I May Not Love You/C3 Don't want to sell
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I May Not Love You/C3 Don't want to sell
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C3 Don't want to sell

Xia Ruchang was sleeping soundly, a big hand moving across her body.

Xia Ruchang opened his eyes, startled. He avoided his hand and said: "Leng Qing, our relationship ends here. We will part ways now."

When Leng Qing heard Xia Ruochen's words, his expression did not change at all. "Break up? For someone who has come out to sell, he would use the same word. What a joke. "

"Oh, then I don't want to sell anymore. The sale is over."

Xia Ruchuan slowly shifted her gaze away. Was it because she had suffered too many injuries? She was already immune to Leng Qing's words.

If it was her from ten years ago, she would not have listened to a word of it!

"Ten years, we should have already figured out what's between us."

"My mother is still in bed and she can't wake up. Ten years? " Leng Qing sneered, "Even if it's twenty years! You owe me. I didn't tell you to stop. You have no right to quit. "

"Your mom wasn't pushed down by me, she accidentally fell down. How many times do you need me to tell you before she'll believe me?"

"No matter how many times I say it, I don't believe it!" Xia Wei's appearance destroyed the Leng Clan, and you caused my mother to turn into a vegetable. Little San's daughter, the murderer, you can forget about changing your life! "

Xia Ruchang trembled. "No, don't say that to her ?"

Her mother was not a mistress. Her mother was such a gentle person.

When she was twelve years old, her mother, Xia Wei, brought her to the Leng Clan. Uncle Leng treated her very well, he said, Ru Yue, you don't have a father, so you can treat me as your father.

She thought this was the beginning of happiness, but she did not know that this was the beginning of misfortune.

Leng Qing's mother treated Xia Wei as a thorn in her side, and rumors started to spread from the Leng Clan that Xia Ruochen was Leng Feng's illegitimate daughter, causing Xia Wei to be unable to bear the burden and jump off the building to commit suicide.

Later, Leng Qing blamed his mother Zhao Li for falling down the stairs and turning into a vegetable.

She was a sinner, she was the daughter of the mistress, she was the murderer, she was guilty!

At the age of sixteen, she was locked in the storeroom where the servants did not live, and here she was robbed of her purity. Leng Qing said that she would repay the debts that her mother had owed her.

"Don't say it, then do it!"

Leng Qing pushed Xia Ruoxi against the wall, fiercely seizing her.

"Xia Ruoxi, where do you want to go? Provence, the Holy Land of Love, do you think you deserve to say the word 'love'? "Hmm?"

"How do you know ?"

Xia Ruchuan's eyes widened. The visa was made while Leng Qing was away on a business trip, and the plane ticket was reserved using someone else's bank account.

Even so, it couldn't be hidden from him.

Leng Qing threw his passport in front of Xia Ruchuan, "I've withdrawn your application. Stay here, I'm in a good mood. I'll let you go to play. Las Vegas is a more suitable place for you to go to."

Gambling, lechery, crime, such a degenerate heaven, in the eyes of the cold, is where she should go.

Xia Ruchang bit his lips as he helplessly endured.

Don't cry, Xia Ruoyun. Your tears will only bring ridicule from this person.

Xia Ruchuan lowered his head and walked out of Leng Qing's office, his clothes in disarray.

Ouyang Hai shook his head and advised, "Leng Qing, you should restrain yourself a little."

Leng Qing sat upright, "What, you want to advise me for your cousin's happiness? Xia Ruchang will never threaten Lisa's position. "

"I'm talking about Xia Ruyuan."

Ouyang Hai and Wang Li were distant relatives and close friends. He should be on Wang Li's side, but this Xia Ruchang was too pitiful.

Leng Qing was not afraid of anything, and no one dared to say that they were Leng Qing.

But Xia Ruchang was different, when the company mentioned Xia Ruchuan, it was full of meaningful meaning.

"Tell me how she got the upper hand with her body and how she seduced you. No matter what, she saved your life. "

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