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C7 brutish action

your friendship is my wound and cure

our friendship is magical and pure

you would never level me that I'm sure

You complete me and I do the same two can play this game

You told me how bad this world is and I show you how beautiful it is

And we both did this

You will leave me someday is what I fear because the situation would be that I can't bear...

Every inch of me do care

You are the truth behind the lie

I will be the Shining Star in your dark sky

You will be slipped from my eyes whenever I will cry

I'm not scared to be hurt because I know you have the cure

Whatever the universe says I know our friendship Is Magical and pure...

By bhoomika

Diya's pov

After the accident, I got up from the floor And went directly inside the bathroom. I watched my self in the mirror and the person who I'm looking at is not me

My eyes are completely drained from crying my once bright eyes are now dull I have a swallowed lips and have a small cut on them and my neck is full of those unsightly marks I'm now totally disgusted by him More than that I loathe myself how can I admire a person like him He is a true brute. I slide down from the walls of the bathroom and set my head on my knees and recalled that he wasn't like this before he was always considering and gentle at least with me

It not like he was different from others he was the equivalent but sometimes anger gets the best out of him he still manages to make him control himself and not be harsh but never in front of me he did anything like that even whenever we would talk he was always very polite and respectful with his words and on the other hand, I was the one doing silly mistake I use to give him letters composed poems for him I was never a person who would do anything like this for anyone I still remember the day when someone caught the news that I have been sending him letters and then he spread it in the whole daam colony I was so ashamed that day that I was crying I literally assumed that he would hate me but it never happened I asked him does he hates me " he would never hate me never whatever the circumstances would it be" but now because of his brutish action I hate him...

I don't know why is he completely changed I know people change over the years but someone like Manas I never expected whatever happened today can never be an excuse if he had a bad past I will never forgive him for this never

I was so into my thoughts and crying that I don't notice the gate of the bathroom opening and Aaradhya stepping inside I noticed it when he put his hand on my shoulder I look up at him and he was in his nightdress and his hair was messy like he just got up but suddenly he makes me stand up and started asking me questions

Aaradhya: what happened Diya why are you sitting on the bathroom floor and crying like anything I called you so many time but in return I only get the noise of your sobbing tell me what happened I'm here with you and wait for who the fuck you have hickeys on your neck who did this and you are crying it means that was forced isn't tell me who was that bastard I will kill him

All the time I was just sobbing and crying in his arms like a kid I was holding him tightly because I was feeling safe I couldn't come up with words like my tongue cut off from my mouth then he again spoke caring by back

Aaradhaya: now tell me what happened

I look at him concerned and worry was visible on his face but I can't risk his life for the sake of mine I know he will try to help me in every manner and that will trigger Manas so I hugged him and he put his hand in my hears providing me comfort and I put my head on his shoulder ppl and sobbed and spoke.

Diya: I can't tell you I can't risk your life for the sake of mine I can't be selfish

and I started to cry more and more he hugged me tightly and spoken in a broken tone

Aaradhaya : tell me please I can't see you like that it's killing me trust me I won't tell it to anyone I will try and help you my self

he was on the line of crying and I was not able to stop my self and tell him everything he was both shocked and angrier he was behaving as he would kill him asap after listening to my story he took out his phone I was confused but after 2 min he showed manas Little information along with some of his posts on goggle I looked at him and he asked

Aaradhaya: he was the one right

I looked at him confusedly and ask

Diya: yes but how come you know I was talking about you

Aaradhaya: because yesterday Siddharth told me that the house next to this is his and the way you describe him was enough for me to conform

I was shocked it means the house I see every time from this window was his the kind of weird vibes I was getting was his as well how much creepy he had become we searched his information and we got only a little I mean very little that says that he is the youngest rich man and the world and most rich no 3 rumours say that he is a mafia king he runs a lot of illegal work but proving it was next to impossible after going through the little info we got I was shocked and so was Aaradhaya I started to cry more and Aaradhaya again hold me

Aaradhaya: shuuu it's ok I'm here know I cant complete from him but I will support you ok I will not let that bastard touch you from tomorrow I will come and sleep with you ok till we are here if you dare to kick me or do anything unseemly I will not hesitate to beat you I love you you are my friend but that does not mean I will let you play with my dignity

we both laugh at his silly joke I must say he is the best person I have ever seen after knowing about Manas reality he is still there to help me

Aaradhya: now go to sleep it's still early and I need to also take my beauty sleep you know otherwise I will have dark circles around my eyes and I will no longer look beautiful and will dia single

I laugh at his funny joke and went to sleep aaradhaya also slept in my room on the couch know him he will never cross his line I trust him with my life

The next morning I woke up and see that aaradhaya was not there I heard the sound of playing I went to the window and looked out everyone was busy playing cricket but the one person who caught my eyes was MANAS he was also playing along with them I was scared but everyone looks comfortable around him to expect aaradhaya as he knows who he. I went inside the bathroom did my morning work and got a got showered and changed.I took my courage and went outside I can't let him rule me he can't mess with me like that

I went outside with all the courage but after seeing him my courage flee away daam the way he was looking at me with a smirk on his face was just fuel to the fire but I maintain my calm face and went to everyone and Siddharth spoke

Siddharth: Why are you down aaradhaya said you are not feeling

I look at Aaradhya and he gives me a" I have handled everything " look and I smile and then reply to Siddharth

Diya: yes but now im fine

And then Avni hopped in between

Avani: that is good I was also messing you why don't you join us you play so great Siddharth bhai just hit a few shots and he is now thinking himself us a pro

And we all laugh she is so cute and on the other hand, Siddharth was angry and then Rudra also hooped

Rudra: dump we also have someone special with us you forget to introduce but I will do it Di meet him ( he said pointing towards Manas) Manas bhai he is our neighbour remember he use to live near our house and we all use to play cricket quite often Remember

They all don't know what happened between us back then I only Aaradhya knew about I looked at Manas and his expression says that he was expecting me to say I remember him but no im not going to say that

Diya: really but I don't actually remember him

I looked at him with a smiling face but he was filled with anger trust me at this time my heart was ready to come out of my chest I was scared fucking very scared But maintain my self but suddenly he spoke

Manas: its ok miss diya I guess you don't have that good memory

Aaradhya about replied him but I hold his hand I can't let him do anything when he is angry coz whenever anger took over his brain he just beat the living shit out of a person and the one standing Infront of us is not normal I looked at him and he was smirking at me but he is not getting away with it

Diya: not actually Mr Manas its just that I really don't care about the memory which is not important And that was a big hit he was. Looking as if he would kill someone looking at the situation Aditi spoke

Aditi: Diya why don't go and change I have a spare sport's clothes for you coz I know you won't be having one

I was about to give an excuse but again that dickhead spoke

Manas: how can she play im Shure she would have forgotten how to play in these years

And all of them laugh out well im embarrassed right now and more than that I'm angry I guess I need to show him

Diya: well if you think like that then I'm challenging you for a playoff lets see Who wins

Manas: I'm afraid you won't like it when I will win

Diya: well will see Mr. Manas

Manas reply. With a smirk on his face, I wish I could just wipe it my punching the living shit out of him

Manas: im looking forward Diya

And then I Rudra spoke

Rudra: guys calm down you people just met after nearly 10 years and rather than playing you people have started a world war

Everybody spoke together to Rudra


With that, I turned and went to Aditi's room for getting changed

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