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My undefined feeling

my feeling is unclear and undefined

it is a totally different kind

it blows my mind whenever I try to find

there is always a weird sensation that runs through my senses whenever I think about you...

I smile like an idiot whenever I cross your path

the count of this is not any few

you are the only one that I pursue...

one in my whole life I find your eyes pure and true

and that is what makes me stupid for you

what I have for you I myself doesn't have any clue

I have started being used to this different wind

introducing me to this you are the one god have assigned

but for me, it is still unclear and undefined.......

by Bhoomika

Diya pov

manas suddenly got a message and he quietly left the place I guess it is something importer Aaradhaya came after he attended the call and he looks quite stressed

so I put my hand on his shoulder and asked him

Diya: what happened everything alright

Aaradhaya: yes but I need to leave

I was confused so was about to ask him the reason but Siddharth spoke

Siddharth: kyoo yaar to Abhi to aaye hain Phir itanee jaladee kyoo ( you came just know and you want to leave )

Aaradhaya: I'm not leaving on my will dad needs me in an urgent deal he can't handle it alone

Alia: uncle is fine right shall I accompany you

Aaradhaya: everything is fine you stay here I will handle ok

he put his hand on Alia's head and provide her warmth

then he came to me and said

Aaradhaya: sorry I can't be there for you but I promise if you face a problem I'm just a call away

they all looked at us with a confused face and but aaradhaya cover it

Aaradhaya: I mean to say she is not well if you feel unwell again call me I will arrange a doctor for

and all their confused face turned into a smirk and I know what they are thinking off

Rudra: we can also do that I can take care of my sister but I guess someone is more eager

Siddharth: I guess we all have another coupal in the group

and all of them started to laugh on the other hand me and Aaradhaya was embarrassed as hell

I gazing at then and they all stopped laughing

Aaradhaya: there is nothing like that don't frame us. forgot it I'm leaving and Siddharth can you please ask your, driver to send my stuff back because I'm in a hurry now

Siddharth: of course I will and if you need any help just call me ok

Aaradhaya: ok bro thanks and the one thing you can do is to please take care of all the girls as Rudra is busy with something different

and we all looked at him and he was busy staring at avani with love and passion in his eyes and the same goes for her

Aditi fake cough to grab their attention but got failed she again tried but they were on another world finally she snapped her finger the there dream broke Avni was blushing and so was Rudra

and we all laugh

evening already it has been 1 hour since Aaradhaya left I miss him but work is important

I was going to my room to grab a dress for the 3 years celebration of Avni and Rudra.

we are going to a restaurant nearby I was about to get up but a video pooped up on my phone message from an unknown number I played the video I was shocked to the core because it was the clear footage of me and Aaradhaya the night he was comforting me

and after some time a text was there from the same message

text; what the fuck is this did I told you to stay away from this man but what the hell you did you let him share the same room with you I guess you need to be taught a lesson after my warning you dare to Disobay me now you will the result 'go and refuse your friends that you are not coming use whatever reason you prefer I don't care disoby me and I can kill your friend Aaradhaya who is driving to his father compony

it didn't take me a min to understand who was he .

and he sends me the video where Aaradhaya was driving the car and there was a car following him and there were 2 people sitting inside one was driving and the nd one was pointing his gun towards his car I was knowing this I can't risk aaradhaya has always there for me now it is my turn I dint take me a sec to replay him

D TEXT; I will not go anywhere please don't hurt him



New chapter is coming soon
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