I'm the Legitimate Wife/C3 Yet, he had actually caused himself to commit suicide …
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I'm the Legitimate Wife/C3 Yet, he had actually caused himself to commit suicide …
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C3 Yet, he had actually caused himself to commit suicide …

But you're courting death

As servants, they saw the wind in the manor the most, and would usually look down on the higher ups. The more pampered concubine concubinage could still get a smile from the kitchen. If she wasn't pampered, then even if it was silver, the wives would still have to shirk it a little and beg for it in a good mood.

From the moment Xu Mingwei had seen the matter of the slave great treason, he had seen countless of things from the time she was still in the arms of her mother, the Lady Helan. She gradually understood that the world had changed, and people weren't born equal.

The status and identity of a martial artist was an insurmountable chasm that not even silver coins could fill.

For example, the Lady Ji in the Second Branch.

Although the Xu family was one of the Four Great Families in Tianqi and one of the richest families in the world, they had once seen a shop that was so big that it could not move freely because it was on fire. It just so happened that Xu Tianzheng of the second house had reached the age of marriage at that time. The Xu family's old patriarch and his wife had decided to arrange a marriage for him in Jiangnan.

At that time, the Ji Clan was very eager to marry the Xu Clan. Those who did business were not stupid. They would only have a chance if they knew they had a chance. Back then, when Lady Ji entered, she already said that she would pay eighty-six taels of silver just for the dowry on the surface. If she wasn't able to surpass level, even the Ji Clan would be able to afford to pay for the two hundred and eighty-six pieces of dowry. Lady Helan had started managing the household in the past few years and had secretly turned over old debts. It was only then that she found out that the year Lady Ji entered the school, her account actually had an extra two hundred thousand taels of silver.

It goes without saying how such a large sum of money came about.

Of course the Ji Clan would not do business with a loss. After marrying into the Xu family, the marriage between the children of the Ji family immediately went up. A few officials in the clan soon found a place, but their grade did not change. It was just that in a few years, their political achievements were promoted again. Ever since the Ji Family had married a Lady Ji, their fortune had skyrocketed. As for whether or not her married daughter would live happily in her parents' home, that was not what the Ji Clan was concerned about.

With so many betrothed wives, he could still have a wife, but that was because the Lady Ji was useless.

But Lady Ji was such a useless person.

The eldest wife of the Xu family's fourth wife spoke of the Lady Helan of Liangshan, the only one of the four great families in the Tianqi who carried royal bloodline. Their status was needless to say; the second great family in the three rooms was actually three great families, generation after generation of Heavenly sons, respected beyond compare among scholars. The Lady Liang's Lady Liang was the same as Xu Mingwei's mother, so they were all cousins, but the distance between them was too far and they had never met each other before. The two of them had married into the Xu family and only then did they understand each other's relationship.

Amongst the four wives, only the Lady Ji had the lowest position. Others might not have looked down on her, but she had already looked down on her own shamelessness, making others look down on her. Lady Helan knew about this old grudge, and she had a kind of unexplainable feelings towards Lady Ji. Normally, when the other two houses were fighting with her, they would still be willing to help her say a few words. Mu Rong was a proud and arrogant person, but what annoyed her the most was the copper stench, and she didn't even bother to speak a word with Lady Ji. Amongst the three of them, the one who hated the Lady Ji the most was probably the Lady Liang. He didn't know why, but when Lady Liang saw him, he was like a cat seeing a bird.

The backyard of this inner chamber was not like the spacious field outside a man's residence. Day after day they all looked at the same garden, facing the same faces. The Lady Ji was someone who loved to think too much about it after all. After getting a few words from the three rooms, he couldn't fall asleep at night no matter how hard she tried. Second Branch Master Xu Tianzheng had always despised this marriage, so he was unable to straighten his back in front of his brothers. After so many years, the Lady Ji could only give birth to a Xu Mingmei, and the Second Patriarch was even more unwilling to bring him around. Most likely, when they returned to the Lady Ji, they had to rest here and there, leading to the marriage of the Second Branch.

The Xu family was a family that followed the rules. Naturally, there was no reason for a concubine to be born before her son. Old Master Xu was already very angry, he called the Second Master and the Lady Ji to the study room and scolded them. If they still could not see their son by next year, he would withdraw from the job of being the Second Master outside.

When she became pregnant, she slept in the courtyard of her concubine on the second day. was so angry that he became pregnant that night and almost lost his balance in his womb.

However, this time, the Xu family's old patriarch and the old mistress clearly did not want to bother with him anymore. They did not call the second master over to reprimand him. Lady Ji had also frequently come to complain to Lady Helan about this matter, and these few words that kept repeating back and forth could even be heard by Xu Mingwei who was not good at walking at that time.

