I miei averi (My belongings)/C5 He loves to kill
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I miei averi (My belongings)/C5 He loves to kill
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C5 He loves to kill

Manas pov

I ditched the college in an hour coz course she was not there then why would I waste my time in it even Gourav Kunal and Anuj came with me

Anuj drive us to my penthouse coz they want to have a look

We all sit in the car and was taking random stuff but Kunal was taking all about the girl he slept last night I was in no mood listing about his one nightstand

rather Gourav and Anuj were.

So we 3 shut him up together

And he made a stupid face

We reached my penthouse got inside Gourav Kunal and Anuj went straight to the kitchen to grab something to eat and I went inside my room for getting change I will head to my office because I have something urgent related to my Mafia work I got inside the bathroom and change into my office outfitAfter getting ready something caught my eye and that was diya with her friend she was looking beautiful as always I'm seeing her after 10 years she has changed a lot a grown beautiful women

I have a lot of photos of her but seeing her like this is just way too much

She never wore something reviling all her life she is always behind traditional

She looked at my side I guess she felt that I'm staring at her but she can't see me only I can do that coz every window of the villa is made up of a reciprocal mirror. But soon she went inside my neighbour's house with a girl and boy I guess his name is Rudra i guess I know his brother and father and about the girl I don't know I'm pretty Shure she is younger than diya

I also went down and I and Anuj went to handle the unfinished business and gourav and Kunal went there work.

Some people thought of betraying me but there bad my people caught them red-handed and now I and Anuj are going to have some fun

You see I love killing people

I went inside my new basement to meet those motherfucker let's see what they got in there guts to betray me

We both went inside and 2 sons of a bitch were tied to the chair well there face was covered with blood and hands and legs were on the edge of broking I men did a great work seeing them like that makes me fully satisfied a devil smirk appeared on my face and I went to the table to my toys and so Anuj did I chose the right man and he chooses the left on. I pic up a shared knife this is going to be fun said Anuj and I smirk in return

I went to my prey and started to draw with my knife blood started to ozz out from his body and he shrieks loud well begging me to stop this or just kill him but I'm heartless I'm going to stop until every drop of blood comes out of his body after finishing my drawing I punch of countless times on his face and my knuckles were painted in his blood I'm very pleasured now.

Manas: tell me how much information you have shared with them

He did speak about how loyal he is but not always loyalty comes with a great price I took out my gun and shoot him strength in between his eyes After some second I saw Anuj doing the same we are actually brothers

Anuj: I killed him because he was not of any use pathetic bastard

Manas: same goes with him do a investigate how many information he has traded and with whom

Anuj: my men already did that they have just told them about tomorrow's drug supply from Russia to your most minor enemy Armaan Siddiqui

Manas: well I guess he never learned let's give him a good lesson someday, for now, its enough and make Shure send him the video of this im Shure he will truly like it and yes your man did a good work

Anuj: thanks boss and. We should head back home you have your meeting after your collage ends you will be having a. A pretty busy day's now

Manas: don't call me boss we are brother and let's go I'm pretty hungry

And we both laugh together

We sit inside the car and head back to the pant House His car

We reached my penthouse and Anuj went to his home was is not far from mine just 3 colonies away I went inside my room for getting changed coz my pure white shirt had turned red from the blood I guess I need a long shower to get rid of this disgusting smell I do like killing people but one should always be hygienic after getting a long shower I changed into fresh clothes i moved to my window just in case I can spot my baby girl somewhere and I was right her room was right in front of mine and she was again looking at my window she is a curious cat I see after peeping for some seconds she steps back and went somewhere I don't know. but soon baby you will not have to peek at me I will always there for you and will always keep you mine soon baby. I thought about it at a smirk appear on my face and I light up my cigarette

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