I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C5 First Bucket of Gold
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I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C5 First Bucket of Gold
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C5 First Bucket of Gold

"Mr. Elder Zhuo, can I help you?" Qin Fei asked.

"Oh? You know me?" Zhuo Chenguang was slightly surprised.

"I have always heard of your great name!"

"It is just an undeserved reputation!" Zhuo Chenguang smiled and then glanced at the square pot in Qin Fei's hand. “ Originally, I had taken a fancy to this square pot, but if I buy it... The trader will definitely raise the price, so I wanted to go somewhere else first. I'll talk about it later. I didn't expect that you would be able to pick up a few minutes of free time! "

Qin Fei couldn't help but curse in his heart.

Actually, this square pot was discovered by him first, alright?

However, he was a step too slow, and Zhuo Chenguang was the first to cross the line!

"Little friend's eyesight is really good. This square pot, ordinary people can't see through it!" How could Zhuo Chenguang know what Qin Fei was thinking? His tone revealed a bit of praise. " I wonder if little friend is willing to help? It's not convenient to talk here, so why don't you come to my shop and have a cup of tea? Let's sit down and have a good chat!"

"This..." Qin Fei hesitated for a moment.

He bought this square pot because he wanted to make money.

However, this was the first time he had met Zhuo Chenguang, and he did not know what his opponent's path was.

In addition, the other party had clearly seen this square pot as well, and had even said that he had picked up a loophole...

Zhuo Chenguang was an experienced person in the martial arts world, and he could tell Qin Fei's concerns with a single glance. He said with a smile, "Little friend, you can rest assured. We will buy it and leave it to whoever it is. The rules can't be broken!"

Qin Fei nodded. "Then I will have to trouble Mister Elder Zhuo!"

"Follow me!"

Zhuo Chenguang took Qin Fei through a few alleys and came to a store on the street.

The decoration was simple and simple, and the details were exquisite.

The entire shop used the same style from the outside to the inside, and there were no flaws at all.

On the top of the door hung a signboard.

On the signboard were two big words, Dragon Snake Shakes the Sky!

"It turns out that the Gathering Ya Hall was opened by Mr. Elder Zhuo!" Qin Fei said to himself.

He had heard of the Gathering Hall before, it was one of the four big shops in the Nine Dragon antique street.

Whether it was the items that came out or entered from this place, he would guarantee that the items would be authentic. If the items were fake, it would be one to ten!

"Qin, please!" Through their conversation, Zhuo Chenguang knew Qin Fei's name, and they had become familiar with each other.

"Elder Zhuo, please go first!"

The two sat down.

A waiter immediately served them tea.

"This is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain's Green Jade Snail Tea, try it!" Zhuo Chenguang said slowly.

"It refreshed the mind. It's hot and hot in summer. It's best to relieve the heat!" Qin Fei was not in the mood to drink tea. He just wanted to quickly take out the square pot, so he gave a few symbolic compliments and changed to the main topic. "Elder Zhuo, what do you think of this square pot?"

Zhuo Chenguang smiled faintly and asked back, "Qin, what do you think?"

Qin Fei could not help having a headache. He was really afraid that whatever he was afraid of would come.

Although he was not considered a newbie in the antique industry, he had basic knowledge and could tell a thing or two about ordinary objects.

However, in front of a real big shot, he was far from that.

Furthermore, he bought the square pot directly when he saw the treasured light. He did not even have the time to look at it carefully and did not understand the situation at all.

Antiques played a cultural and fun game.

Apart from the value of the item itself, it was also important for both parties to buy and sell items.

If one could tell the whole story, the price would be high and not low.

If they were vague and didn't know what was going on, others naturally wouldn't be polite to lower the price.

At the same time, he would also look down.

Facing Zhuo Chenguang's burning gaze, Qin Fei gritted his teeth. This was his first time doing business, so he couldn't show his fear.

Thinking of this, he lifted his eyes and stared intently at the square pot in his hand.

His clairvoyance ability quietly opened.

The square pot, which was originally a physical object, gradually became transparent and decomposed.

It was as if he was performing a precise surgery. Every inch of the ___ was fine and detailed, and he could see it clearly.

In less than two minutes, Qin Fei already knew what was going on.

His luck was not bad. He had once come into contact with a square pot of the same grade, so he could say something about it.

"Thick and thick glaze is applied, the glaze is fine, the glaze is glossy, it has a milky turbid shape, and has a jade-like texture."

"The ancient one has the clouds, and the one who is good at it is similar to your kiln in many ways. This square pot's glaze was smooth and sparkling, and there were large patterns on it. The fetal bones were either deep gray or purple. The entire glaze covers the soles of one's feet, and there are nail marks at the bottom of the artifact. However, the details are... There are still impurities and bubbles, and they are also a major feature of the ___. "

"Therefore, the time can be put in between the Song Dynasty and the Song Dynasty. The forging process of the porcelain is going up at a rapid speed. It is undoubtedly Song Gongkiln! Elder Zhuo, I don't know if what I said is right or not? "

Zhuo Chenguang took a deep breath. "Qin, you are indeed not simple! There are not many people in the Song kiln, and not many people know how it works!"

"Speaking of which, Song Gongkiln is actually an over-developed ceramics product. It's not as delicate and exquisite as the Ruyao kiln, but it's very unique. The style is completely different. People who did not like it would only treat it as an ordinary object. But those who liked it would flock to it and view it as a treasure. It was two extremes! For example, I am the latter. I have a special affection for Song Gongyao! "

Qin Fei nodded slightly and did not make a sound.

At this point, there was no need to say anything else.

"Qin, if you really want this square pot, I can give you two hundred thousand!" Zhuo Chenguang said.

Two hundred thousand was just enough for his father's medical expenses!

But Qin Fei knew that during this transition period, the market price for Song Gongkiln porcelain was around one hundred thousand yuan.

Zhuo Chenguang spent two times the price to buy it. It was really high!

"Elder Zhuo, let's do it at the market price, 100,000 yuan!" Qin Fei finally suppressed the impulse in his heart.

"Qin, you don't need to be polite with me. Two hundred thousand. I think it's worth it. I can also afford it!" Zhuo Chenguang said.

"Elder Zhuo, it's not about the price!" Qin Fei explained, "If it wasn't for my good luck today, this square pot would have been in your hands. A gentleman snatching away someone's love makes me feel bad. One hundred thousand, take it as a gift for you!"

When Zhuo Chenguang heard this, he was first stunned, then he raised his head and laughed. "Hahahaha, Qin, I accept your kindness! I have made friends with you too! One hundred thousand, that's one hundred thousand! "

" Thank you, Elder Zhuo! "

"Transfer the money!" said the young man.

Soon, Zhuo Chenguang asked the staff in the shop to pay Qin Fei.

Seeing the 100,000 yuan message on his phone, Qin Fei was very happy. "Elder Zhuo, it's late. I have something to do, so I'll take my leave first!"

"Okay, if you need anything in the future, you can contact me at any time!" Zhuo Chenguang handed over a business card and said generously. " I am not a top figure in the Yu City. But he still has some weight! "

"Thank you, Elder Zhuo. I will not be polite to you!" Qin Fei half-jokingly turned around and left the hall.

"This kid has a sharp eye. He isn't greedy or impatient. As long as he doesn't take the wrong path, he will definitely become a great figure in the future! If there is a chance, we must rope him in!"

Zhuo Chenguang nodded repeatedly and praised. Suddenly, he was still puzzled. "Why haven't I encountered and heard of such an outstanding young man before?"

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