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Ashley and her best friend were inside the coffee shop owned by her sister. They were supposed to be discussing some of the shots they took before showing them to their clients. Both of them came from a well-off family but they wanted to open their own business. They took a photography course. Kat studied in Mumbai while she went to a university in Arkansas. They recently opened their start-up business, a studio which they named a AshKat. Kat was more of the commercial photographer, she on the other hand was the food and event photographer but they could do each other’s jobs if they needed to. She could even ask help from Kat’s ex-boyfriend, Clyde who was a more versatile photographer than the two of them.

She sighed heavily before finally putting the camera down. Showing Kat the pictures was useless because her friend seemed to be busy checking out someone.

"Kat! Are you listening to me?!” She asked with a frown.

Her friend started talking as if to herself while her eyes were on the entrance of the café. "Please let him go here. Please…please. I promise that I will stop criticizing our models and will be nicer to them just let him come inside so I can see him up-close.”

She turned to where her friend’s eyes seem fixated. The café had glass windows. Outside was a tall man who was surrounded by thee women. Behind the man, two males were grinning while checking out the women. She could only see the tall man's right profile. He was in a white shirt and from this far, it was obvious that he had a hunky body and she noticed a tattoo on his arm.

With a raise brow she mumbled, “An actor?”

Usually women go gaga over good-looking actors who most of the timewere full of themselves, just like the one outside.

With another sigh, she shook Kat’s left arm. “Who are you looking at?” she asked in a bit irritated small voice.

Kat turned and her narrowed eyes went to her."Seriously Ash? You are also a photographer so you should know him! “

She just rolled her eyes. "Look! I don't have a very sharp eye when it comes to men unlike you!"

She stood up when she noticed that the barista seemed to be searching for something. She might as well just help him since her sister was not in the café.

“Gosh Ashley! You really have no idea? Well he is no other than the Jett Alejandre! The heir of Alejandre Group of Companies. His family is filthy rich but he works as a part-time model. He is the newest male model of IRM which stands for It's Raining Men Apparel. The owner is his uncle. He also does modelling abroad FYI!”

She just stuck out her tongue at her. They maybe friends but they didn’t exactly like the same things. "Oh okay! Now I recognize that name. So the bad boy and playboy of the runway is outside. Do you want to welcome him with a drink to show your admiration? “She asked sarcastically before turning to leave.

That man might be very good looking, famous and rich but she was not into such males. She walked to the counter.

"What are you looking for?" she asked Neil, the bartender.

He smiled shyly at her, “The cinnamon powder Miss Ashley. I can’t find it.”

"It’s here." she opened the small cabinet next to the coffee machine.

The cute barista nervously grinned and apologized.

She smiled back. "That’s okay. “

Kat’s shrill voice made her turn her head. "Oh my gosh! This is it!”

She shook her head from side to side. Her friend was giddier! She transferred her eyes to the entrance and saw Mr. Arrogant and God's gift to women was about to come inside the cafe.

"Oh geez Katherine! Will you just stop!” she angrily said before turning her back to go to the kitchen.

After a few moments, when she returned to check on Kat, she saw her holding the camera while looking at some photos with a frown. Cocking one brow, she roamed her eyes and saw the reason for that distorted expression.

Jett Alejandre was sitting at one of the tables with his buddies. A woman in a slinky dress had her hand on one of his biceps with a tattoo. No wonder her friend looked annoyed.

“Eow Kat!! Don't tell me you're jealous?" She chuckled before sitting across her. She had her back on Jett’s group.

Kat darted her an angry stare but didn't say anything.

"You are prettier and you shouldn't even be bothering with that man! You have Clyde you know."

Her friend finally straightened and leaned on the seat. She crossed her arms in front of her while her eyes went to Jett.

"Thanks Ash! You are really a nice friend. I know that you are just making me feel better. I am so plain so I guess I better stop this nonsense. He is way out of my league.” She said sadly.

"You are too hard on yourself! You are pretty and nice that’s why Clyde still loves you. It was you who broke up with him. He wants you back but the problem is you. That Jett Alejandre is bad news. If you don’t want to have stress and a heartache avoid such players!" She advised then took the camera Kat was looking at. She almost dropped it on the table when the latter slapped her arm so she glared at her.

"Why am I so stupid? I am too confident that’s why I get in trouble sometimes! I am not a good match for Jett, you are! You are gorgeous and you two are perfect for each other! You are a sexy single female who is ready to mingle!” she said giddily.

She groaned in frustration. “No way! He’s not my type and I don’t want any stress in my life! I am happy being single. Stop wasting time and just check these photos I chose for our new client." she changed the subject by showing her friend the camera.

Kat sighed heavily." I don’t know why you chose to be a photographer when you can be a model. If I were you...”

She cut her friend off by showing her the pictures. “This one is good…”

(At Jett's table)

"I really have to go. Call me okay?" the woman said to Jett before giving him a peck on the cheek . She even waved at Andy and Seth before leaving.

"Way to go dude! Jett Alejandre did it again! Getting a woman is effortless!” Seth said with a chuckle before he and Andy gave each other a high five.

Jett just grinned. His friends were right. Women flock to him all the time which could be tiring and boring.

“Look who’s here. We were about to split dude!” Seth told Dale who just got inside.

They all fist- bumped.

"Sorry dudes! I had to bring my car to the shop. Something’s wrong with the lights.”

Andy and Seth let out disapproving sounds from the back of their throats while Jett just shook his head.

“Better get a new one dude! Last time it was the engine. You are just pouring money down the drain! Anyway time to go! Gil is waiting for us. I am really interested in the monster bike he has been talking about.” The latter said.

“Give me a sec dude!” Dale advanced into the room.

Jett just nodded while checking his phone.

“Wow dude! Who is that?” whistled Seth under his breath which made Jett frown. ***

Ashley turned when she heard a male’s voice.

"Miss Gorgeous? It is really you!”

She stood up and smiled at the tall man approaching her. "Dorky? Is that you?" She asked with a light laugh.

Dorky didn’t suit the man anymore. He looked good and he dressed well but she knew it was him. Only one guy in her high school called her Miss Gorgeous. And that was Dale “Dorky” Evangelista. He was graduating while she was a freshman when they met.

“I didn’t think it was possible that you will be more gorgeous! Can I give you a bear hug?” He asked. His eyes were pleading and twinkling.

She just nodded with a smile then let him enveloped her in his arms for a friendly embrace.

"Dang man! Dale is so lucky! Where did that sexy woman come from?!” Seth said with envy .

Jett pocketed his phone and turned to see why Seth and Andy were gawking. His eyes narrowed. Dale just released a petite, very pretty and sexy as hell female.

"Your flattery will get you nowhere dorky! I am far from gorgeous!" Ashley said with a grin when she got out of Dale’s embrace and he chuckled.

"I have always been honest you know that. Let me introduce you to my friends. Tell me again that you are not gorgeous after seeing their reaction to you.”

Ashley didn’t have a choice but to go with him. Kat was not yet back from the rest room. Dale’s hand pulled hers. She frowned because they are heading to the man she never wanted to see face to face.

(Jett’s POV)

He cocked a brow. The woman was even lovelier up-close. She was so attractive and one thing was for sure. HE WANTED HER AND HE WOULD HAVE HER.

His jaw clenched when he saw that Dale was holding her hand. He felt heat came up his face. He raised his eyes to see her pretty features. When their eyes locked, his constricted because she was looking at him with something like disgust in her beautiful eyes. He didn't like that. This very desirable woman would be his no matter what.

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