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C6 His marks

Diya's pov

my alarm rings and i woke up at exactly at 7 pm after having a good power nape I don't feel exhausted now i took a 15 min shower and got into comfortable cloths I got down and saw only aaradhaya sitting in the main drawing-room I went there and sit beside him

Diya; akela q bathe Hain {why are you sitting alone} sab kidder Hain { where is every one }

aaradhaya: Avani aur Rudra drive par Gaye Hain Aditi abhi bhi so rehi hain siddharth aur alia balcony main hain aur main tere samne ho { Avni and Rudra have gone to the drive Aditi is still sleeping Siddharth and Aaliya are in the balcony and I am in front of you}

Diya: Sahi hai aab group main sab couple Hain {everyone in the group is now couple} expect us i guess we will be always single

Aaradhaya: and END up marrying each other

Diya: I would live forever single rather than marring you stupid

aaradhaya: of course as if I'm dying to marry you right

Diya: yes you are

Aaradhaya: in your dreams

and we both end up laughing very hard after some time when we finish laughing Aaradhaya spoke

Aaradhaya: there is a good park nearby come let's take a walk we will come back before dinner

Diya: good idea come let's go but firstly call and inform Siddharth ok

Aaradhaya called Siddharth and we head toward the park the way to the park was not long and we reach there soon

the garden was beautiful but idk I was having the vibe like someone is watching me I suppose i need to stop watching movies these days they are effecting my brain snapping out of thoughts I and Aaradhaya started to admire the park Diya: beautiful isn't

Aaradhaya: very beautiful come there is a bench there let's go and sit

he pointed to my right and we went there

Diya: how do you know about such a beautiful park

aaradhaya: dump I live nearby, of course, i would be knowing about it and you know I love a place related to nature and peace

Diya: hmm right you do since childhood

he hummed in response and we sit silently for sometimes and something funny came up in my mind from the past

Diya: hey aaradhaya do you remember your nickname addy

aaradhaya: don't star this

Diya: what if I make this name public

aaradhaya: I dare you to do this girl

Diya: HEHE I'm not scared of you I will do this

and i got up and started running and he started to chase me behind

aaradhaya: hey you can't do this we are best friends aren't we that is not fair

he said it while running behind me making a cute stupid face

Diya: no I will and if you want to really stop me try and catch me

Aaradhaya: wait till I catch you

with that I increased by speed and so did aaradhaya but suddenly I plunged and was about to fall but luckily he catch me in his arms And lifted me up and started to rotate around like crazy and on the other hand i was scared as hell and shout on him Diya: Aaradhaya put me down I'm scared

aaradhaya : firstly promise me you are not going to do that otherwise lifting you up and then throwing you down is not a difficult task for me

Diya : fine I promise now put me down otherwise I'm kicking your ass

Aaradhaya : fine fine

and then he put me down and we both burst out laughing but again i sense that someone is staring me and the feeling I'm getting right now is not good at all i was so in my thoughts that i didn't notice that aaradhaya was calling

aaradhaya: can you please come out of your dream world so we can head back home

i didn't replay and he notices the worry on my face

aaradhaya : what happened you suddenly look worried you ok right

Diya : idk why but from the time i came here i feel someone is watching me that feels so strange

aaradhaya think for a sec and then spoke

aaradhaya : I guess you are stressed up do one thing don't think about this and if it still happens tell me okay

Diya : ok

with that, we left from there but the feeling was still there but aaradhaya was trying his best to divert my mind from it and he was doing it pretty great

we reach home we all 8 had dinner together and had some nice talk and after that we all went our room I called my mom and brother to tell them I'm ok and after wishing them good night i went to sleep

i woke up in the middle of the night I feel someone is touching me when their hand went to my thighs I completely come to my senses this is not a dream I turned around and met with those 2 beautiful brown eyes it even didn't take me a sec to recognize them those pair of eyes that I feel for 10 years back but they were empty emotional less no it cant be him not possible he left 10 years back living me crushes and heartbroken no it can not be Manas

