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I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C4 Picking up Scraps
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C4 Picking up Scraps

No matter if it was Lin Shurong's appearance or figure, she could be considered the best.

In addition to her age of twenty-seven or twenty-eight, her entire body was filled with a mature charm.

She was like a delicate flower waiting to be mined at any time!

Qin Fei was full of vigor and vigor. How could he withstand such bewitchment? He only felt his mouth go dry. "That... Ms Rong, you handle this Sarira Buddha bead yourself. I will go outside and let the air leak out!"

Seeing his back that was fleeing in panic, Lin Shurong smiled and bent her waist. "A bastard with evil intentions and evil guts. I can't take it anymore!"

Suddenly she remembered that she misunderstood Qin Fei earlier and could not help feeling guilty.

It seemed that she did not misjudge him!

Qin Fei, it was Qin Fei!

"This time, you have helped me a lot. I will definitely treat you well..." Lin Shurong's beautiful eyes sparkled. The smile on her lips moved people's hearts.

Nine Dragons antique street said.

As the biggest antique market in Yu City, it was full of people every day.

Those who wanted to join in the fun, those who wanted fresh stuff, those who picked up scraps, those who sold second-hand goods... There were all kinds of people.

There were only those who you could not think of, and those who could not see.

Qin Fei was currently squatting at the entrance of an alley. No matter how many people came and went, he remained indifferent.

After several experiments, he confirmed without a doubt that his eyes could really see through everything!

However, he was puzzled as to why he could see a layer of golden light on the surface of the Buddhist beads when he discovered them.

There was no light at all when he looked at other things?

Could it be that only treasures could see light?

Let's try again!

Qin Fei rubbed his eyes and stood up.

Originally, he was still worried about his father's medical expenses and his sister's tuition fees. He did not know what to do.

Now that he had this X-ray vision, was he afraid that he would not be able to earn this money?

Thinking of this, Qin Fei plunged headfirst into the sea of people.

Nine Dragon antique street stretched for dozens of miles. Not to mention the regular shops, just the stalls of various sizes alone numbered over a thousand.

As Qin Fei walked, his eyes carefully swept across the items on each stall.

"Little brother, the authentic Primordial blue and white porcelain bottle. Don't miss it when you pass by!"

"The azure flower glaze has been taken off. Tell me, is it authentic?"

"Handsome Pan, a treasure bestowed by the Prime Clear lineage. On it is a seal bestowed by the Emperor Jiaqing. It will be taken away with a hundred thousand yuan!"

"Hehe, are you sure that the early and middle stages of the Qing Dynasty are Jiaqing?"

"Young man, come and take a look at my picture of the Eight Beauties of Tang Bohu. The price is only 888 yuan. If you can't buy it, you'll be at a disadvantage, and you won't be fooled!"

"This is too much. The head of the Four Talents, Tang Yin, is only worth 888 yuan?"

Qin Fei was so angry that he laughed. He could not help but shake his head.

The merchants nowadays were too unprofessional. They did not even have basic common sense.

But it was normal. After all, those who set up stalls outside were mostly just fooling outsiders. The good things were either in the hands of famous people or were sold in big shops.

Of course, there were treasures, but there were very few.

Apart from the rich appraisal ability, there were also times where one had to rely on luck!

Qin Fei went to twenty or thirty stalls in a row, but he didn't find anything decent.

The sun was setting, and it was evening. It was going to be dark soon.

If he really couldn't do it, he could only wait until tomorrow to continue.

"Let's go and take a look! It's a rare treasure. If we miss it, we won't be able to buy it even if we have money!" A shout suddenly sounded beside his ear.

He saw a stall at the corner of an alley, and there were dozens of items scattered around.

The seller was holding a square pot in his hand, and his saliva was flying everywhere. "The treasure passed down by our ancestors is Empress Dowager Cixi's personal chamber pot, and it's one of a kind..."

Qin Fei casually glanced at it and shook his head.

This was clearly a porcelain square pot, something that the ancient people used to hold wine and drink. How could it be a chamber pot used by Cixi?

He laughed it off.

