I May Not Love You/C1 Ten-year entanglement
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I May Not Love You/C1 Ten-year entanglement
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C1 Ten-year entanglement

The night was as tranquil as water. The ambiguous breathing sounds of a man and a woman accompanied by the ambiguous sounds of the night, two figures intertwined in the small storage room.

Leng Qing grabbed Xia Ruchuan's slender shoulders and mercilessly rammed into Xia Ruchuan's body from behind. Regardless of whether Xia Ruchuan's body was still dry or dry, he started to frantically attack the city.

Xia Ruchang cried out involuntarily. When he heard the footsteps outside the door, he gritted his teeth, afraid that it would attract the attention of others, and he kept quiet.

Leng Qing looked at her movements with his eyes, and his actions became even more crazed.

Right at this moment, Leng Qing's cell phone rang, Xia Ruchuan felt something pull out of her body, and his back was pushed back with force. Xia Ruchuan's head hit the cabinet, and as he stood up dizzily, he heard Leng Qing's gentle voice.

"Lisa, why did you call me at this time? Did you miss me?"

Xia Ruchang's eyelashes slowly drooped down as he rubbed his knees. He should be bruised and bleeding here tomorrow.

However, in Leng Qing's eyes, she couldn't even compare to Wang Lisa's single call!

Xia Ruchuan looked at Leng Qing's side profile, her cold silhouette, her sharp and straight nose, and her distant gaze that was like that of a sea god. Xia Ruchang smiled seductively as she stood up from the ground and kneeled in front of Leng Qing.

Leng Qing sucked in a cold breath, his serene eyes staring at the woman below him. Xia Ruchuan also raised his eyebrows at her, and their gazes seemed to burst out into flames. After thirty seconds, Leng Qing spoke into the phone, "Darling, I'm going to work overtime."

Xia Ruchang pursed her lips in satisfaction. In the next second, the back of her head was forcefully pressed down. The man mercilessly charged at her, and before long, a fishy taste spread out from her mouth.

Xia Ruchang opened his gaping mouth and grabbed her hair, but couldn't spit it out as he swallowed it down her throat.

How could he do this to her?

Xia Ruchuan covered her mouth and vomited. She angrily pushed away Leng Qing's hand, and with a flip of his hand, grabbed her wrist. She then pressed down on Xia Ruchuan's waist, and once again entered her body.

"What's there to pretend about? You were the one who seduced me earlier."

After the rain and clouds stopped, Xia Ruchang was so tired that he could not even lift a single finger.

"In two months, I will give Lisa a grand wedding. You'd better clarify our relationship."

"One of us will sell the goods while the other will buy. Buying the goods will definitely leave our hands. What does it have to do with paying the bill?"

A year ago, she had seen the newspapers filled with gossip about Leng Qing and Wang Lisa. She wondered, when would he tell her?

Now he had said, two months before the wedding, that he would warn her to remember her identity and not spoil his wedding to another woman.

Leng Qing stared coldly at Xia Ruchuan for a long time. After a long while, he finally said: "Xia Ruchuan, you can do anything for money. It's good to have a clear mind."

Xia Ruchang stared at the black door, the madness in his bed, the elegance in his clothes under the bed, the coldness in his eyes, the gentleness in his eyes, one was mud and one was cloud.

Ten years. She had been entangled with Leng Qing for ten years. Was it finally time to end this matter?

Xia Ruochen had a physique that could easily bruise blood. When she woke up the next day, the bruises on her feet were extremely terrifying.

She called Leng Qing to ask for leave.

"I can ask for leave of absence, but tell me, are you disabled or dead? If not, this lowly life of yours doesn't have the right to ask for leave."

Without waiting for Xia Ruchang to speak, the doctor hung up the phone.

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