If she had as much dowry as Lady Ji, and married her second son without having to take charge, and had a parents-in-law that was in his hands, she wouldn't care what a man did. She would just treat him like a son, and do whatever he wanted with him. He was rich and free, so what couldn't he do?

His sister-in-law was like a colleague, saying a few sarcastic words would affect him. As long as his superior did not cause him trouble, he would not have to live a carefree life. If he really couldn't take it anymore, then it was simple. 's Mu Rong was noble and proud, buying a bunch of famous calligraphy and paintings, ripping them up and painting them, wasting them however she liked, so she didn't feel too bad about it. I can't stand it? Then you should just spend the money to buy it, just one word is enough to choke Mu Rong to death.

Wasn't the Lady Liang of the fourth wife stabbing people, in the end, didn't she just dislike the Lady Ji's rich parents? Then let's just spend it in the sea. No matter how happy you are to spend so much silver, don't be jealous to death.

From Xu Mingwei's point of view, the Lady Ji was a good example of someone holding a hand alive and trying to kill herself. It was just that her status was a little bit lower, but she had already disgraced herself first. It was no wonder that the Countess had regretted telling the Old Master more than once that she shouldn't have sold her second son's marriage for such a small amount of silver. Even the servants knew that the mistress of the second branch was a wooden person who had no idea how to guard the mountains of gold and silver to make herself feel better. It was no wonder that he didn't like her at all. She was someone who he couldn't stand up on his own, a person who others couldn't support. Even the manager's wife was stronger than Lady Ji.

Xu Mingwei had this benefit when she was young, the adults always treated her like she didn't know anything, and never avoided her when she was talking, allowing her to listen to many secrets of the Xu Family. This situation continued until she started to learn to speak, and the adults only avoided her when they were afraid that she would learn how to speak.

Lady Helan didn't have such a habit. No matter if it was to discipline the servants or to deal with the private matters in the courtyard, she would never avoid the fact that Xu Mingwei was still present. She personally carried her to listen to the manager's reply, and even the concubine that privately sold the master was made in front of Xu Mingwei.

Xu Mingwei was initially worried that the Lady Helan had sensed something. Only later on did she realize that the Lady Helan had been planning to let him listen to her since she was young, so that when she gets married in the future, she could shoulder the responsibility of being the mistress.

As the eldest daughter, she was destined to marry into a suitable family to become the mother. It was precisely because of this that the two elders of the Xu family, who only cared about their grandson, treated her differently. When they were young, they often carried her and played in the house.

It was probably because of this that the Xu Mingdong of three rooms was especially unworthy towards his eldest sister. Everyone was also a direct descendent, and her big sister was even such a long character. How could she be that much shorter compared to Xu Mingwei?

Although Xu Mingqiang usually acted like a big sister, being sensible and courteous, and took good care of Xu Mingwei, but the injustice in her eyes could still be seen through.

But other than that, Xu Mingqiang had no other choice.

Because this was the way of the world.

Xu Mingqiang was born in three rooms, and from her birth, she was destined to be one level lower than Xu Mingwei in terms of marriage. In addition, her mother, who was a scholar who only cared about matters of the heart, was even less likely to talk about marriage as the legitimate son of the family.

Xu Mingdong loathed Xu Mingwei only because of her own vague intuition. Xu Mingqiang had seen through it much clearer than she had, and this bone of injustice, could only feel helplessness and sorrow.

Fortunately, Xu Mingwei was still young, and didn't go out at a time similar to Xu Mingqiang. She didn't pose much of a threat to her at the moment. In comparison, it was actually Xu Mingmo from the fourth wife who posed a greater threat to her. The age difference between the two was only one year. There were only a few families that were compatible with each other, and there were only a few families that were suitable for their age. One could imagine that the relationship between Xu Mingqiang and her would become very subtle in this critical period of two years.

If Xu Mingwei had believed in the way she had done in her previous life, holding onto Wan Rou and the others' hands, saying that we were friends, we were born to be equal … That would be silly. Wan Rou and the others were not moved at all, instead, they thought that Xu Mingwei had been struck by evil or that they had lost their minds. Virgin Mary, who was like the leader of Red River City in the sun, could not be eaten in this world.

If he didn't want to be treated as a beast race member, then he had no choice but to integrate himself into the group.

To the Little girl! Little girl in Xu Mingwei's room, the little mistress had given clear rewards and punishments to the servants below.

Since the extra kindness was useless, Xu Mingwei decided not to do the useless work. With the maid's concern and concern, she quickly tidied up the room and went to the main house to see the Lady Helan.

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