Just as he was about to leave, the corner of his eye flashed!

Something's not right!

This square pot did not seem to be that simple!

Qin Fei focused his eyes and suddenly realized that the surface of the square pot was actually covered with a layer of faint brown light.

If one did not carefully observe it, one really would not be able to see it!

It was a treasured light!

The square pot was a treasure!

He endured his excitement and silently observed the surrounding pedestrians. No one noticed the unusual changes in the square pot at all.

Only he could see it!

He was secretly delighted in his heart. It was not in vain that he had worked so hard for so long. Finally, he found a treasure!

"Boss, let me take a look at this square pot!" At this moment, an old man appeared out of nowhere. He squatted in front of the stall and picked up the square pot to size it up.

Qin Fei's face tightened. Someone had beat him to it?

The rules of the antique industry had always been based on first impressions.

Whoever got the item first, the others could not interfere or even snatch it by force!

Therefore, even though Qin Fei was anxious, he could only stop walking forward. He casually picked up a jade pendant and pretended to size it up.

His eyes glanced at the old man, secretly praying that he would not be bought.

The old man frowned and relaxed at times, as if he was not sure what to do.

After discussing with the seller for a while, he put down the square pot and turned around to leave.

Qin Fei heaved a sigh of relief. He tried his best to suppress the excitement in his heart. He slowly walked to the front of the stall. "Eh? This square pot is not bad. Boss, what's the price?"

"Little brother, you look like an expert!" The seller held a cigarette in his mouth and spat it out. He did not directly say the price but asked, "Do you know who the old man who saw the square pot was?"

"I don't know!" Qin Fei shook his head.

"Mr. Elder Zhuo!" The seller was beaming with joy. "Mr. Zhuo Chenguang, that is the vice president of the Yu City Antique Association. He also owns a high-class store. He is a well-known senior figure in the antique street! The things he likes are not ordinary! "

"Really?" Qin Fei sneered. This seller obviously wanted to brag about the price. "Just say it. How much is it?"

"Fifty thousand!" The seller raised five fingers.

"Five hundred. Are you selling it?" Qin Fei asked.

"What? Five hundred?" The seller widened his eyes and said angrily, "Little brother, even if you bargain, you wouldn't cut it like this, right? I've already made it so clear to you that the thing that Mr. Elder Zhuo likes... This way, it looks like this is your first time coming to business. Give me a discount. 48,000 yuan will do!"

Qin Fei smiled faintly." Since the old mister at the table has taken a liking to it, why didn't he buy it? This means that this thing is not as good as you say it is! "

"This..." The seller was immediately stifled until he stammered. His old face turned red, but he was still unwilling, "Five hundred is too little. Five thousand, five thousand will be given to you!"

"At most eight hundred. Do you want to sell it or not?" Qin Fei said with a tough attitude. "My family is only lacking an ornament. Seeing that this square pot is not bad, I want to buy it to play with! If you don't sell it, I will find another house!"

After saying that, he turned around and was about to leave.

He had been in the Nine Dragon antique street for more than a year.

Not only had he learned a lot about treasure appraisals, but he was also very clear about the various tricks of the merchants.

"Hey, little brother, don't go!" Sure enough, before he even took a step forward, the seller became anxious. "Eight hundred it is. Little brother, you really know how to bargain. It really wasn't opened today, or else I definitely wouldn't sell!"

Although he said so, in reality, this square pot was picked up by him and he didn't spend a single cent.

Earning eight hundred out of thin air, he had long been overjoyed in his heart.

Qin Fei smiled but didn't say anything. He directly took out 800 dollars and handed it over, completing the transaction.

Only after obtaining the square pot did his hanging heart slightly relax.

He would bring it back first and study it properly!

"Young friend, please wait!"

At this moment, a voice called out to Tan Fei.

He turned around and frowned.

The person was dressed in a plain Zhongshan attire. The goatee on his chin was exceptionally exquisite. Although his eyes were turbid, there was a glimmer of light in them.

Wasn't this the Zhuo Chenguang, Elder Zhuo, who had just seen the square pot and left, and had been sold as a big shot of the antique circle?

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