I Once Loved You Humbly/C10 I wouldn't like a toy
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C10 I wouldn't like a toy
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C10 I wouldn't like a toy

Hearing Liu Zhentao's speech, everyone burst into a flurry of discussion.

"No wonder she looks familiar to me this morning! "So she's that woman who ruined our dear sister's wedding. I wonder how our CEO fancies her!"

"Of course, she definitely threw herself into my arms. What can't a woman like her do? There are so many things she's willing to do for her position!" "Who knows how many freaks there are ?"

The group of people talked more and more, some even had hints, not knowing how Bo Lengqing would feel if he heard them.

Just as he was thinking about this, the door to the meeting room was suddenly pushed open by a force. A group of people looked towards the door.

The one who came was Bo Lengqing.

He was as noble as ever, like a king looking down on the world. He just stood at the door without saying a word, but that was enough to scare everyone in the room.

The men and women who were full of enthusiasm just now were all silent, lowering their heads quietly, not daring to even breathe.

The office was very quiet, only the nervous breathing of these people could be heard.

They wanted to dig a hole in the ground right now.

"Why aren't you saying anymore?"

Bo Lengqing's cold and low voice resonated in the conference room, the echo alone was enough to scare people.

"Chief Bo, we are in a meeting, is there anything you need help with?"

Zhou Yan carefully walked to Bo Lengqing's side and whispered.

"Bring me the report from last month!"

Bo Lengqing said these words coldly as he turned around and left.

The people in the meeting room finally let out a loud sigh of relief when the sound of his footsteps disappeared.

After a long time, no one could figure out why that man suddenly barged in.

In the following period of time, no one paid any more attention to my matter. Liu Zhentao ordered a project to be completed within a week, and this project is the interior design of a newly built leisure area in the city. He also said that we must come up with a satisfactory solution within a week, because this project, not only us, Su Family is also fighting for it.

Is Su Family also competing?

I'm very interested, not just for this. If I can take down this project, then I won't have so much to talk about in the company in the future.

When I went back home at night, I had been thinking about it, so when I was in the car, I didn't hear Bo Lengqing talking to me.

It wasn't until I felt a hostile gaze on me that I snapped back to reality.

"Ah, what did you say?" I looked at Bo Lengqing a little nervously. During today's meeting, because of his sudden arrival, I had been saved, and although he didn't say anything, but he personally stood there, which was the greatest threat to everyone.

It was rare for Bo Lengqing to not get angry at me, he just repeated calmly, "Is there any way to complete the plan today?"


How did he know?

I've been in the office for a whole day and my brain got short. He's the big boss of Bo Corporation and he doesn't know anything about it.

"I'll give it a try!" I'm not sure.

"You must complete this project well!"

Without any hesitation, Bo Lengqing immediately gave the order.

I didn't resist and just nodded my head in silence. In my heart, I also wanted to do a good job on this matter.

Some decisions, once made, would be to fight to the death, with no other way out.

The dinner was prepared by Bo Lengqing, and the moment I returned home, I took over the computer in the study, because I knew that the moment that man entered the study, he wouldn't come out until he had gone to sleep.

What's more, since he said those words, he must be supporting me in this matter, so I won't be polite.

During dinner, I focused all of my attention on the famous designer's blueprints that I had just seen online, so I didn't pay much attention to Bo Lengqing's movements. I only mechanically placed the contents of the bowl into my mouth.

For some reason, I felt a surge of warmth in my heart.

He clearly didn't give her any hope, but why was he still so easily moved?

I inadvertently turned my head and saw Bo Lengqing smiling, that smile was extremely familiar, it looked extremely similar to that person.

I was stunned for a moment, and at this time, Bo Lengqing had also recovered from his shock, he glared at me fiercely, and returned back to his previous aloof demeanor, as if the expression that appeared on his face just now was only an illusion.

I shook my head hard, stood up and put Night Walker into the kitchen. After washing up, I sneaked into the study and found out that Bo Lengqing was indeed inside.

So I had to walk out, head bowed, just about to close the door.

"Come in!" the man suddenly shouted at me.

I didn't dare disobey, so I carefully made my way inside, afraid that the sound of footsteps might disturb the man.

When I got to the desk, Bo Lengqing got up and walked out. He picked up a book from the bookshelf and sat on the sofa.

I carefully looked at the desk, where there were no office documents, then turned my head to look at Bo Lengqing who was sitting on the sofa and reading a book seriously. Only then did I move towards the computer in disbelief, and look at Bo Lengqing again.

Did he give the computer to me?

I secretly rejoiced and quickly seized this hard-won opportunity to sit in front of the computer and continue drawing my blueprint.

By the time I felt a little sleepy, it was eleven o'clock.

My nerves gave a jolt. The man on the sofa had been sitting, but he was now lying down and asleep.

I hurried over and grabbed a blanket and gently draped it over him.

Bo Lengqing's sleeping posture was very calm, his face no longer had that icy cold expression, but instead looked like he was emitting a gentle aura.

Long eyelashes over the lower eyelids, there is a quiet harmony of beauty.

It was only when I was asleep that I dared to take a good look at him.

Actually, I always knew that this man had a deep grudge against me.

After all, I was with him for money!

It is for this reason that I am at a loss of what is going on. Why would Bo Lengqing, who is so high up, choose me in this huge city, with so many talented, beautiful, and cute girls?

And as far as I know, this man had no other women in his year together than me.

Whenever this happens, I will always think of Mu Chen. That gentle man is obviously different from this man, but I always associate him with me!

Somehow, I slowly approached the man and brought my lips to his forehead. I was pushed away by a strong force.

"Su Cha, stay away from me!"

A cold male voice shot straight at me, and I took a few steps back, lost my footing, and fell to the ground.

"Leng Qing, I'm sorry, I ?"

I wanted to explain, but I didn't know what to say. I was at a loss for words.

The man's deep eyes were tainted with a tinge of ink, making them seem even deeper.

"Su Cha, remember this, I will not fall in love with a toy. No matter how much effort you put into trying to please me, it's useless..."

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