I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C9 Settling Director Huang
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I’m Good At Seeking Loophole/C9 Settling Director Huang
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C9 Settling Director Huang

When Mother Qin saw her son, she wiped away her tears and held Qin Fei's hand tightly. "Fei, you have come at the right time. They are going to chase your father out. Hurry up and say good things to them and let your father live!"

"Mom, don't worry about this. I will handle it."

Qin Fei comforted his mother and turned his gaze coldly to the doctors. "Who wants to kick my father out?"


A doctor wearing glasses stood up with a sneer.

He adjusted his black-rimmed glasses and said firmly, "Your father owes the hospital a lot of hospitalization fees. We have the right to kick him out of the ward."

"Qin Fei, you are a big man. You can't even afford to pay the medical fees. How can you let your dad stay in our hospital?"

"The hospital is not a good place. If you don't have money, get out of here!"

As he spoke, his eyes became more and more ruthless. He raised his hand and directed the interns. "You guys, quickly throw out their belongings. And this old fool, get out of here!"

"This ward will be vacated immediately. New patients are still waiting to be admitted!" As he spoke, he even deliberately gave Qin Fei a provocative look. His eyes were full of disdain.

The medical interns dared not disobey him. They were about to carry the unconscious Father Qin out with all their might.

Qin Fei could not bear it. He pushed the person who wanted to pull his father away, then took out the payment receipt and patted Doctor Glasses on the chest.

"Open your dog eyes wide and look clearly. This is the inpatient fee I just paid. 100,000 yuan!"

He glared at the doctor angrily.


The doctor was dumbfounded when he saw the invoice.

He did not expect that the poor Qin family would suddenly become so rich and pay the operation fee of 100,000 yuan in one go!

"Who gave you the courage to expel a critically ill patient without the signature of a family member?" Qin Fei looked at Doctor Glasses and spoke in an aggressive tone.

Doctor Glasses' heart trembled for some reason, and he was a little afraid.

"It's... It's Department Director Huang." His voice was trembling.

"Huang Jianren?"

Qin Fei suddenly realized what was going on. It was this guy who wanted to drive his father out of the hospital.

Just because he had exposed Huang Jianren's plot, this guy had waited for an opportunity to take revenge. He did not hesitate to make a move on his seriously ill father!

Seeing that Qin Fei was deep in thought and did not say anything, and then thinking about the support of Director Huang behind him, Doctor Glasses suddenly became firm again. "Qin Fei, even if you pay the hospitalization fee, we will not charge your father. Quickly pack your things and get out of here!"

"This is also Director Huang's idea?"


"Go, get Director Huang here. " Qin Fei clenched his fists, and had the urge to hit someone.

He never thought that Huang Jianren would be so shameless. In order to take revenge on him, Huang Jianren had actually killed his seriously ill father.

"There's no need to look for me. I'm coming."

At this time, Huang Jianren shook his suit and walked in from outside the ward.

Although he did not have a high position, his style was quite good. His arrogant manner was even more domineering than the director.

Once he entered, other than Han Xiaoya, all the medical staff surrounded to express their goodwill and expressed their stance.

"Huang, I have already paid for the hospitalization fees. What right do you have to chase my father away?" Qin Fei gritted his teeth and asked.

"Because I am the associate chief physician of the Orthopedics Department!"

Huang Jianren put his hands in his pockets and said domineeringly, "I have the final say in the Orthopedics Department. No one can stop me from chasing your father away."

"Is that so?" Qin Fei smiled coldly.

"Cut the crap!" Huang Jianren gritted his teeth and said impatiently, "If you kneel down and apologize to me, perhaps I will be especially merciful and leave your father here to continue his treatment!"

When he thought about how this kid had messed up his and Han Xiaoya's business, Huang Jianren gritted his teeth with hatred.

"Quickly kneel down and apologize to Director Huang!"

"Yes, quickly kneel down!"

Doctor Glasses agreed, and the other doctors joined in.

For a moment, except for Han Xiaoya, everyone in the ward looked at Qin Fei as if he was eating someone.


Qin Fei sneered when he saw this. He stared at these doctors like he was looking at a clown. "Your Director Huang is about to be chased out of Ren'an Hospital. To think that you are still kneeling and licking him like crazy."

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone looked at Lin Fei as if they were looking at a fool.

"Hahaha... I'm dying of laughter. Qin Fei actually said that Director Huang would be kicked out of the hospital? This is the funniest joke I've heard this year!"

"That's right. I think he has been provoked and is daydreaming there!"

"The person who was about to be chased out should be himself, right?"


"How shameless. I'm the associate chief physician of the Orthopedics Department and a relative of the associate chief physician. Who has the right to kick me out?" Huang Jianren was arrogant and unruly. He looked at Qin Fei arrogantly and disdainfully.

"I have worked in Ren'an Hospital for more than ten years. The entire Orthopedics Department is mine! In a few years, the entire Ren'an Hospital will belong to our Huang Family. I would like to see who has the right to chase me away. "

"Director Huang, you have a big population!"

As soon as Huang Jianren finished speaking, a gloomy and angry voice sounded from behind.

At this moment, the bald Dean Hong had a gloomy face. After letting out a muffled groan, he quickly walked over.

"Dean, you are here..."

Huang Jianren broke out in a cold sweat.

Dean Hong was most afraid of others coveting his position as the Dean. What he said just now had fallen into the ears of the Dean. How could it be?

"Dean Hong, listen to me. I was just joking just now. It was all because of Qin Fei..."

"There's no need to explain!"

Before he could finish his flattering words, Dean Hong's face turned gloomy. He looked at Qin Fei and immediately announced, "From now on, you are fired."

"What? !"

When Huang Jianren heard this, his face was filled with disbelief. "Director, I was just joking. You want to fire me? What right do you have?"

"What right do you have? Based on the fact that you offended someone you shouldn't have offended!"

When these words were spoken, everyone was dumbfounded.

Director Huang had offended someone he shouldn't have offended...

Could it be Qin Fei?

This kid had just said that Director Huang would be kicked out of the hospital, and this really happened. Had his mouth ever been open?

This time, everyone's gaze turned towards Qin Fei in unison.

The corner of Qin Fei's mouth curled into a smile. He looked at Huang Jianren and said, "Huang, this is what you get for yourself."

Huang Jianren was dumbfounded. He looked at Qin Fei in disbelief. "It's you?"

He suddenly realized what was happening. He pointed at Qin Fei's nose and said fiercely, "You are the one behind this, causing me to be chased away by Dean Hong?"

"I am not that capable." The corner of Qin Fei's mouth curled up, and he showed a beautiful smile. "It was you who bullied others with your power, and you used your power for personal gain. You only have yourself to blame for this result."

"Bastard, I will f * cking kill you!"

Huang Jianren instantly became furious. He raised his fist and was ready to attack.

However, before he could touch Qin Fei, he was kicked to the ground by Qin Fei.

The security guards who came after him did not say anything. They grabbed Huang Jianren from both sides and dragged him out like a dead dog.

"Qin Fei, you son of a b * tch, I am not done with you. I will kill you sooner or later..." Huang Jianren was hysterical and shouted like a mad dog.

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