Manas : are you going to staring me forever baby I'm that handsome

you have grown beautiful diya you look more mesmerizing

diya: who the hell are you and how the daam you get inside the room

manas: don't pretend you don't remember me Diya and about getting inside its non of your concert

diya: stop it and step out of the bed I'm warning you otherwise I will scream

i stepped out of the bed and turned on all the light and saw him clearly

he has grown more handsome in these 10 years but in a completely different way he is not the Manas i know his aura only scream DANGER his body language shows how arrogant he had become but still i manages to gather my courage and and speak

Manas: i dare you to shout Diya I HAVE my men surrounded this house your one single wrong move and your friends will be gone forever

diya: i don't believe you it's not a movie but a real-life I suggest you to start living in authenticity otherwise you would be addressing a mad man

i saw his eyes turning into dark shades i guess i spoke a lot daam my mouth will kill me someday

Manas : you are as smart as before girl but not as we

he took his phone out and give it to me after seeing this i was shock to the core

the house was actually surrounded with men's and they were having guns

Diya : fine what do you want why are you doing this

Manas : simple I'm here for you Diya calming you back the way you loved me now i do the same

Diya : i don't know what you are talking about please leave you mistook me for someone else

when i finished my sentence and he forced me up against the wall now i was trapped between him and the wall Manas: what the fuck you take me as fool haa. ik you remember me then why are you bloody doing this

Diya : coz remembering you would only bring painful memories you don't love me right then why are you back please stop causing me pain

Manas: i know love i fucked up i know

suddenly his eyes grew darker as if he remember something which is making him angry

Manas: but what you did you fucking moved on haa you bloody have a boyfriend you said you loved me and will always do that so how the way in hell you moved on so easily you got into a relationship just after i left Bhopal haaaa

he roar in my ears loudly anger and danger was dripping out of his each and every world

but wait what is he angry at i did nothing wrong i was in a fake relationship just so the guy can get his girl back

Diya: it has nothing to do with you now get out

Manas : WELL it have everything to do with me i know you are not in any kind of relationship now and remember one thing you are mine from the day i now i fucked up give me a chance

I will make you mine either you agree or not i fucking don't care with stat he slams his lips on mine forcefully how dare he it was my first kiss he was cupping my face hard not letting me go he bit my lips hard and i gasps and he entered his to tongue after some time for taking breath he leave me we both were out of breath. i stepped back and slap him hard on his face i know it won't affect him much but enough to make him relies his mistake

but he don't stop no sing of regret in his eyes what I'm witnessing is pure devil he was not the same Manas I loved before he was a beast in human skin he was completely changed but his next action made me hate him more then i ever loved him he started to kiss my neck and planted painful wet kisses and whisper in a low sexy voice in my ears betting them that send chill down to my Spain and a different feeling in my stomach

Manas: baby these marks of mine will always remind you that you are mine and yes stay away from that aaradhaya boy I don't like when he touch what is mine ok I hope this is drilled inside you head dare to disobey me love and i will kill him with my bare hands I'm ready to hunt

i stared to cry and sob like a child and spoke

Diya : you are not the Manas i loved you are a devil i will never love you i hate you

he came is front of me hold my arms in his steal like grip

Manas : yes I'm a devil baby and you need to deal with me forever you like it or not and you can never hate me i bet it im leaving for now but mark my words not to come in content with any men not even with that boy aaradhaya got that

with that suddenly the light of the room went off and after some min it came back and he was not there is he ghost whatever he is changed a lot he was not like this he was sweet and shy that what make me fall in love with him he would never touch me without my consent and if he by mistake touch my hand he would immediately apologies and now he just kissed me and marked me with is touch and is still not guilty i guess i misunderstood him you loved a wrong person Diya and the night passed by

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