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C1 Deja vu

Another night after Bo Lengqing's torture.

I washed my body full of kisses and dragged it out of the bathroom after a long time.

Looking up, he saw Bo Lengqing leaning onto the bed, the corners of his lips curled up in satisfaction, his long fingers holding onto a lit cigarette, his thin lips pursed slightly, after which he exhaled the scattered smoke.

I supported my body to the bed, but the moment I touched the bed, my body collapsed from weakness.

Ye Zichen subconsciously grabbed him, then unwittingly opened the collar of his bathrobe.

Seeing his pink chest, I knew how strong it was, but for a split-second I received a cold look from the man, like a sharp blade, which made me withdraw my hand.

I know, he warned, because from the beginning to the end, we have always loved him in our clothes.

I didn't know why he was like that, but I kept my doubts to myself.

"Leng Qing, you're getting engaged tomorrow, right?" My voice was as soft as ever.

"Yes." He let out a snort, his expression was still as cold as before, cold and heartless.

"Then, my mother is about to be discharged. When can you let me go?" I swallowed my saliva in fear, not daring to look up at him.

"Let you go?" The man's drawl was chilling and dumb.

He looked at me with cold eyes and stopped the smoke that was about to reach his lips. The smoke that lingered around his cold face.


"After all, you're going to marry my sister, so it's inconvenient for me to go." My head drooped even lower.

That's right, the woman he wants to marry is my half-sister Su Ya.

She is the legitimate eldest miss of Su Family, and I am merely an illegitimate daughter my father gave birth to after my mother's disorderly nature due to alcohol. I am a stain on Su Family.

I can imagine how complacent the Su Ya of tomorrow would be.

"Why not? Isn't it natural for my sister to go to my sister's wedding? "What's more ?"

"Don't forget, you're my woman, and I won't let you go, and you'll never get away." "No," I say.

At the same time, there was only coldness and hostility in his eyes.

"Su Cha, you better remember this. Take my money, you don't have the right to choose." The force in his hand didn't lessen in the slightest, and the threat of command dispelled my desire to live.

Tears slid silently from his eyes, and his heart was filled with despair.

Three years ago, when my mother suffered from renal failure and urgently needed medical fees, under extreme helplessness, I sold out my body and stayed by Bo Lengqing's side, starting this three year long underground affair.

I'm a degenerate girl who is attached to money in the eyes of others, and also a despicable mistress.

I've had enough of this.

At the moment, my mother's illness is almost over and the contract has expired. I thought I could get my freedom, but instead, it was my wishful thinking.

One step wrong after another. When I agreed to his request, wasn't it destined for this situation?

I looked numbly into his eyes. They were very beautiful, with the tail of the eye raised high and narrow and deep. They were actually so similar to the other two eyes.

At this moment, it was as if they had met each other before.

Suddenly, he spoke, breaking the silence. "Wear this for my wedding tomorrow."

He tossed me a white dress inlaid with plump pearls. The collar was shaped like a lacy wave, and the skirt was made of silver sequins. Under the light, the dress was dazzling and beautiful to the extreme.

It's just that I feel like my eyes are stinging from the pain.

Because I didn't like such expensive, high-cut dresses, but I couldn't say no in front of him.

After silently accepting the dress, she lifted her head and met his gaze. It was deep and unfathomable, and her emotions were difficult to discern.

"Why don't you put it on now for me to see." Sure enough, he didn't have any good intentions.

"I'll wear it tomorrow. I'm tired ?"

"Put it on!" Simply said, the deterrence was so great that I could only use my remaining strength to change clothes in front of him without concealing anything.

The long fish-tailed skirt dragged all the way to the ground. Its perfect shape made the curves of its body stand out, and the rows of diamonds in front of it, all the way from its waist to its bottom, gave off a dazzling and gorgeous glow.

"How is it?" I asked, looking forward to it.

"So coquettish." He mocked calmly with a trace of amazement in his eyes.

Even though I had caught that fleeting thrill, I was still stung by his sarcasm.

I smiled disappointedly, not wanting to look so disappointed.

Bo Lengqing raised his eyebrows. From his smile, I could vaguely guess what he was planning.

But soon, this thought vanished into thin air.

I really can't read or understand this man. With his power and status, coupled with his arrogant personality, he doesn't put any family in his eyes.

Let alone a small clan like the Su Family, perhaps, business marriage was just a grand excuse.

The next day, Bo Lengqing took me to attend his wedding as scheduled.

Entering the hall, the wedding decorations were elegant, and it also had a romantic British style. It was luxurious but also had the traditional Chinese classical style.

I saw Su Ya welcoming guests. Today, she had an elegant appearance, wearing a white wedding dress that accentuated her beauty, making her look like a fairy. There was also a bit of charm within her purity, making her look completely refined.

As for his father, Su Jianguo, he was beaming with happiness and had an easygoing attitude. The wrinkles on his face could not conceal his complacency in the slightest.

After all, his daughter Su Ya had married the most outstanding man in A City. In other words, she was married to the God of Fortune in A City.

At this point, he would be able to rise above the clouds and climb to the peak. Who would dare to even touch a single finger of Su Family?

Of course, this was a society where the strong preyed on the weak. Su Jianguo was busy with efforts to get to know the big boss, so naturally, he would not notice my existence.

I'm not surprised, but this is not the first time I've neglected this.

Bo Lengqing left me alone in the midst of the crowd. I stood in a corner and looked at him who was enveloped in starlight.

That man liked to wear a white shirt. He was tall and handsome, like a prince in a fairy tale.

However, as the image in his mind changed, what remained of such a beautiful young man was a corpse that was completely unrecognizable. In particular, the 10 cm deep scar on his chest that was deep enough to reveal his bones, it now felt like it was yesterday and at the same time, had become a nightmare that tormented me day and night.

Suddenly, somewhere in my body, I felt a sharp pain. I broke out in a cold sweat as I reached behind my waist to touch the spot where my scar used to be.

Many times, in the cold weather, the wound will not itch, as if constantly reminding me, that unforgettable past.

Only a pair of eyes that were extremely similar to Bo Lengqing's remained on the youth's blurry face. She was still beautiful, experienced, and cold and proud.

"Mr. Bo Lengqing, may I ask if you are willing to marry Miss Su Ya? Is it even possible to not leave her? " The master of ceremonies voice took away my consciousness.

Looking over, Su Ya who was on stage, was shyly staring at the handsome man.

Bo Lengqing's lips slightly curved upwards, her eyes gentle and intimate, like burning flames. The words that came out of her mouth, however, shocked everyone present.

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