I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C3 Her Intestines Turned Green with Regret
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I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C3 Her Intestines Turned Green with Regret
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C3 Her Intestines Turned Green with Regret

"Thank you, Ms Rong!" Qin Fei was delighted.

"Tsk tsk, Boss Lin is really generous. He clearly knows that it's not worth much, yet he still wants to spend a lot of money to buy it. If you don't lose money, who will lose money?" Zhao Sihai mocked him from the side.

Lin Shurong also became angry and scolded, "I am willing to buy something that is difficult to buy. I am willing to buy it. What do you care?"

"Hmph, you are right. You are willing to spend money on a gigolo!" Zhao Sihai said in a strange tone.


"Zhao Sihai, I am not sure if I am wrong by spending money on a gigolo!" At this time, Qin Fei had already gotten rid of the seller's money and goods. He took the incense stick in his hand and confidently interrupted, "Are you interested? Come in and take a look together?"

Zhao Sihai frowned and thought, Could it be that I didn't look carefully and missed something?

That shouldn't be the case!

It was definitely an ordinary piece of art from the early days of the Qing Chu era. It wasn't worth money!

"Just watch. I want to know what tricks you can play."

"Ms Rong, please help me get a hammer!" Qin Fei said.

"What exactly do you want?" Lin Shurong was also confused.

"You will know soon!" Qin Fei was full of confidence. He placed the incense stick on the table and slammed it down.


The incense stick split into a few pieces. Immediately after that, a round bead rolled out.

The bead was an earth-gold color. It was not very natural. However, the surface of the bead was very smooth, as if it had a layer of luster attached to it. There were also fine lines decorating it, turning slowly like silk.

"Ms Rong, look!" Qin Fei smiled slightly.

Lin Shurong picked up the bead. The first time she touched it, her expression changed.

She quickly took out a magnifying glass and observed it without blinking.

"It feels warm in my hand, like a stone but not a stone. This feeling is not more than a hundred years old. It won't come out. " Lin Shurong's eyes lit up and she gradually became excited, "Since it is not gold, silver, bronze, or stone and tin jewelry then there is only one result. Sarira!"

"That's right!" Qin Fei continued, "It is indeed sarira, which was coiled into a Buddhist bead. Although I don't know where it came from, just from this point alone, the market price won't be low!"

"I remember that the famous Dharma Treasure Master Sarira from two years ago was sold at a high price of ten million!" Lin Shurong said, "Even if this one is nameless and has no distinction, the market price will at least start at one million!"

"What? How is this possible? "Zhao Sihai's expression changed drastically when he heard that." Quick, let me take a look! "

"I'm sorry. I only look at the things in my shop and don't touch them!" Lin Shurong flashed away.

" You... "Zhao Sihai was furious." Don't be complacent. With your eyesight, you are still far from me! You might have seen wrongly! "

"Whether I am wrong or not has nothing to do with you!" Qin Fei smiled and said, "Even if this bead is not a Sarira prayer bead, its value far exceeds ten thousand dollars! Sigh, Boss Zhao is just being generous. He doesn't want such a good treasure. Giving it to us for free is really something that can hold a boat in the prime minister's stomach! "

"It can't be helped. Boss Zhao, you are so rich!"

Lin Shurong and Qin Fei sang the same tune, making Zhao Sihai so angry that his body swayed, and he almost fell onto the ground.

In fact, with his ability to appraise, he had already made a judgment from the moment he saw the bead.

This bead was definitely not an ordinary item!

Furthermore, it was highly likely that it was the same as Lin Shurong and Qin Fei's judgment. It was a Sarira prayer bead!

If that was the case, it was equivalent to throwing away a million!

One had to know that the other party had originally wanted to sell something to him, but it had ended up in his hands!

Yet, he was actually pushing it out!

Wasn't this equivalent to giving a million to Qin Fei and Lin Shurong?

Zhao Sihai only hated himself for being careless and only focused on looking outside. He did not think that his stomach would be filled with oil!

Now that the thing was in someone else's hands, he could only stare blankly!

Looking at the bead in Lin Shurong's hands, Zhao Sihai felt as if he was cutting his own flesh.

His heart was filled with mixed feelings. No matter what, it was not the same!

"Boss Zhao, is there anything else? If there's nothing else, I'll close the shop and close the shop!" Lin Shurong said.

"You, you..." Zhao Sihai came back to his senses and his face was ashen. "You two, don't be so proud. It's just that your luck is good. Did you pick up a slip? It's just a million, I still don't lack this bit of money! Just you wait, sooner or later, I will get it back!"

After saying that, he flicked his sleeve and left.

"Haha, Zhao Sihai, you will have this day as well!" Qin Fei couldn't help but laugh loudly.

One word, awesome!

All along, he couldn't stand Zhao Sihai making a move on Lin Shurong. However, people spoke softly and didn't have the ability to fight against him.

Now, he had hit him in the face hard!

"Qin Fei, you are really amazing!" Lin Shurong was also in a good mood. She asked, "How did you find out that there is something hidden in this incense stick?"

Qin Fei scratched his head, not knowing how to explain.

He could only make up an excuse, "I feel that it is coming. I was lucky and ran into it!"

"You want to play this game with me?" Lin Shurong narrowed her eyes. Of course, she knew it was not that simple.

However, since Qin Fei was unwilling to say it, she did not continue to ask.

She handed the pearl in her hand to Qin Fei. "Here, keep it well. Don't lose it. This is a million!"

"Ms Rong, what are you giving it to me for? This is yours!" Qin Fei was stunned.

"Nonsense, you bought it. How could it be mine?" Lin Shurong glared at him. "You just need to remember to pay me back the money you owe me!"

"Ms Rong, you must be joking. I am your shop assistant. The things you buy in the shop belong to you, of course!" Qin Fei did not pick it up. Instead, he said, "As long as Ms Rong remembers my contribution and erase the money I owe you, it will be fine!"

Qin Fei knew that Lin Shurong was currently short on funds. Without cash, it would be difficult to maintain the operation of the shop.

Adding on the fact that she would have to pay the rent of the house in a few days, it was not a small amount. Adding it up, the shortfall was about one million.

It just so happened to be enough to make up for it!

"You have good intentions, kid!" Lin Shurong was not stupid. Of course, she knew what Qin Fei was thinking. So she bit her lips and kept it. "Qin Fei, take the money for this bead as if I borrowed it from you. When I make money in the future, I will make it up to you!"

"How do you want to make it up to me?" Qin Fei smiled evilly.

He wanted to tease Lin Shurong, but he did not expect her to smile charmingly. "That depends on you. Do you want me to pay you back, or do you want me to marry you with my body?"

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