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C4 Trip

Diya's pov

All 7 of us give an application for a 4 days holiday after college end i went home did my homework and other stuff next day after getting ready and having breakfast i directly went to my mum and dad for seeking permission i told them all the plan and they agreed to it saying that i should be safe they did say yes because we 7 know eachother since childhood and so are parents

With that i went inside my room and packed my stuff for 4 days as per my needs and that were not much

I stopped the Raksha and asked the uncle to take me to Avni's address so that we can go together

Now the main task is to make her mother agree to this coz she is way to protected towards her daughter but she trust me as well so it won't be too tough

Uncal stopped the riksha just Infront of her house and i paid Him the amount

I knock the door and aunty open the door for me and smile and i smiled back and greeted her

Diya : namaste ( hello) aunty how are you doing

A mom : im doing great beta ( child) how about you

Diya : same as you aunty

A mom : wait i will call Avni down

Diya : actually aunty i want to talk to you about something

A mom : what happened beta is everything fine did avani did something

Diya: no no aunty she didn't do anything it just that Siddharth had just buy a new house so he invited all of us for staying for 4 days im Going as well could you please allow Avni as well trust me aunty i will take care of her i promise

She took some time to think and then she spoke

A mom : fine but promise me you will take care of her and you as well ok and message me his address ok

I took a deep breath of relief

Diya : aunty may i go to her room please

A mom : come on dear you don't need to ask for that go

I went inside her room nervousness

Was visible on her face

Avani : what happened di did she denied or said yes

Diya : come on girl i was the one asking she obviously said yes

Avani : of course she trust you more then me

Diya : its not about trust its about being

unresponsive immature that you are you are still a kid

Avani : no im not

Diya : yes you are not now get you stuff ready we will be leaving in 10 min

Avani : ok

And after 10 min she was all ready. We left her house and booked a car coz there house is far away im Shure it will take us at least one hour to reach there so a car will be more comfortable

After about an hour we successfully reached there rudra was standing right in front of his house for taking us in

His house was big and gorgeous and just next to his was an even bigger house

But i don't know why i was having a worng vibes from it like someone was staring at me from right there but i snap the thought i guess im just imagining things

I went inside the house and it was all luxury. Aaradhya and alia was earlier then us because they live near by and Aditi and her boyfriend was still on there way.. Siddharth came down to. Us and spoke

Siddharth: come on you all i will show you around the house

Alia: yes yes why not

Alia spoke excitedly and Siddharth look at her and she blushed so he did

don't tell me they have something between each other no wonder they both are acting weird around each other lately the thing did not went unnoticed by others 3 rudra and Aaradhya was smirking at Siddharth and Avani was about to burst in laughing and same goes with me and in 3 sec we 4 were dia laughing on both they were blushing hard

As red as tomato

Rudra spoke in between his laughter

Rudra : i guess we have another couple in the group

Siddharth spoke while blushing

Siddharth :will you shut up you are making her uncomfortable

Rudra : Ohio so protective before being official

Avni spoke in between

Avani : shut up rudra you are making them nervous see how red they are

Aaradhya : don't shut him he is right my sister choose a right guy. Im proud of you

Diya : keep her happy Siddharth

Making it to the end Siddharth spoke

Siddharth will you guys please shut up come alia i will show you your room so you can make yourself comfortable till the dinner ok

And she finally spoke while blushing hard

Alia: ok

And to tease him i spoke

Diya and what about all of us who is going to show us the house and our rooms

Siddharth : rudra is here we will help you all with it

Without leaving any room for arguments he left with alia her and all of us staff was already sent to our room by the staff

Rudra: come di and Aaradhya bhai

Diya : what about Avani

Rudra : we will be staying in the same room

Diya : no you will not she is staying with me in my room i can't let you people do any mistake you both are still immature

And Aaradhya also spoke

Aaradhya: she is right you both are still young

Rudra: i promise di we will do nothing worng

Diya : no rudra if you respect me you will listen

Rudra : fine di but can we talk alone sometimes you know couple talks please

And now im supporting both of them blushing hard daam they are so cute

Avani spoke and now finely aditi and her boyfriend showed up

Aditi: sorry im late he was doing is work did i missed something

Aaradhya : something very important and funny

Aditi : what tell me

Rudra : not now when we will have the dinner coz by baby is tired and so you all rest well we will talk at the timing of the dinner ok

Avani : shut up rudra now please show us our room im tired

Aditi: right im also way to tired and so is my boyfriend

Right honey

Rudra: sure come everyone

All the room's were very big Aaradhya's room was on my right and Avni's was on my left in front it was Siddharth and next to his was rudra's room and Infront of aaradhya was alia's room and next to her was aditi she and her boyfriend was sharing the same room

From the balcony of the room which im staying as an amazing view just Infront was that huge big luxurious house i have seen many but this was different i guess it the biggest house the hole daam Madhya Pradesh but idk why i was having a negative vibes from it i feel like someone is starting me continuously from that Windows but they were all black i can't see through them i. tried but failed so wiping the thought away are put an alarm off 7:00 p.m. for the dinner and went to sleep.

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