone else? Wouldn't that be heartbreaking?

In short, no matter what kind of answer he gave, Qin Fei would be mocked by others.

"Yang Chengcheng, don't ask about this matter anymore. Let's see if he is willing to go or not." Zhang Nuannuan frowned. Qin Fei was already miserable enough. If he was bullied like this again, would he do something stupid?

But there was such a good opportunity to attack Qin Fei. How could Yang Chengcheng let it go so easily?

He insisted, "How can that be? He's already an old classmate, he has to go with us no matter what."

"That's right, if he doesn't go, then the wedding will be a bit boring" Han Xuemei also sneered and echoed him.

Zhang Nuannuan was quite annoyed. She knew they were mocking Qin Fei, but they were classmates after all. Yang Chengcheng was reasonable enough to invite Qin Fei.

Therefore, she could not continue to refute.

Yang Chengcheng pointed at Qin Fei proudly. "Qin Fei, don't always stand behind a woman. If you have the guts, stand out and say go, or not?"

"Go, of course I have to go. Besides, I will give you a big gift." Qin Fei slightly raised his head and looked at him. His tone was cold.

Yang Chengcheng arrogantly invited him to attend the wedding. He wanted to see him make a fool of himself.

If he didn't agree, wouldn't that be admitting defeat?

Qin Fei didn't want to be a coward now!

Besides, he could use this opportunity to teach him a lesson!

However, when Qin Fei's words entered the ears of the crowd, it completely changed their minds.

Yang Chengcheng was the first to laugh. "Kid, you really have guts. I stole your woman, and you still have the face to attend the wedding. That day, you have to watch carefully. How wonderful my wedding with Wang Wei is!"

"Haha, this kid is really stupid. I'm dying of laughter." Han Xuemei laughed loudly. She felt extremely happy.

Wu Long also laughed in agreement, "Qin Fei, your skin is even thicker than the city walls. That day, I want to see how you got off the stage, don't be a coward. You dare to say it now, but you don't dare to do it that day!"

His last sentence was obviously a provocation to provoke Qin Fei, forcing him to go.

However, Qin Fei casually said, "Not only will I go, I will also bring a big gift."

"Good, good, you have guts!" Yang Chengcheng's face was full of smiles.

Zhang Nuannuan looked at him anxiously. How could he agree to such a thing?

These people wanted to see him make a fool of himself. If Qin Fei agreed to go, wouldn't it be sending himself to them?

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