I May Not Love You/C4 Her secret
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I May Not Love You/C4 Her secret
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C4 Her secret

People were afraid of what they said. How could a girl endure such a thing?

"I don't know what other people can't bear, but you underestimated Xia Ruochen. She owes me two lives, and even saved me once, so what?"

Leng Qing had just taken over the company and had been kidnapped. The kidnapper was pointing a gun at him, but Xia Ru Chu actually rushed out to block a shot for him.

Leng Qing asked her, "You saved my life, what do you want?"

Five million, she said.

If he gave her money, she could sleep, if he gave her money, she could risk her life to save him. Ouyang Hai underestimated Xia Ruyuan too much. As long as he gave money, she would do anything to this woman.

Outside the door, Xia Ruchang lowered his hand that was about to knock on the door.

? ?


Dr. Tony put down the receiver, his brows twitching. "You're not in a good condition, so you can't treat yourself better. In fact, there's still a lot of time left before your condition is treated actively."

"Is the remaining money enough for me to live for two months?"

"There's absolutely no problem with your body for two months. If you treat it well, it can be done in half a year or two ?"

Dr. Tony's words were too much for Xia Ruchuan. Two months later, her twenty-sixth birthday.

Mom said she met Dad at the most beautiful age of twenty-six.

Before her mother committed suicide, she said that the most regrettable thing was that she couldn't see the most beautiful age for her daughter.

At the age of twenty she had been shot at by Leng Qing and rescued at the hospital, and Tony had said she had a serious illness and needed a lot of money for treatment.

Xia Ruchu had three wishes in his life.

First, to Provence.

Second, to fulfill her mother's final wish.


Xia Ruchu smiled, it didn't matter, as long as a person could fulfill three of their wishes in their entire life, two would be good enough.

There were still two months before the start of the competition. Xia Ruchang, you can do it!

? ?

When Xia Ruchang returned to the villa, he saw that Wang Li's crying face was covered with tears the moment he entered the door.

Leng Qing threw a pink diary in front of Xia Ruchuan: "You did a good deed!"

The redness on Xia Ruchuan's face slowly faded.

This is her diary.

After so many years, there were some things that she was unable to say. The only thing she could say was in this diary.

Everything inside was a secret that she could not reveal.

Wang Lisa burped from her tears, "Ru Qing, you loved Leng Qing since you were young. Why didn't you say anything? After liking Leng Qing for so many years, how can I be at ease to marry him after knowing about this?"

Leng Qing replied, "Anyone who likes me has to take responsibility. I don't just want to marry one or two other people, our marriage won't change." He paused for a moment before continuing, "Xia Ruochen, put away your little thoughts that you shouldn't have."

Leng Qing hugged Wang Li and left.

Xia Ruchang slowly squatted down, picked up the diary and hugged it.

She had a secret that no one could reveal, and that was that she had silently loved Leng Qing for ten years.

Leng Qing was right. She shouldn't have had such thoughts, but this love seemed to have taken root in her heart.

Leng Qing tortured herself day after day. She thought that this love should have long since dissipated, but it was like a tree that was deeply rooted in her heart. One day, she might even tear her heart apart if she wanted to uproot this love.

Being treated with such disdain and disgust by Leng Qing, yet secretly falling in love with this person. Leng Qing was quite right in cursing her. She was despicable!

She carefully hid this secret in the diary, not daring to let anyone notice it. One day, however, it was placed on the table, naked.

It made her sick.

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