I May Not Love You/C2 The ultimate fantasy of women
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I May Not Love You/C2 The ultimate fantasy of women
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C2 The ultimate fantasy of women

Xia Ruchang could only find a pair of black stockings to put on.

At the age of thirteen, there was a scout who wanted to sign the contract. She sat quietly to the side and made a record. When Leng Qing saw the three managers who reported to her, she had already secretly sized up Xia Ruchuan a few times.

The greasy gaze roamed over her curvy body.

"A project like this, even primary school students can write it. If something like this is brought to me, the corporation will not raise trash like you."

Xia Ruchang's fingers that were tapping the keyboard paused, thinking that Leng Qing seemed to be in a very bad mood today.

The next second, a large hand grabbed her arm and pulled her over, reaching under her skirt.

Xia Ruchang panicked as he held onto Leng Qing's arm, saying: "Are you crazy? This is the office, someone can come in at any time."

The vulgar gazes of the three middle-aged men from before had already made her feel evil. If someone were to barge in and see this scene, she would only feel even worse.

"It's the middle of summer, and you're still wearing a black line. Isn't it just to seduce people? Xia Ruchang, why do you say you don't mean what you say!"

Leng Qing mercilessly tore apart the stockings on Xia Ruchuan's feet, stripped off the clothes on Xia Ruchuan's body, and rudely barged into Xia Ruchuan's body.

"You should at least leave one for me ?" Shame cloth.

"If you want it to end quickly, then let's see how you do it."

Leng Qing's clothes were still undamaged as he looked at the naked Xia Ruchuan without moving, as if he was waiting for her decision.

She understood Leng Qing's meaning.

She was nothing but mud in the eyes of Leng Qing.

The mud would not have thoughts, nor would it hurt, much less need his concern.

Xia Ruchang reached out and wrapped his arm around Leng Qing's neck. He would never give what she wanted here in Leng Qing's place; she could only rely on herself.

When Leng Qing released his energy from her body, Xia Ruchang felt a warm current flowing through his body. His eyes widened; he actually didn't use any protective measures.

"Postage medicine!" Leng Qing pulled Xia Ruochen off his body, and looked down at her condescendingly: "Clean this up in five minutes, Lisa will be coming over soon."

Wang Lisa came here to see the wedding designer, and the moment she arrived, she stopped Xia Ruchuan and asked him to accompany her.

"Women's things should be judged with a woman's eyes. Men, you don't find these things reliable!"

Leng Qing asked for Tiffany's chief designer.

Tiffany's wedding ring, the ultimate fantasy of women.

Each man can only customize one in a lifetime, and witness the unique sincere love.

When Ka Luo displayed the work, Wang Lisa's eyes were infatuated. "It's too beautiful. It's more beautiful than I imagined."

"This is designed according to Mr. Leng's request. He said that the person wearing the wedding ring is the only pure and pure love in his heart. This is the pentagram's design, and in the legends, the pentagram symbolizes the ultimate purification."

Ka Luo's gaze shifted to Xia Ruoxi. "Secretary Xia, your fingers are slender and beautiful, giving me a lot of inspiration for your design. If you get married one day, please ask me to customize a ring.

Xia Ruchu laughed dryly, "I can't afford to bring a ring worth a few million. With this ring, why not exchange it for money and put it in front of me? I'll be happier."

Marriage, this word, would probably never belong to her in this life.

"Carlo, how could a vulgar woman like her be worthy of the true love you designed?"

Leng Qing's voice rang out behind them.

"Leng Qing, don't say that. You guys don't know what a wedding ring means to a woman. For example, the ring that Ka Luo designed is really beautiful. Do you want to try it on? You won't say that when the time comes."

Xia Ruchuan stared at the pentagram on the ring and covered it with his palm. "Dirty, she's not fit to touch it."

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