I May Not Love You/C5 Pregnancy
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I May Not Love You/C5 Pregnancy
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C5 Pregnancy

CEO's office.

"Leng Qing, CEO Leng, are you in a good mood today?"

Ouyang Hai remembered that the last time the company had done a business with a net profit of 50 billion, Leng Qing's lips didn't even curve an inch, today he had really seen a ghost.

Leng Qing looked at Ouyang Hai with a warning gaze and said, "Yesterday, Lisa flipped to Xia Ruyuan's diary. From the moment she came to the Leng Clan, she had been secretly in love with me."

"What's so surprising about this?" Seeing Leng Qing's surprised expression, Ouyang Hai opened his eyes wide and said in disbelief, "You can't be trying to say that you don't know that Xia Ru Chu likes you, right? As long as they have eyes, they will know! "

If it wasn't because she liked it, which woman could endure Leng Qing's temper like Xia Ruochen did?

Leng Qing's gaze flickered, but he said nothing.

? ?

Xia Ruchang sat on a hospital chair, blankly looking at the pregnancy report in his hands.

"Can I give birth to this child?"

"No, your body won't be able to take it. If you keep this child here, you might not even be able to bear giving birth."

Xia Ruchang's body was currently controlled by medicine, so the child would have to stop taking the medicine. At that time, her body would quickly decline.

"Dr. Tony, would you help me arrange the abortion?"

Xia Ruochen slowly lowered her head. She was not afraid that leaving her child behind would cause her limited illness to become even more short-lived.

In this world, she was always alone. Every night, she would only be able to see through the dark rooms, biting her lips to let her tears wet the pillow.

Who could be clearer of this pain?

Leng Qing hated her mother, so he transferred his hatred to her.

She wanted to bring her child into this world, but she couldn't bear to have that young life bear the pain in her place.

Xia Ruchang was lying in the operation room, his hands were tightly holding the bed sheets.

Dr. Tony told her to relax, but she was upset.

She was not as rational as she had been. She thought of a small, soft child, so cute, and how she wanted to keep it.

With a loud noise, the door to the operation room was kicked open. A pair of large hands grabbed onto Xia Ruchuan's collar and pulled her up. Xia Ruchang opened his eyes and met Leng Qing's angry eyes.

"How dare you come here and perform surgery without telling me! "Get down here, now, and come back with me."

This woman wrote about her love for him in her diary. She turned around and ruthlessly tried to kill their child.

Beautiful women are a disaster, they really can't believe what they're saying.

"You and Miss Wang are going to get married, and we have no relationship. It's not good for anyone if this child is born."

"Your mother is a murderer, and you are covered in her blood, so you are also so cold-blooded. I was wrong about you." Leng Qing sneered, "This child is mine, I want you to be born. As for my wedding with Lisa, it will not be affected. "

When Xia Ruchang heard that Leng Qing was actually willing to keep his child, the weight that had been pressing down on his heart finally relaxed.

But the second sentence stabbed at her heart.

His wedding to Wang Lisa was still the same, how could he count the birth of that child?

"The child's identity ?"

"Xia Ruochen, you aren't delusional enough to think that your son is too precious, are you? You, a daughter of a murderer, think you're worthy to be the young mistress of the Leng Clan? "

"A woman like Xia Wei can actually lie quietly in the cemetery after she destroys someone else's family. That means she should be dug out and thrown on the unmarked cemetery, don't you think?"

Leng Qing was threatening her!

Xia Ruchang closed his eyes and finally released his hand.

Her mother was a pitiful woman. She led a life out of this world and didn't even have a day to comfort her. Before she died, she still carried the reputation of being a mistress; she didn't want her mother to be treated like this after her death.

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